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tracking Robert Pitman

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In 1739 he witnessed 2 deeds of his brothers, Thomas and Ambrose. By 1742 he buys his own property. The 3 brothers seemingly living close to each other.

Edgecombe Precinct, Edgecombe County, NC, 1732-1758, Hofmann

Deed Bk 1, pg. 284

COL. WILLIAM WHITEHEAD of Edge. Co. to THOMAS PITTMAN of Isle of Wight Co., Va., planter   21 Aug. 1739  20 pounds Va. currency  320 acres more or less on north side of Beech swamp, joining POPE and the swamp  Wit: WILLIAM BYNUM, ROBT. PITTMAN  Reg. (place not given) Aug. Ct. 1739  J. Edwards C. Ct.

pg. 286  COL. WILLIAM WHITEHEAD of Edge. Co. to AMBROSE PITTMAN of Edge. Co., planter  21 Aug. 1739  16 pounds Va. currency  320 acres more or less on the north side of Beech swamp. joining PHILIP RAIFORD and the swamp  Wit: WILLIAM BYNUM, ROBERT PITTMAN  Reg. (place not given)  Aug. Ct. 1739  J. Edwards C. Ct.

Deed Bk 5, pg. 102

WILLIAM KINCHEN, JR. of Edge. Co. to ROBERT PITTMAN (co. not identified)  16 Nov. 1742  30 pounds current money of Va.  200 acres on the north side of Buck swamp in the falling grounds of Rayford’s creek  a patent to PHILLIP RAYFORD 18 Feb. 1737  Wit: JOHN PITMAN, THOMAS PITMAN X his mark, ANN PITMAN X her mark  Reg. Edge. Co. Nov. Ct. 1742  R. Forster C. Ct.

Minutes of the North Carolina Governor’s Council

North Carolina. Council

March 15, 1743 – March 30, 1743

Volume 04, Pages 625-633

Read the following Petitions for Warrants Vizt

…among list… Robt Pitman 150 Bertie… granted

I’ve seen no other references to the Bertie Co. 150 acres… it may have simply escheated for lack of seating?


I’ve posted this elsewhere but I’ll throw it in again just because I like to belabor my points…:)

From the research of Donald Gordon (a Pittman descendant):

Thomas Pitman,of Monmouthshire, England, fled England during the Cromwell rebellion and landed in Virginia in 1649. He purchased land in Surry County, Virginia and had two sons Thomas and William. This grandson, the third Thomas moved about 1707 to Isle of Wight County. His daughter Elizabeth and son Robert, with Robert’s two sons, Samuel and Joseph moved to Edgecombe County North Carolina about 1738. Deeds in Edgecombe County show Robert, Samuel, Joseph and Elizabeth holding several hundred acres in the area North and West of Tarboro. Joseph who first appears on Edgecombe records as a bailiff of the court had a son Abner (b. 1758) and grandson born 1787. By this time the Pitmans became Pittmans and all spelled their name with two tees . The Pittmans held land North of Leggett stretching into southern Halifax County. Here Joseph and his wife Mary had a son Henry Elias born 1828. In 1850 Henry married Lucy Anderson who in 1852 gave birth to Biscoe Pittman who married Martha Alice Walston. To this marriage was born, as the last of eight children, Hobson Lafayette Pittman (1899) at Epworth.


I checked the Pittman file at the Blount Bridgers house – The item you had was an exact quote from the paper by Donald Gordon who was a nephew of the artist Hobson Pittman. There is no other information about Elizabeth and Donald’s research was not documented. He came down through Abner and Joseph’s lines which he worked on. (Monika Fleming, Tarboro, NC)


Muster Roll of Edgecombe County Militia, North Carolina, 1750’s

Captain Robert Warren’s Company

Nr, Rank, Name, Remarks

1 Captain, Warren, Robert
2 Lieutenant, Weaver, Stephen
3 Ensing, ?
4 Serjeant, Hunnbry, Hustin
5 Serjeant, Ward, David
6 Serjeant, Pitman, Robert
7 Corporal, Merritt, John
8 Corporal, Pitman, Ambrous
9 Corporal, Turbefield, Walter
10 Corporal, Bird, Peter
11 Corporal, Phillips, John
12 Drummer, Jones, James
13 Drummer, Wilkings, William
14 Soldier, Whittaker, James
15 Soldier, Midelton, Martin
16 Soldier, Smith, David
17 Soldier, Strickland, Jacob
18 Soldier, Midelton, William
19 Soldier, Pope, Thomas
20 Soldier, Edwards, John
21 Soldier, Pitman, Samuel (purported son of Robert)
22 Soldier, Merrett, Thomas
23 Soldier, Merrett, John
24 Soldier, Goodson, Thomas
25 Soldier, Bass, John
26 Soldier, Ward, John
27 Soldier, Wyat, James
28 Soldier, Reed, Moses
29 Soldier, Curby, William
30 Soldier, Spere, James
31 Soldier, Turbefield, Joseph
32 Soldier, Jarrell, David
33 Soldier, Wilkins, James
34 Soldier, Brock, Samuel
35 Soldier, Moye, Thomas
36 Soldier, Fort, Elias    (of Looking Glass Swamp, not same as Tar R. Elias)
37 Soldier, Tatum, Edward
38 Soldier, Spiva, Francis

Thomas Pitman not listed as he is, well, dead:

Will of Thomas Pitman 1754 Edgecombe

Lot Pitman, “my seven other sons”

“my brother Robert Pitman and my son Thos. Pitman and my brother Ambrose Pitman”

Joseph Pitman not listed supports my theory he was living near William Anderson, putting him in this detachment:

Captain Jacob Whitehead’s Company

10 Corporal, Coleman, Charles

14 Soldier, Pitman, Athur
17 Soldier, Coleman, Robert

30 Soldier, Coleman, Charles

36 Soldier, Anderson, William

43 Soldier, Ross, Andrew (neighbor of W. Anderson)

50 Soldier, Battle, Elisha

66 Soldier, Griffin, James

69 Soldier, Pitman, William (son-in-law of Andrew Ross)

82 Soldier, Pitman, Jospeh (son of Robert Pitman)

86 Stallings, James
87 Coleman, Aron

90 Pitman, Thomas (son of Thomas d.1754?)
91 Pitman, Nathan

To round out the Pitmans… this detachment is, I think, from the south of Tar River:


Captain Aqueler Suggs* Company

51 Soldier, Pitman, Benjamin

52 Soldier, Horn, William
53 Soldier, Horn, William, Jun.
54 Soldier, Horn, James

55 Soldier, Green, William
56 Soldier, Pitman, Joseph

57 Soldier, Gay, John
58 Soldier, Gay, John Jun.

62 Soldier, Horn,Michael
63 Soldier, Horn, Michael, Jun.
72 Soldier, Gay, Henry

79 Soldier, Pitman, Moses

*on the 1905 map of Edgecombe Co, where the Tar River meets

the Pitt Co line can be seen “Suggs Creek” and “Suggs Landing”

(reference these names to Pitman deeds and note the sequence of numbering the soldiers- they were neighbors)

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