Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

meant what they said, said what they meant

Peter Anderson d.1801

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An old email friend has joined in the comments…W Cary Anderson. Welcome to this motley group of Anderson orphans :).   He descends from Nathan, a son of Peter.

Concerning one of his questions:

These 2 records pretty much dispel a connection between the John Anderson and Susannah Anderson of this time period.  I can’t even say that this John is the same as the Roanoke River area because there was another John in what was to become Martin County (son of Robert Anderson…unproven), who could easily have witnessed the deed.

A George Cockburn of Bertee Co. NC bought 299 acres from Robert Anderson of Tyrrell joining Samuel Taylor. Witnesses wereFrancis Hobson and John Anderson. It was probated or registered in Jun court of 1744. Another deed on pg 249 from Robert Anderson planter of Tyrrell Co. to George Cockburn planter of same is dated 3 Sep 1744. It too is for 299 acres which had been a patent to said Anderson 20 Nov 1739, on north side of Flat Swamp.

Any connection of this John to Carolus Anderson is tenuous at best because Carolus had only one son who died early.

1745 Susannah Anderson

State Records

Secretary of State Record Group

Land Office: Land Warrants, Plats of Survey, and Related Records

Edgecombe County

200 Acres

Apr. 11, 1745


May 27, 1745 William Baker of Nans. Co., Va. to Carolus Anderson of N/H Co, NC 10 pds. of Va. currency, 460 A S/S Meh. Riv., N/S Little Swamp, Adj. Thomas Liles, part of patent to John Nelson for 500 A Apr 1, 1723 Wit: Arthur Whitehead, John Anderson

But there I go “assuming” again… the John of Roanoke last shows up in 1738 which leaves a possibility of a connection to Susannah…. a gap from 1738 to 1745 exists, unexplained, between these 2 Johns.   Did he die or show up around the Nuese River?

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