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Another brick removed from wall… Martha Anderson b. abt 1754

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According to Rev War pensions of George Anderson and his brother William Jr (the elder)
 their birthdays were 1756/7 
(as each claimed to be 75 yrs old it cannot be determined who was born first.

Pension application for each 1832
Declared age of each          -75
Birth year for each          1757

 The order of children listed in the will of William Anderson Sr. d.1789 is:
Absala Vaughn
Martha Stallings m. Jn Stallings
George Anderson
James Anderson
William Anderson "son of my former wife Martha"
William Anderson "son of my present wife Mourning"
Carlos Anderson
Rachel Anderson
Mourning Anderson
Penelope Anderson
Mary Anderson
Henry Anderson

My opinion is that this will is possibly correct to order of birth.
 William Jr. in 1832 may have been a bit "negligent" of a couple years.
This would establish the birth years of Absala and Martha perhaps 1752-1755.

William Anderson b. unknown, d. 1789... First appears in Edgecombe County, NC with a survey in 1752.

Two of my genealogy "gurus" (David Gammon and Joani Taylor) 
have chimed in with some fascinating insights...
David makes the observation- "William Anderson had twelve children. 
 To eleven of them he left five shillings,
 but to youngest son Henry he left land, and also the land he left to widow Mourning for her lifetime.  
The Edgecombe accounts show that ten of the children were paid five shillings... 
 We can account for everyone except Martha Stallings and Absala Vaughan. 
When the money gets paid, it is paid to Hardy Wiggins for his wife (name not given)---"

Joani finds this reference which clinches the case:

Kinfolk pg 46
DB 10-184 Patsey Wiggins , wife of Hardy Wiggons, was the former widow of 
John Stallings, decd. They sold their dower rights in the land allotted to
Mathew Stallings.1/14/1802.

Db10-197 Mathew Stallings of Anson Co., NC sold land received in the land
distribution of John Stallings, decd, recorded in DB 9-557 (pages after 554

Martha Anderson, aka "Patsey", widow of John Stallings, remarried Hardy Wiggins.

David notes the last listing of Hardy Wiggins in the 1790 Edgecombe census:

1790 United States Federal Census
Hardy Wiggins
County: Edgecombe
State: North Carolina
Number of Free White Males Under 16: 2
Number of Free White Males 16 and Over: 1
Number of Free White Females: 3
Number of Household Members: 6

This website identifies 3 of the children of Martha and John Stallings:

This Mathew seems to be missing...

Db10-197 Mathew Stallings of Anson Co., NC sold land received in the land
distribution of John Stallings, decd, recorded in DB 9-557 (pages after 554
As David notes...  Absala (Anderson) Vaughn is missing in the final estate settlement of William
Anderson (d 1789) and the mystery Vaughn husband also.  From that, he suspects she has died
by 1791, the time of the estate disbursements.

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  1. I am seeking information about my ancestress Martha “Anna” Anderson, b. abt 1821 in Edgecombe County, NC, likely around Tarboro. Is she related to the lineage above? I’ve not been able to get anywhere with researching this line from where I live in Canada, though I’ve found lots of material on other lineage on my mother’s side. Can you help me bust this brick wall?



    July 24, 2014 at 9:31 pm

    • I would say the odds are good for her to be this line… mainly because it had the most descendants. There were the Peter Anderson and another Henry Anderson lines however.

      Hard to say without more info…



      July 28, 2014 at 12:02 pm

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