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James Pitman abt 1700 – aft 1776 Traveling Man…

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“Robert Flake Sr. (per Boddie-  Southside Virginia Families, Vol I)  of Isle of Wight Co. was born 1621, and died at an advanced age after April 2, 1697.  During his long life he had large grants of land in Isle of Wight and Surry Cos.  His wife was named Katherine…  A third daughter was Elizabeth Flake who married Thomas Hayes (Chapman Marriages, p. 26, D.B. 5 p. 140, G.B.p. 511) There seems to have been only one son, Robert Flake, Jr.  On Mar. 13, 1695/6 Robert Flake of Isle of Wight Co. deeded to his son Robert Flake of Surry Co. and Margaret his wife 200 acres in Surry Co. (D. & W. 1693-1709, p. 103).  On July 1, 1696 he made a deed of gift in Surry of 450 acres to William and John Gwaltney, sons of William and Alice Gwaltney, and if they should die, the land to go to Katherine daughter of William and Alice (id.) Alice Gwaltney was daughter of Robert Flake, Jr.  Robert Flake Sr. last appears in the records of Isle of Wight Co. April 2, 1697, when he deeded a mill and land to Thomas Smith of Surry (D.B. I, p. 227).”

Since Mr. Boddie stated the last appearance in the deeds for Robert Flake Sr. was April 2, 1697 he must have missed this deed of August 25, 1697, later recorded in 1722:

Isle of Wight Deeds, Wills, Great Book Vol. 2  1715-1726, Hopkins, pg. 140

(p.511) 25 Aug 1697…. Robert Flake, Sr. assigns 600 acres to his daughter Elizabeth Hayes for life and then to her three sons viz Richard Hayes, Samuel Hayes and Peter Hayes.

Wit: Peter Vasser, Robert Flake and Charles (X) Bass.

Rec. 28 Jan 1722                Robert (X) Flake

Elizabeth Flake married Thomas Hayes.  As of 1697 she had 3 sons… not mentioned is son Arthur Hayes who must be born after 1697.

IOW Deeds

p 21, Deed Book 5

“Page 140. Lease and release. Aug. 20-21, 1737 from Arthur HAIZE of Newport

Parish in IW, to Anthony Crocker of same, for 18 £, a certain tract of land

formerly bought of Thomas HAYES, being part of 600 acres given to my mother, 

Elizabeth HAYES, by her father, Robert FLAKE. The land is bounded by the west side

of the Second Swamp of the main Blackwater [Swamp], the lower end of the said

tract of land binding upon PARNAL’S land & DOOLE’S & CROCKER’S & HAYES’,

containing 200 acres. Signed – Arthur (AH his mark) HAYES. Wit – Arthur CROCKER,

Peter CROCKER. Recorded Aug 22, 1737.”

p 21-22, Deed Book 5

“Page 142. I, Peter HAZE of Bartee Precinct, North Carolina, for the natural

love I have for my brother Arthur HAZE, and for divers other good causes, and

for 20 £, grant Arthur 200 acres in the middle of that 600 acres given by

Robin FLAKE to his daughter, Elizabeth HAZE, lying between the Second and third 

Swamp of Blackwater , which was laid out and divided between the 3

brothers by Robert HAZE, John GRIFFIN, and Peter CROCKER, which said land being

equally divided, I have assigned all my right of the aforesaid 200 acres to my 

brother Arthur. Signed Aug 15, 1737 – Peter (PH his mark) CROCKER [sic]. Wit –

Matt’w JORDAN Jr, Anthony CROCKER, Peter CROCKER [sic], Arth’r CROCKER. Recorded

Aug 22, 1737.”

p 60-61, Deed Book 5

“Page 412. I, Arthur HAYES of Newport parish, for the natural love I have for

my brother, Robert HAYES, and for divers other good causes and for 5 £, have

given Robert a certain tract of 100 acres, being part of the middle of that

600 acres given by Peter HAYES to his brother, Arthur HAYES, lying between the

second and Third swamp of Blackwater , which was laid out and divided

between the 3 brothers by Robert HAYES, John GRIFFEN, and Peter CROCKER, which

land being equally divided, I have assigned all my right of the said 100 acres,

to my brother Robert. Signed Oct 19, 1739 – Arthur (AH his mark) HAYES. Wit –

John (IS his mark) STEPHENSON, Peter CROCKER, Anthony CROCKER. Recorded Nov

26, 1739.”

