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The Great Pistol Caper of 1735…

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I have a Page on Robert Anderson… he lived and reared a family around the Cashy River area of what is today Martin County…

I’m curious if this John McDaniel was from the McDaniels of the Halifax County clan or the Chowan / Prequimans County clan?  Or possibly just some rougue that wandered down to my beloved South.  One incriminating mention is that McDaniel was a “carpenter” (yeah right) in said county (Chowan)… so that may be the culprit clan?

The dirty rotten lowlife scoundrel absconded with Anderson’s two pistols, sold them in New freaking York of all places and DID NOT pay the man!

Unconscionable!   The jury found for Anderson… and rightly so I might add; plus they added about 8 pounds extra damages (money) just for good measure.


I might check into any possible doings and goings on of a John McDaniel around Chowan in 1736… might turn up some foul smells… might not, who knows?  If Holmes gets wind of this he will be pissed…


All joking around aside… I find this account interesting because it has a NC guy (John McDaniel) traveling to New York in 1735 ( to sell the pistols).  Robert Anderson lived near “Cashy Town” at the time… which seems to have been a bustling little trading town from what I have read.  The Cashy River emptied into the Roanoke which emptied into Albermarle Sound. Likewise there was Pasquotank County which would provide an outlet directly into Albermarle Sound which would provide access for a small ship to sail to New York.  It is my understanding that the Cashy River was capable of handling some fairly good sized trading ships of the period.

My big question is where did the John McDaniel come from?  There were known McDaniels in Pasquotank… and likely a “John” McDaniel.  The Daniel McDaniel that I have chronicled does not seem to leave a son “John” that I have found for this 1735 time period.

I suppose my greatest interest is that a John Anderson seems to have married the widow of Daniel McDaniel sometime after his death in 1733.  Robert Anderson had a son John.  I have not established the identity of who married the widow of McDaniel.  So… the question is… is there a connection here with this Pistol Caper fiasco?


A bit more digging around and I find this mention…

Bertie  COUNTY  NC  Deeds Cattle Markings  1722-1741
Page 17
1730- John Melton
1730- Richard Moore
1730- William Peek
1730- Mary Sharp
1730- Sarah Sharp
1730- Ann Jenkins
1730- James Jenkins
1730- Joseph Winn
1730- Capt. John Speers- Plantation on North side Fishing Creek
1730- Frans. Parker
1730- Benton Moore
1730-Anthony Williams
1730-William Bennett
1730-Thomas Hansford

Page 18 no dates
--? Williams
John MacDaniel
Joseph White
Samuel Ratcliff
Elizabeth Keefe
Margaret Stephenson
Henry Baker
Elizabeth Walker
John Walker
Thomas Evans, Jr.
Jereme Swain
Keshiah Swain
Thomas Hansford

Page 19
John Adderly
John Harison
Jonathan Jaycocks
Lazurus Thomas
1730- Henry Wise
1730-Christian Hamond
1730-Joseph Harrell
1730-John Harrell
1730-John Thomas
1730-John Gilbert
1730-Thomas Pace

So it seems there was a John McDaniel in Bertie County about 1730... apparently in the vicinity of Cashy Town.    Who was he?

“MackDaniel, John, Bertie, Feb 26, 1729, leg. John and Mary Myhand. John Gray, executor. Test: John Harris, Ann Myhand, Henry Walker. (Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. I, Contents – July, 1900, Page 344 Abstracts of Wills (Executed and Probated prior to 1760. Compiled from the originals in the Office of the Secretary of State in Raleigh, NC))


Ordered that John MackDaniel [McDaniel] be and he is hereby appointed

guardian to Matthew Carter, Joseph Carter and Rachel Carter, orphans of Joseph Carter, dec’d and that he give security in the sum of 100 L that he will pay to the s’d orphans

Respectively as they shall come of age such share or part according to the above division made as appears to belong to them.

and accordingly the said John Mack Daniel as principal the sum of 50 L and Edw’d Marshburn in the sum of 25 L, F. Parker in the sum of 25L —

—- Mr. Marshburn, Dis ?

(Bertie minutes…Aug 1730 Term (estimated date)


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  1. Could this John not be the son of Daniel McDaniel you referenced earlier who had his schooling paid? Oftentimes thefts are a mischaracterization of disputes over family property.



    February 18, 2021 at 10:32 am

  2. It would be pure speculation on our part to consider who this McDaniel actually was. But then I have fun with theories about who these folks “might” be. Of course now there is more than just me who an eye and ear out looking for clues to solve this mystery.
    I’ve yet to find anything else to associate this Anderson and McDaniel.



    February 18, 2021 at 12:35 pm

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