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Robert Pitman of Halifax Co., NC

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Robert Pitman d. aft 1760  wife unknown (no will found)

….. Joseph

….. Samuel


son Joseph

Edgecombe Co., NC, Court Minutes 1744-1762 Book I, GoldenWest Marketing Genealogy, Temple City, CA 

[187]   Feb 1757/8

Jos. PITMAN son of Robert (Overseer marked out) Constable in Room of George WIMBERLY

son Samuel  b.1736  d.1812

see here page 20   (copy/paste in your browser)

(I have not scoured thru this bible to see if it mentions other family connections… give it a shot and post your thoughts in a comment… I’m all ears…)

son Jesse*

*(NCNRH-DE2 p. 57)  I assume this is a Northampton, NC  Deed Book 2 reference and I have not seen it… a little help here?     Per a short reference I have seen posted on the web this deed refers to a sale of land on 8 Nov, 1764 to Harmen Taylor and refers to a Jesse Pitman which can be tied to Robert Pitman?  Robert’s brother Thomas d.1755 also has a purported son Jesse so that is the issue I have.


Robert, Samuel and Martha (who is she?) witnesses to 2 back to back wills in 1760…

source:   North Carolina Probate Records, 1735-1970 HalifaxWills, 1755-1781, Vol. 01  Image  17, 18, 19 of 245

1765       10 Jun. Jesse Blackwell (mark) of Edgecombe Co., planter to John Arliss Junr. of same, for £10 Proc. money a tract of land on the Mill Branch adjoining Arthur Dew and Hickman, it being part of a tract granted to said Jesse Blackwell bearing date 3 Nov 1761. Wit: JESSE PITMAN, Nath’l Hickman, senr. DB C, p. 369.

Karen’s note: A Jesse Pitman married Rachel Horn 26 Sep 1765, James Jolly bondsman; T. Cavenah, witness;   [son of Thomas d.1754?]
Also, A Jesse Pitman married Christian Hickmen 19 Oct 1765, William Hickman bondsman, Thomas Cavenah, witness. [son of Robert]

BRYANT, GAYLE Apr 8, 1788. Nov. Ct., 1793. Wife & Extx: Elizabeth, land, mare, bridle and
saddle all my hogs and cattle – household goods, and clothes, until her decease or marriage.
Reversion to my children. Dau: SARAH BRAND, lining wheel; Dau: EDAH JORDAN, all land and manner
(manor) plantation; loom and weaving gear. Gr. son: NAZARETH ALLEN, small shot gun. Exr: Joseph

Petition of Benjamin Cobb, who had a land entry adjoining Michael Horn,
Thomas Viverett, William Dew, and John Dew to run around the lines of John
Dew, who refused to let the surveyor run his lines. 6 Jan 1783
Petition for settlement of estate. Thomas Viverett died on 18 October 1791,
leaving a will with Jesse Pitman as executor. Said Pitman died intestate in
1793, and administration was granted to William Dew and Cornelius Joyner, who
refused to make a final settlement with Micajah Viverett and Lancelot
Viverett, two sons of the deceased. No date.

Thomas Vivrett: Judgement (27 Aug 1799) made against goods of Jesse Pittman,
decd in the hands of Mourning Pittman, Felix Pittman, Patience Allen, Jesse
Pittman, Robert Pittman and Christian Pittman, as the result of a suit in
favor of Cornelius Joyner, admr. of Thomas Vivrett.

Edgecombe Co. DB 3-426, dated 24 Jan 1776: Jeremiah Cony and wife Mary (x)
Cony of Edgecombe Co., planter, to Thomas Vivret of same for 46 pds Proc.
money a tract of 125 acres on the bank of Toisnot Swamp, it being part of a
tract granted to said Jeremiah Coney and wife Mary, bearing date 24 Jan 1776.
Wit: William Bond Whitehead, Jesse Pitman, Nathaniel Hickman, Junr.

EC DB 3-427, dated 29 Jan 1777: Arthur (x) Dew and wife, Mary, of Edgecombe
Co., planter to Thomas Vivret of same, for 155 pds Proc. money a tract of 125
acres on the south bank of Toisnot Swamp adjoining John Dew. Wit: Jesse
Pitman, Robert Peele, Junr., Nath. Hickman, Junr. Mary Dew was examined
separately concerning her right of dower.

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  1. Here’s a little help with the Northampton deed…I have abstracts of deed book 2 but did not find this transaction. However, after surfing the net for it for awhile, I came up with this reference:

    ROBERT PITMAN, b. in Surry County about 1708, m. UNKNOWN in Isle of Wight County, and d. in North Carolina after 4 Jul 1760. Robert Pitman is first found in the Isle of Wight County records witnessing the sale of land from Jesse Moneham of Bertie County, North Carolina to Edward Chitte on 22 Sep 1730.[ ] He signs his name as a “P.” On 27 May 1742, he witnesses another sale from his brother Thomas5 Pitman to his brother Ambrose Pitman and in that instance he is able to sign his name.[ ] He relocates to Edgecombe County, North Carolina by 16 Nov 1742 when he purchases 200 acres on Rayford’s Creek from William Kinchen, Jr.[ ] He also owns property in Northampton County near the state line of Virginia.[ ] This land was patented by Robert Pitman on an unknown date but could be the 150 acres listed to a Robert Pitman in Bertie County on 21 Mar 1743.[ ] On 8 Nov 1764, his son Jesse Pitman sells 150 acres of what is identified as a patent to Robert Pitman to Harmen Taylor.[ ] Robert Pitman has a son named Joseph who is appointed constable of Edgecombe County on 21 Feb 1758.[ ] He witnesses the wills of Lewis Davis and his wife Martha Davis in 1760.[ ] The land he purchased in 1742 fell into Halifax County in 1759. He is last mentioned on that land on 4 Jul 1760.[ ] His spouse is not known but there was an Elizabeth Pitman who also witnessed the Jesse Moneham deed mentioned earlier and she may be his wife.

