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UPDATE:  Well, I’ll have to eat some more crow and correct myself.  All the references to Sapony Creek must be in Nash County.  The problem I’ve had is the duplication of names:

Andrew and Daniel Ross, John Hatcher, William Pitman & wife as well as a Joseph and Arthur Pitman were in Edgecombe AND Nash County all at about the same time.  I’ll post a map as soon as I sober up.

William Pitman must have cloned himself but aquired another wife:

1770       24 Feb. WILLIAM (X) PITMAN and wife, MARGET (X) PITMAN of Edgecombe Co. to Thomas Tucker of same, for £75 Proc. money a tract of 150 acres adjoining Green Hill’s line, it being the upper part of a deed granted by Earl Granville to James Tucker on May 10, 1762. Wit: Thomas Harbirt, Mathias Maning, Junr. DB D, p. 339.



I think many researchers have mistaken a “forgotten” Sapony Creek in Edgecombe County with the “modern” creek of the same name in Nash County.  Any Hatcher researchers out there might take note.  Note the “road orders” below and ask yourself if it would be feasible for the jurymen listed to service a road that far away.

1763       9 Jul. WILLIAM (X) PITMAN AND JUDETH (X) PITMAN of Edgecome Co. to John Hatcher, Junr. of same, for 33/6/8 Proc. money a tract of 160 acres on Sapony Creek adjoining Stephen Batchelor, it being the whole of a Granville grant to Daniel Ross bearing date March 17, 1761, and by said Daniel Ross given to Andrew Ross in his last will, and by said Andrew Ross given to said Judith Pitman in his last will. Wit: Artur (X) PITMAN, John Hatcher, William Defnal. DB C, p. 60.

1761       26 Sep. ELIZABETH PITMAN (mark) of Edgecombe Co. to ARTHUR PITMAN of same, planter, for £10 current money of N.C. a tract of 90 acres on the north side of Tar River adjoining sherwood Haywood, it being a Granville grant to said Elizabeth Pitman dated March 24, 1749. wit: Sherrood Haywood, Hancock Hatcher (mark). Deed Book 1, p. 89.

1762       1 Nov. William (H) Henry of Edgecombe Co. planter, to ARTHUR PITMAN of same, planter, for 26/6/8 Proc. bills of N.C. a tract of 160 acres on the south side of Sapony Creek on the Great Branch adjoining Stephen Batcheler. Wit: David Pridgen, John (X) Basey, John Fountain. DB 1, p. 493.

1762       20 Sep. ARTHUR PITMAN of Edgecombe Co., planter to JOSEPH PITMAN of same, planter, for £20 Proc. money a tract of 100 acres on the north side of Tar River adjoining ELIZ. PITMAN, John Fountain and Robert coleman. Wit: Wm. (X) Anderson, Handover (X) Hatcher, John Foundain. DB 1, p. 381. [Hancock]

1764       6 Sep. John Hatcher and Mary Hatcher of Edgecombe Co. to Stephen Batchelor of same, for £20 Virginia money a tract of 160 acres lying on both sides of Spaony Creek adjoining said Batchelor, it being that tract of land granted from Earl Granville to Daniel Ross on 7 Mar 1761. Wit: Thomas Harbirt, WM (X) PITMAN. DB C, p. 255.

Edgecombe county, NC, Court Minutes of the Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1757-1784:

September 1762

Read the petition of sundry inhabitants of Swift Creek for a road. Ordered that the following persons be jury to lay out same beginning on south side of Creek near the old store house alias Col Whitehead’s store house on Whittington’s Rode from the new down the road that crosses said Creek at John Mial’s at or near John Hatcher‘s plantation; to wit: Jacob Whitehead, Simon Johnson, Robert Maner, William Anderson, John Hatcher, Robert Rose, Hardyman Pope, John Sikes, Arthur Whitehead, Ebenezer Folsome, Henry Beckworth, Mathew Drake, Francis Parker, Isaac Hilliard, John Stallions, John Hatcher, Jr., Francis Jones, William Langly.