1748   Deed of gift from Arthur Haise (Hays) to Sampson Flake, 50 acres on the west side of the second swamp of Blackwater, adjoining Patience Jordan, Anthony Crocker, Robert Haise (Hays), Christopher Atkinson, and said Haise, plus 1 cow and calf, 1 barren cow, 3 sheep, and 3 hoggs. Dated 13 April 1748. Witnesses: Samuel Cornwell, Joseph (his “X” mark) Thomas, and James (his “X” mark) Pitman. [Isle of Wight Co., VA Deed Book 1747-52, p. 234]

ARTHUR HAYES–left 1776 will in Isle of Wight Co.; 2 daus. are

mentioned: Faithy Hayes (m. her cousin William Flake and lived in Surry

Co.) and Mary Hayes (wife of James Pittman who lived in Isle of Wight)

Virginia, Isle of Wight County Records, 1647-1917Probate recordsWills vol 8 1769-1779 Image 492,3 of 580

“Item  I give and bequeath to Sampson Pittman son of James Pittman to him one feather Bed, and Gold Ring, four pewter dishes, two pewter Basons, one pewter flagon, one pewter porager, one Tankard, and all my Cloths,

Item  I give the remainder of my Estate to be equally divided between William Flake, and Faithy Flake, and Mary Pittman, the wife of James Pittman, James Pittman Senr. I likewise Constitute make and Ordain my only and Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament”

“This will was presented in Court by James Pittman the executor therein named who made Oath thereto according to law and the same being proved by the Oaths of James Stringfield, William Flake and James Pittman the Witnesses thereto and is Ordered to be Recorded, And on the motion of the said Executor who together with James Pittman junr. and William Flake his Securities entered into and acknowledged their Bond…”

Again quoting Boddie, ” Robert Flake, Jr. married Margaret, daughter of Matthias Marriot of Surry Co. and his wife Alice, daughter of Thomas Warren of Surry (cf. Va. Mag. 47, pp.369-70).  His will, dated Aug. 18, 1722 and probated in Surry Co. April 15, 1724, mentions his daughter Elizabeth Flake, son-in-law William Gwaltney, and “the rest of my children” (Surry D. & W. 1715-30, p. 528). The statement is made that William Gwaltney, the executor, refused to act, and that administration was granted to William Braddy and Katherine his wife as next of kin April 15, 1724.  Katherine, wife of William Braddy, was another daughter of Robert Flake, Jr. (cf. Chapman, Marriages, p. 59, Isle of Wight G.B. p. 191, D.B 6, p. 240).”

Isle of Wight County Deed Book, 1741-1744 by Wm. Lindsay Hopkins

Deed bk. 6 (p240) 23 Apr 1743…. Willam Braddy to Benjamin Ward…. 50 acres on Blackwater (being land given on 21 Jul 1718 by Robert Flake to his daughter Katherine Braddy who was then the wife of William Braddy the father of the above William Braddy).

Rec: 25 Apr 1743 William Braddy

Above is the son of Wm Braddy Sr. and Katherine (Flake) Braddy.

WOMBWELL, John: Leg.- Of Isle of Wight Co. To sons, Benjamin, Joseph, John each one shilling. Daughters, Martha and Mary Wombwell. Wife, Mary, Exerx. 21 Jan, 1746. Wit: Wm. Brady, Edward Pittman, Wm. Flake, John Giles, Matthew Jordan. Book 9, p.543

Edward Pittman must be in the neighborhood…

Edward Pitman, on 26 Nov 1739 purchased from Joshua Hayes for “natural love that I have for my friend” 200 acres on the second Swamp on the Blackwater at the head of Cooks Branch.

Joshua Hayes was perhaps related to the wife of James Pittman Jr., the nephew of Edward.

From the research of Bob Baird, Bob’s Genealogy Filing Cabinet,

“Joshua Hayes first appears on 8 June 1746 when he purchased 210 acres on the south side of the Meherrin River from Benjamin Wilson, as a resident of Northampton County, North Carolina. The land was described as being on the “new county line”…and adjoined a Samuel Hayes, probably a relative. Joshua and his wife “Silvah” sold this land on 20 February 1753 to Howell Edmonds. The same day, he purchased 150 acres on Wildcat Swamp and bought another 200 acres adjoining on 16 May 1761. Joshua and his wife “Selvah” Hayes sold the combined 350 acres on 28 December 1762 to Edward Davis.”

“Samuel Hayes, the adjoining landowner, was probably a relative, perhaps his father. Joshua Hayes, Edward Davis, and Samuel Hayes appear consecutively on a muster roll of Northampton County militia, undated but apparently dated roughly 1755. Samuel Hayes had sold part of that adjoining land in 1746, describing it as “joining the county line on the riverbank”. An article in Historical Southern Families appears to identify Samuel Hayes as a son of Peter Hayes and Elizabeth Flake of Isle of Wight County, Virginia.”

Per Forrest King’s research (Compiled Genealogy, Descendants of Thomas Pitman (1614 – about 1686) of Surry County, Virginia

“Edward Pitman sold 100 acres of this land to brother James Pitman on 23 May 1741.  He sold another 60 acres to Mathew Jordan on 21 Dec 1741.  Two of his neighboring properties are owned by Thomas Pitman and James Pitman.  He sold the last 50 (sic) acres on 6 May 1745 to “friend” Sampson Flake.  His estate is recorded on 12 Jun 1746, with wife Martha (—) being the administratrix.”

