Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

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1752… the Pitman Brothers go a shopping…

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Thomas, Robert and Ambrose Pitman

Elias and John Fort (not the ones in Edgecombe, these are cousins)

Edward Brantley buys 3 hammers… gotta keep the yung’uns busy…

Tho. Pitman snatched up the “Shot bag and powder Horn”

Robert settled for the “Cutlash” (militia duty dontchaknow)

Arthur Bowin opted for the Bible. Wm. Whithead felt philosohical and Tho. Meritt

probably consulted the “Prayer Book” after missing the bible.

I doubt that John Fort could read but he bought “3 Books” anyway…

Robert and Ambrose snatched up the “buckets”… sly devils…

Robert grabbed the “money Seales”… tacky and ostentatious…

Thomas couldn’t pass up the “4 Syder Cask”… can’t blame him…

Elias Fort bought “a parcel of Smiths Tools”… practical

Ambrose got suckered by the “parcel of old Iron” and Tho. got the “Bar of Steel”…the man had some serious plans…

Jos Land paid 4 pounds for the hogshead er… “Hogset of Tobaco”… Thomas

and Ambrose laughed on the ride home because he got ripped off… but notice

that he did get the “Muskit Gun” for 2 pounds and change…

and yes… I’ve had a couple beers…

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