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I may have uncovered a Robert Pitman son… Jesse.   Scroll back a few posts to Robert Pitman… I haven’t fleshed him out completely but it seems to fit.

A John Pitman from Isle of Wight… I think he is a son of William Pitman of Surry (brother of Thomas d.1730)… see under Pages in 2 places:  2 John Pitmans of IOW and also Elizabeth Pitman Land 1761.  He is present in Edgecombe/Nash until 1774 but possibly moves???  The John Pitman of IOW (son of Thomas d1730) dies in 1781.   If the whereabouts of the Edgecombe John can be determined after 1774 then the conundrum is solved.

I’ve added a map to the Page “2 John Pitmans of IOW”….. fascinating stuff… it includes that rascal Arthur Kavanaugh and Robert Hix…

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March 15, 2012 at 1:37 pm

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