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Henry Anderson/Lovey Staton

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Edgecombe County, NC, Court Minutes, 1786-1792, BK 4, Haun

[238]  May 1790

The Last Will & Testament of William ANDREWS decd. was proved by the Oaths of Elijah HORN & Joseph PITMAN & Elijah PRICE the exor therein qualified and at the same time took out Letters Testamty.

There is no question that the above man was William Anderson.   Immediately following is this entry…

[239]  May 1790

Inventory of the estate of William ANDERSON deceased returned an Oath by the exor.


See here for the reverse mistake…

In that case an ANDREWS was mistaken in the records for an ANDERSON.

It happened…


Marriages of Early Edgecombe County N.C.  1733-1868 by Williams & Griffin

Anderson, Henry – Lovey Staton, ———–1799, George Anderson, (w) S. Wren.

It seems Henry Anderson has also been subjected to the indignity of slander and been labeled with the horrible appendage of ANDREWS…. Gasp!


A new contributing correspondent… “Joani” has decided to weigh in with some observations concerning this minor conundrum… (among my many conundrums)… She asks:

Am I nuts?

Gammon Vol II

(362) JESSE (X) STATON    8 Oct 1812    May Ct 1813    O    E/58

Wife REBECAH STATON – lend 120 acres of land, Negroes Pompy, Charlot and her son Stephen, horses, table, bofat, looking glass, etc., all for her lifetime

or widowhood.  Son FREDERICK STATON – Negro Reuben which he already has,

bed, etc.  Son THOMAS STATON – reversion of fire dogs at my wife’s death.

Daughter SARAH MANNING – ten dollars.  Daughter LOVEY ANDREWS – reversion of Negroes Charlot and her son Stephen at my wife’s death, but if LOVEY dies without issue these Negroes shall be divided among my three sons FREDERICK STATON, THOMAS STATON and BYTHEL STATON.  Son BYTHEL STATON – my land, except for the portion loaned my wife, and he may have it all at my wife’s death, but if he dies without issue this property shall be divided between

my sons FREDERICK and THOMAS.  Residue of estate to be divided between sons FREDERICK and THOMAS.



I can’t, in all truthfulness, vouch for Joani’s sanity… but I CAN understand her exasperation…

I mean REALLY… how many folks are named “LOVEY”… AND married to a HENRY in 1799?

Joani and I are not the only ones to be acquainted with this blasphemed Henry…  A researcher from 1999 (at least)  “weighed in”” even before we contemplated this conundrum…

To make it simple she says this..

” Although I feel all STATON researchers are indebted to him for all his hard work, I am not blind to the fact that the book contains lots of errors. I am now going

through the long, laborious and expensive task of trying to document what

was in his book and find answers to questions he was unable to answer. One

thing I found is that the name of Lovey’s husband is Henry ANDERSON, not

ANDREWS, as is in the book.

I love this woman… I understand her.

Read it yourself:


Dear Henry
If you can talk from the grave… are you the son of William Anderson d1789 or not?
Thank you,
Marc Anderson

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