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the Tuscarora Town

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I’ve veered off track of my study of Occoneechee Neck and ventured down the Morattock River east of Conoho Creek in Edgecombe County… because lo’ and behold, I find (perhaps?) Daniel McDaniel and some of his cohorts. One of those guys is of particular interest because I find a vague tie-in or clue of sorts to involve one Thomas Busby (the younger). My hunch is that this Busby is a half-blood son of the Surry County, Virginia indian interpreter of the same name. The elder Busby arranged for the “indian boy” to be apprenticed in Surry County about 1684 or so. If I am correct in going out on this limb, then the Busby I’m tracking is the half blood son of the Virginia Interpreter (of some fame) and an indian woman (possibly even Tuscarora). (There is no proof of this… I am just theorizing… its what I do).

You will note on my Occoneechee Neck map in the lower right corner that I ran out of room… hence, this map. Where I am also out of room.

I’ve expanded the map… this is an interesting place (don’t put too much confidence in where I have these people, some will have to be moved because I don’t have enough puzzle pieces yet.) also I am experimenting with this PDF format to see if it is easier to read, also the filesize is smaller (let me know if this format is better for you?)

an aside… Traci the librarian mentioned to me years ago that steamboats would plow up the Roanoke River as far as Tarboro… note in the pretty blue section of the map along the southern section that it is notated “Steamboat Route”. (these USGS map sections are the oldest I can find)

Notice that I have Daniel McDaniel also placed down here… I do not know if this is correct but I am playing out these cards as I deal the deck (I move these deeds in a heartbeat if so inclined)… note also a Owen McDaniel… I have never been able to connect him to the Daniel McDaniel. But this is suspicious… note also the John McDaniel on the other side of the Roanoke River near Conoho. This John McDaniel is not in McDaniel’s 1734 will. It could be this is an older son from a first marriage as I have speculated… was Owen McDaniel possibly another son? Also an Owen McDonell shows up… same person?

This group of folks is a brand new can o’ worms I have opened up… I think this area is the highway link to the Cashy Town boys further east.

The Tuscarora Indian tribe were mere pawns in the bigger picture. The James Blount noted in one of the deeds is more than likely the next King or “Chief” of the Tuscarora after Tom Blount died. If that is correct then isn’t it interesting that he is seemingly more “white” than indian with his “dealings” with all this court business? Also, while I am on this speculative track, a few WESTS, such as Thomas West, who is nearby on Cashia Creek area is also supposedly a half or at least quarter blood indian… and these WESTS are big wigs in the Genteel class… whats up with that? These are not club wielding, throat cutting savages… nor does it seem was Tom Blunt (who needed an interpreter?)

Remember that I am trying to nail down where Daniel McDaniel was located exactly near the Occoneechee Neck area, I suspect he was in both places with his particular business (recall that he had a periauger listed in his inventory- he sailed/rowed the waterways of this area… thats what He did).

A warning… I found this article to be depressing. The author pretty much tells it like he sees it… no fluff, just the facts. I respect that.

This article is also interesting in sorting out some of the players.

Here is a bit more history on my compilation of Daniel McDaniel… it is incomplete as I have still not figured out where he actually lived… or died for that matter. I do think I have finally proved he was the dirty rotten SOB what was involved in the death of the seemingly obnoxious Eben Ezer Taylor, Clerk. Feel free to comment about where in hell he lived…

Along the way of researching McDaniel, I fell in to the rabbit hole of Robert Atkins (his co-felonious rouge) in the Eben Ezer Taylor saga. Now added to that rabbit hole list is Thomas Busby the half-breed son of the Surry County based Virginia Indian Interpreter and Trader. Here are some notes I have accumulated to pique your interest… the last bit is just raw notes I culled from an interesting and in depth article (I think I cited the link).

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July 7, 2021 at 3:16 pm

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  1. Oh yes. This is my gene pool.

    And Another Good Find



    July 7, 2021 at 11:53 pm

    • I ran across that link… did a search for “busby”… the hits just kept on comin’ as they say in radio… then I knew I was on to something.

      So Justin… think I am on track with this Busby… think it is the indian kid?



      July 8, 2021 at 12:18 am

      • Yes, I actually do. I use the GEDmatch paint tools and then something called Segment Search (you can find out who shares a particular segment with you). When I look at the matches’ trees on my grandmother’s segments that were painted as Amerindian (or Siberian) by those tools, I am led back to that little neighborhood, Williams, Blount, Melton, and, yes, Busby, quite a bit. I have Williams in my tree from this area. I have wondered if these settlers were related to Blount in some way.



        July 8, 2021 at 12:21 am

  2. My memory was prompted by the notation about Jumping Run, especially since there were McDaniel ruminations. Turns out there was another Jumping Run. This one located in Jones County, and site of a Revolutionary War skirmish. Well it wasn’t much of a skirmish, actually as the patriots did not have much ammunition apparently. See:
    One of the patriots in command was Risden McDaniel, grandson of Daniel McDaniel. I wonder how common a place name that is?



    July 8, 2021 at 2:39 am

  3. […] that Colonial Andersons of N. Carolina had mentioned my post in connection with theirs entitled “the Tuscarora Town.” In that post, the lands of Milton, Busby, Parker and others have been accurately platted near the […]


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