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“road orders” 1760s… Edgecombe

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Most of the folks mentioned in this record of the road orders can be picked out…  my interest is Joseph and Arthur Pitman. They buy the Elizabeth Pitman property in 1761.  The question is where were they living prior to the purchase.  Also of note is the John Pitman and the William Pitman living a few miles north on White Oak Swamp (on what I think is the mystery “Tantroft Branch” little creek).  The depiction of “Mials Bridge” is from the earliest map I can find of Edgecombe (the 1903 USGS Survey)… a bridge is clearly shown.  Numerous references to a bridge can be found in these early deeds and for a mill nearby.  The note for “Sweetin’s Landing” is a pure guess but the road seems to “end” at Tar River which makes sense for a landing.

Just food for thought…

While the Joseph and Arthur Pitman are still a mystery, the John Pitman on the map clearly comes from Isle of Wight (modern Southampton) along with Wright McLemore and probably some Wiggans family about 1746. See under my Page for “2 John Pitmans IOW” for some background…

All of these particular Pitmans may be of the “William Pitman” clan of Surry Co, VA… ??? The Thomas Hicks of the area may be associated with the Robert Hicks of Emporia indian trader bunch.

The Joseph Pitman who buys the Elizabeth Pitman property stays on the property and eventually leaves it to son Abner Pitman…
The Arthur Pitman who sold some of the property to Joseph moves to Sapony Creek in Nash Co and eventually to Duplin Co…..
What became of the John Pitman?

Referencing the Thomas and Nathan Pitman above… obviously their father Thomas died in 1754/5. I find the above 2 sons mentioned in the Edgecombe Court Minutes …
Jun 1759. Edgecombe Co., NC Court Minutes, 1744-1762, Book I , Goldenwest Mktg Genealogy.
Thomas PITMAN Contd. Overseer.
and again…
June 1760?-Sep 1760.
Thomas PITMAN Contd. Oversr.
Nathan is mentioned only once in these minutes…
Feb 1757 court…
Nathan PITMAN in list of “Petit Jury”

My point being these are grown men by 1760 and likely sons of the Thomas Pitman d.1754. These 2 seem to wind up in Robeson/Bladen Co., NC. In Thomas’ will d.1754 he mentions having some property near Tar River… hence I suppose these 2 sons were living on that land near Tar River and the militia roll substantiates that premise.


I’m of the opinion that the Joseph Pitman on Swift Creek is the son of Robert Pitman… the proof being the 1758 reference in the Court Minutes…r.e. “Joseph, son of Robert Pitman”.

The Arthur listed in Whitehead’s Company is also a son of Robert (in my opinion)…. the only other Arthur of this time period is the son of Ambrose Pitman but he was not born until 1749 and hence, too young to be in the militia roll.  The only other Arthur to discuss that I know of is Arthur the son of Thomas Pitman d.1730 but he died 1758 near Meherrin River.  I have no proof whatsoever other than I have no one else to attach him to.  And as we all know, Robert is not in a position to argue with me.

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