    The author of this compiled genealogy is not cited, but I am assuming this is the work of Mr. King? If you back up the URL a bit you get the Surry County, VA Historical Society.

    The footnote is not very precise, but the Jesse/Robert/Harmen deed is cited as: Northampton County, North Carolina, Record Deed No. 3, 1759-1766, microfilm no. [0019421] page 384, Family History Library [FHL], Salt Lake City, Utah.

    I’m assuming this is deed book # 3, as my abstracts of books 1 & 2 go from 1741 to 1759. So off to check deed book 3…

    Yep, here it is:

    Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., abstractor, The Deeds of Northampton County, NC, 1759-1774 (Keysville, Va: Bradley, 1994), p. 57, entry # 603-(384): “Jessee Pitman to Harmon Tayler. 8 Nov. 1764. 27 pounds 10 shillings NC. 150 acres which was patented by sd (?) Robert Pitman, on north side of Meherrin River, joining the country line. Jessee Pitman. Wit: D. Williams, Joseph Pope, Elizabeth Pitman. May Ct. 1765.”


    Traci Thompson

    January 23, 2012 at 10:32 am

    • The larger quote sound like Forrest King…. you’ll also run across stuff from Jesse Macon Lawrence. Everyone gets boondoggled trying to work in Joseph Pitman. This Jesse is still vague (here again the abstract just doesn’t cut it) the property sounds like it was some of the old land left from Thomas Pitman the father of Robert (the reference to Meherin River and the “country” line.)

      see here for my map… it shows a couple Taylors that are probably connected to this Harmon Taylor?

      The abstract doesn’t give a clue if Robert was even still alive by 1764? or when or how this Jesse got the land. You would think Bradley would have noted a “son of Robert” if it was in the deed? Might be the full deed may not help but it could possibly have a signature mark to compare with the Elizabeth of Edgecombe in 1749.




      January 23, 2012 at 7:37 pm

      • See here for a reference to Harmon Taylor and several Pitmans in 1754… pg 17, 18, 19



        January 23, 2012 at 7:59 pm

      • Yes I think Bradley would have certainly noted any statement of relationship in the deed.
        Because Robert once had it and now Jesse does, someone has deduced (quite logically) that Jesse may have inherited the land, making him an heir and thus maybe a son. Unfortunately, the “maybes” get left off, ideas go uncited and unexplained, and you are left with a leap of faith -and not a particularly clear one at that -such as you see in the first paragraph. Grrr indeed.


        traci thompson

        January 24, 2012 at 8:42 pm

  2. I really doubt this is Elizabeth of edgecombe -she was firmly in edgecombe by this time, and had been for awhile, actually. With as many pitmans as there are spread around…and do you know how common a name Elizabeth is?? Really don’t think so.


    traci thompson

    January 24, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    • I don’t think it is Elizabeth of Edgecombe either but I’ve become intrigued with this “process of elimination” tool. (if you can’t figure out who they are… figure out who they ain’t) All of the sons of Thomas Pitman d.1730 are becoming much more clear except for Robert. Even the Thomas d.1754 is coming into focus with some more diligent research. Don’t miss Forrest King’s compiled records of John Pitman with wife Elizabeth in this same area and time at Meherin… it could be her and could prove the Elizabeth of this deed is not the wife of Robert.

      Where are the Pitman researchers when ya need ’em?



      January 25, 2012 at 3:06 am

  3. We are the Pitman researchers, ha!

    How about this one…

    Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., abstractor, The Deeds of Northampton County, NC, 1759-1774 (Keysville, Va: Bradley, 1994), p. 57, entry # 597-(378): “John Pitman of Southampton Co. VA to Harmon Taylor of Northampton Co. 14 May 1765. 28 pounds VA [money]. 200 acres which was part of 3 patents (50 acres part of a patent to Benjamin Joyner Apr 1723; the other 150 acres part of 2 patents to Robert Smelly, 1 for 520 acres 1745, the other for 600 acres 1749), on west side of Kirbys Creek, joining Roanoak Branch, John Adkinson, John Smelly, School House Branch, John Pitman, Elizabeth Pitman. Wit: Joseph Pope, Theopus. Tharp, Wm. Strickland. May Ct. 1765.”

    This indicates that this Elizabeth Pitman owned land in Northampton County either near or bordering John Pitman’s land.


    Traci Thompson

    January 25, 2012 at 11:12 am

    • Aha!… that is 2 deeds to compare signatures. I’ll put money on this Elizabeth being the wife of John Pitman.

      Course the deeds are probably copies by a clerk and don’t have “marks” Kirbys Creek is clearly in NC… this property had to straddle VA & NC

      You reference Bradley’s abstracts 1759- …. are there any abstracts earlier than that for Narthampton?



      January 25, 2012 at 11:46 am

  4. Just one problem with that theory. If Elizabeth is John’s wife, she can’t own land in her own name, and would not be listed as a landowner of adjoining property. Which, just like Elizabeth in Edgecombe, leaves a these scenarios: 1.) she is a single woman or 2.) she is a widow.

    Don’t forget that Kirby’s Creek is where Carolus Anderson hung out.

    Yes on the abstracts – Margaret Hofmann abstracted Northampton deeds 1741-1751, books 1 & 2.


    Traci Thompson

    January 25, 2012 at 2:27 pm

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