Ordered jury to lay out road near Jno Hatcher’s plantation up the nearest and best way to the road near Whitehead’s old store house from whence by the Falls of Arthur Whitehead’s mill swamp a little below the mouth of the Tarr with the new the (?nearest/inwardest?) and best way into Jeffrie’s road about Francis Parkers – to wit: Jacob Whitehead, Simon Johnston, Robt. Mainor, William Anderson, Jno. Hatcher, (?Sr.) Robert Rose, Hardyman Pope, John Sikes, Arthur Whitehead, Ebenezer Folsome, Henry Beckworth, Mathew Drake, Nath’l Drake, Fras. Parker, Isaac Hilliard, John Stallions, Jno Hatcher, Jr., Francis Jones, William Langley, and the following hands work and clear the same, to wit: William Braswell, Sr., David Braswell, William Hunt, Ebenezer Folsome, William Danial, Isaac Hilliard, Francis Jones, Mary Williams and that Henry Beckworth be overseer of the above hands from Jeffries Road to Whitehead’s store and that the following hands work on the same road from the old store to Hatcher’s Plantation, to wit: Jacob Whitehead, William Whitehead, Jno. Jenkins, Hardyman Pope, Wm Langly, John Stallions, William Taylor, John Spikes, John Woodard, William Spikes, Thos Spikes, Geo Harral, West Pope, Simon Johnson, Elias Hilliard, John Hatcher, Jr., Robert Rose, Wm Hicks, Robert Trevathan, Jno Sikes, Robert Mainor, Jesse (?Freas/Francis?), Aaron (illegible), Wm Anderson, Joseph Philips, Sarah Ross, Thos Pre****, and John Nails and that Simon Johnson be o’seer of same.

Proof of Ross property (note Thomas Price and William Anderson as adjoining property):

On the back of the survey is written:  “Danl Ross  Edg.  March 27 1761”

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  1. As one nit-picker to another, your Anderson blog is a treasure! I don’t have an Anderson line, but was led here by Google in my (up ’til now fruitless) search for Sapony. My ancestor, Nathan Horn and his wife Delilah sold their land on that “Sapony Swamp” in 1765 to Duncan Lamon and turned up two years later taking up land in Bladen (now Robeson) County. (Edgecombe Co NC Deed Book “C” p. 948.) Mouzon shows Lamon’s Ferry on the Tar River just south of where you indicated Sapony Creek – further confirmation as to the location of Sapony, for it was clear from the deeds that Horn and Lamon interacted a bit. I KNEW they didn’t come from Nash County. Thank you. Thank you. I wonder in all your research in that area if you came across a Nathan Horn who would have been born by or before about 1742 (sold land in 1763, probably the same Nathan who bought land earlier in 1756). Even though I haven’t found a Horn on it, I anticipate many happy hours of reading through some of your blog entries. I do admire good work. Thank you, again. – Jo Church Dickerson,


    Jo Church Dickerson

    April 3, 2018 at 8:25 am

  2. Thanks for the kind words…

    See here for several land deals for Nathan Horn in Bladen/Robeson:

    Check my search box for “horn” and several will show up… (I have no specifics on your “Nathan Horn”)

    This mention of a Pitman arouses my curiosity back to the Edgecombe area…

    Bladen Co., North Carolina
    29 March 1772, Nathan Horn, Bladen Co. to John Flowers, Edgecomb Co. Witness: Daniel Willis, Jesse Pitman
    “I believe the Jesse Pittman you are looking for is the one who married Rachel Horn, September 1765 in Edgecombe Co., NC. Jesse received a land grant in Bladen Co., Apr. 16, 1767, 100 acres on Hogg Swamp. Deeds show wife was named Rachel.
    One deed shows she was Rachel Flowers before she married ? Horn.”

    I have a great deal of info on many Pitmans of Edgecombe County…



    April 3, 2018 at 11:20 am

  3. After refreshing myself on these notes, I recall that I was flabbergasted by the juxtaposition of these names.

    Many of these name (Ross, Pitman, and Hatcher) can be documented near Swift Creek in Edgecombe county AND documented near Saponey Creek in Nash county… it is very perplexing to figure out. But there may be rewards for anyone who can figure it out. Just WHO from these families relocated from Edgecombe to (in this case) Bladen/Robeson county?
    And for any intrepid mappers interested in figuring out these two (or more) Sapony Creeks then here is a clue which I did not have when I first began this search. Here are more Sapony Creeks references than I can quickly investigate!

    (If the link does not work then simply search for “sapony” on the “all grants” Index at



    April 3, 2018 at 11:29 am

    • ” Just WHO from these families relocated from Edgecombe to (in this case) Bladen/Robeson county?”

      I am amazed that anyone was left along that part of the Tar River after they all moved to Bladen/Robeson.
      We also got Pittmans galore. Stallings. Price. Barnes. Willis. Jernigan. Flowers.

      Nathan Horn and Delilah settled on Ashpole Swamp in 1767. His first land grant was “about 1/2 mile from the mouth of Hogg Swamp”. That’s the same Hogg Swamp Jesse Pittman & Rachel resided on, and it might not surprise you to know that Rachel was widowed by 1790, and her household was enumerated beside the household of Delilah Horn who was also widowed by 1790.

      Various sources state that Elisha Horn was Rachel’s first husband and father of the Horn son (Edward or Edmund) she named in her will. Whomever Rachel’s Horn was I suspect he was close kin to Nathan, and they may have all traveled together (Pittman, not the deceased Horn) to Bladen/Robeson.


      Jo Church Dickerson

      April 4, 2018 at 3:33 pm

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