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Brantley study… Flat Creek, Southampton, VA

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Ken Brantley emailed (he heads The Brantley Association)… mentioned he may re-visit some old Brantley stomping grounds. As I was not thrilled with my first attempt at that area it was enough to get me off my hind end to re-map the place… which I have done. My methods have improved with my pickling… er… advanced aging… so this is PDQ (Pretty Damn Close). There are two references to John Brantley having land near the Mill Pond which I cannot find a deed for? I am now assuming it was a cash purchase and not a grant… so if anyone can direct me that would be nice. Any suggestions or edits are welcome…

The focus of interest is the Flatt Swamp area. This is a 1920 USGS Topo Map showing the Pearsons MillPond. It is but a husk of what it once was (even compared to 1920) as it is almost dried up now. But the place rocked in the 1700s as you can see. Lots of barefooted and pregnant gals. (yes, I am a chauvinist pig)

Curious folks may wonder at my interest in the area… Well, it seems a romantically inclined Brantley ventured down said Flatt Swamp to Carolus Anderson’s joint near the Carolina border. Whereupon he seduced my defenseless Great Great Great Great Great, etc, Granny Elizabeth. (sister of Carolus Anderson). Then he absconded like a low down dirty rotten scoundrel… or so I have formed a rather intractable opinion. You may form your own opinion as you now know my opinion of opinions. Elizabeth eventually recovered from the encounter and married a Pitman gentleman named James… although not before birthing an illegitimate male child whom she named William Anderson… and hence my tale. Or so my theory goes. Egad! I love that word… I don’t get to use it very often.

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July 20, 2021 at 3:47 am

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  1. Egads is right! Poor 8th great aunt Elizabeth. So William Anderson Pittman is a Brantley!



    July 20, 2021 at 8:59 am

    • Every one of the descendants of Wm Anderson of Edgecombe d 1789 is a Brantley. (if my theory is correct.. and per my DNA) It is still unproven that Wm Anderson is the son of Elizabeth Pitman. (each of Edgecombe…I’m putting that caveat in because Traci the librarian will scold me with a footnote if I do not)

      The brother of Carolus Anderson is a “actual” Anderson. But then we do not know who any of those folks are if any. (yet)
      And Carolus did not have any male children that lived.



      July 20, 2021 at 9:16 am

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