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More Indian Traders than you can wrap a deer skin around…

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Much ado is made of Virginia Indian Traders and of course the SC boys… but nary as much as a popcorn fart from historians concerning the NC traders… damn shame.

Noted folks who relocated from the Occoneechee Neck area of NC to SaxeGotha, SC.  Or, if you prefer, Halifax, NC area to Columbia, SC area.

Lets say the 1730s…

Philip Raiford (who originated in Isle of Wight) and his father  lived next door (literally) from George Anderson who was in IOW from 1695-1710.  Their property was located where modern Windsor, VA is.

Joseph Joyner (hailed from IOW very near the modern town of Franklin, VA)  This guy in SaxeGotha is either the father or son or both….  of particular interest is that James Millikin of Halifax, was his son-in-law.  From what I can tell Millikin was more “Merchant” than trader in the scheme of things.  Millikin did not move to SaxeGotha but he was in contact with Thomas Brown (the SC trader, not related to the Brownes of Occoneechee that I know of).  The two could actually write and pretty much spel.

This little tidbit is interesting because it may relate to some Sims of Occoneeche Neck who may also have been traders… I’m thinking of Robert and Joseph Sims. (you can find a Robert Sims on my IOW map… down in Nansemond County)   I would suspect this guy in SC is related but there is also another William Syms in SC who this article may be referring to…

December 31-January 7, 1736
Williamsburg Gazette 

By a Letter from Col. James Millikin, in North-Carolina, dated at Roanoak, December the 10th, we have the following Account, That he received a Letter from Mr. Thomas Brown, of the Cutaboes, the chief Trader there, informing him. That on the 9th of October last, Three Indians came to the House of one William Syms, on Pine tree Creek, and (in his Absence) killed his Wife, another Woman, Three Children, and a Negro Man; and then set Fire to the House, Tis suppos’d they carried a White Girl away with them alive, who liv’d at the House, but can’t be found.

They were followed the next Morning by Five White Men, upon the Track, who found they had stopp’d in the Night, near a Place called Mars-Bluff, on Pedee River, where they had shared the Plunder, and left the bloody Cloaths of the murdered People. The Indians bent their Way Northward, which makes it believ’d they were Tuskaroroes. Mr. Brown wrote the above Account to Col. Millikin, at the Request of the Governor of South-Carolina, desiring him to use his Endeavours to apprehend these horrid Murderers

Richard Jackson was associated with the Joyners and others from NC.

Robert Long/Lang  had land deeds in both places.

Gideon Gibson married a daughter of William Browne (who lived near the modern prison farm near Caledonia).  Some hub bub on the web concerns if he was mullato or indian…  interesting guy… seems to have been something of a hell-raiser during the “Regulator” era… may have moved east of SaxeGotha to Mars Bluff/ Sandy Bluff area.

See my “blogroll” for some links to SaxeGotha.

Also SC has come online with some images of colonial deeds and plats.  Good stuff.



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  1. Gideon Gibson had several land grants on the big & little Pee Dee rivers beginning in 1732.. He was an FPOC. Related to some of the Chavis family. somehow he had a lot of money.


    Val Green

    March 13, 2019 at 7:50 pm

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