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David Gammon and I have been trying to out-lie each other lately and I was going to shoot him an email to ruffle his feathers over some of his dead peeps. He has helped me muchly with some of my dead-uns and I like to reciprocate when I can… but instead I figure I will share with the class just for sh*ts and giggles. I am WAY down the rabbit hole with this Edgecombe map and beginning to LOSE CONTROL… by that I mean there is so much selling and trading and shudder Capitalism going on that the sheer amount of layers I develop on the map makes it unreadable. This particular area (roughly Walnut Creek) never ceases to surprise me the deeper I dig… surprising to me were the Forts and Braswells… my mental picture had them mostly North of the Tar River (in MY mind). In reality they were all over the southside of Tar River. Here is a snippet of the area…

Click on the filename by the Download button to view the larger file.

Note the William Deloach patent near the center in the above map… here is a bit of the details of discovering who were his neighbors… and I am only partially done. That tiny little RED patent is only 10.5 acres but is packed with clues.

This is related to the tiny little red patent in the Deloach patent…

Edge. Co. Db 17, page 380, deed date 13 May 1821, recorded Nov Ct 

1821, by virtue of an order by Nov Ct to sheriff to take the sum of 

$800 from the property of Sampson Newsom which James Gray’s admr 

recovered against said Newsom and Joseph Armstrong, Sheriff Spencer L. 

Hart sold at public auction on 17 Feb 1820, where Wells Draughon was 

the highest bidder at $562 for two tracts of land, first tract 

beginning at a pine in Edmund Clark’s corner formerly William Deloach 

then 238 poles to a red oak then north (200) poles to a maple standing 

in a branch then down the courses of the branch to a pine standing 

where the path crosses said branch at the Beaver Dam then south to the 

beginning containing 223 acres, it being the land where said Armstrong 

lives, also, one other tract of five acres joining the same beginning 

at a lightwood post in Josiah Perry’s line then north along said 

Armstrong’s own line to (Dunnons Branch) to a pine said Armstrong’s 

corner then down the various courses of said branch to a persimmon tree 

& maple at the mouth of a small branch Josiah Perry’s corner then up 

the said branch to the head at a post oak then to the beginning, signed 

S.L. Hart, Sheriff, acknowledged in court by S.L. Hart, Sheriff.  

Abstracted 3 Aug 07, NCA film C.037.40015, CTC.

The Newsom guy is noted as living near the Edmund Clark guy who is noted on the William Deloach patent… see how all this work… cool stuff.


Here is a slightly less info-packed version of some of the Walnut Creek area… I am still trying to figure out the best way to present this data. I’m considering doing it by (perhaps) a 20 year time span? Any ideas?

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February 19, 2022 at 10:09 am

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  1. Don, I too have enjoyed trading information with David Gammon, trying to find a possible connection to hubby’s William Bryant (Jean Andrews) and their son Jesse Bryant (Zipporah Cain). I dooooooo sooooo wish someone would do a patent map for Martin/Halifax counties from the old deeds–it might help me figure out a connection or two. I have a huge list/description of the patents if anyone is interested in taking this on. (I need to download a USGS map like you worked off of for Edgecombe Co.–great work!)


    Tina Lusby

    February 19, 2022 at 4:38 pm

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