In 1742 one James Pitman shows up in Edgecombe County, NC.  He makes multiple lands deals, promptly sells them and is gone by 1746.   Mystery man or traveling man?

In 1748 this deed pops up in Isle of Wight… 

1748 Deed of gift from Arthur Haise (Hays) to Sampson Flake, 50 acres on the west side of the second swamp of Blackwater, adjoining Patience Jordan, Anthony Crocker, Robert Haise (Hays), Christopher Atkinson, and said Haise, plus 1 cow and calf, 1 barren cow, 3 sheep, and 3 hoggs. Dated 13 April 1748. Witnesses: Samuel Cornwell, Joseph (his “X” mark) Thomas, and James (his “X” mark) Pitman. [Isle of Wight Co., VA Deed Book 1747-52, p. 234]


Since we seem to have one errant Pitman wandering aimlessly around Edgecombe County in the 1740s, I may as well bring down the whole marauding horde of Pitmans…

This inventory was taken in Surry County and notes “Lawnes Creek”… my hunch is it was near “Greye’s Creek” also which is the stomping grounds of Thomas Pitman the immigrant, or Capt. Thomas if you prefer. My hunch is further that his son William Pitman got the old man’s property. The reference below may not be this elder William Pitman but a son named William…

Boddie, Southside Virginia Families, Vol I. p. 128

“Benjamin Champion made his Will April 6, 1735, of Lawne’s Creek Parish, ‘sick & weak’; to son JOHN my plantation where I now live; son CHARLES my troopers saddle and arms, my Camblet coate; son BENJAMIN, dau. ELIZABETH, dau. ANNE, dau, MARY, personalty; Wife extrx. to have rest of estate.  Wits: Charles Binns, Samuel Lancaster Jr.; John Wall (Bk. 1730-38, p. 314). Elizabeth Champion, his wife, died in 1736 as her inventory was appraised in that year by Robert and Samuel Lancaster and Thomas Bell.”

Surry Co VA (p. 48) 21 Mar 1738 . . . Account current of Estate of Elizabeth Champion, decd., by Charles Champion, administrator, lists “Col. Allen for Probation of my father’s will”, “for my mother”, Capt. Ruffin, Benjamin Champion, Benjamin Bell, John Wall, Sr., Absolan Atkinson, Mary Champion, Joseph King, John Bynum, Charles Kea, Nicholas Valentine, Samuel Lancaster, Jr., Lemuel Hargrove, Jr., Augustus Hargove, Anselm Baily, Henry Atkins, William Lancaster, Lawrence Lancaster, William Nettle, William Coker, John Coker, William George, Robert Mercer, Robert Lancaster, Jr., Thomas Lyles, WILLIAM PITMAN, James Stringfield, Benjamin Baily, BENJAMIN PITMAN, Richard Blow, Elizabeth Champion, John Waller, Jr., Thomas Riggon, William Barrow, Thomas Hardyman, Francis Riggon, William Davidson, JOSEPH PITMAN, Thomas Holiman, Jr., William Little, Thomas Bell, Samuel Person, Allen Warrin, Jr., James Bennit, Jr., John Judkins, Robert Landcaster (sic), James Washington and John Clarke (Surry Co VA).

1732 Feb 2, Surry Co VA; William Phillips to BENJAMIN CHAMPION Jr, both of Lawnes Creek Parish…150 acres in Lawnes Creek Parish bounded by John Walls, the main Blackwater Swamp, James Walls, Samuel Hargrave’s Mill Branch and Richard Mills

–1738 Jan 2, Surry Co VA; Recd March 21, 1738 Surry Co VA; BENJAMIN CHAMPION of Edgecombe Precinct in North Carolina to Charles Holt of Surry County for 23 pounds current money…150 acres (being the land BENJAMIN CHAMPION formerly lived on) on south side Blackwater Swamp and bounded by John Wall, James Wall and Lemuel Hargrave.

–1738 March 25 Edgecombe Precinct NC; WILLIAM WHITEHEAD to BENJAMIN CHAMPION of Edgecombe precinct, planter, for 20 pounds silver money 380 acres more or less on the south side Moratock River on Looking Glass Swamp, joining the Rainbow Branch and 100 acres the said CHAMPION purchased of ELIAS FORT, part of a patent for 560acres granted to the said WHITEHEAD Feb 19, 1737.

–1738 May 25 Edgecombe Precinct NC; ELIAS FOORT to BENJAMIN CHAMPION of Edgecombe precinct for 20 pounds silver money 100 acres more or less on the south side Morratock River on Looking Glass Creek, as by patent to HENRY CRAWFORD Nov 7, 1723.

–Will of BENJAMIN CHAMPION II written June 8, 1763, probated Nov Court 1769 Halifax Co (previously Edgecombe Co) NC. To son WILLIAM CHAMPION, plantation whereon he now lives with 160 acres joining Nathan Brown and Looking Glass Swamp; dishes, etc. To son BENJAMIN CHAMPION 160 acres joining WILLIAM CHAMPION; bed, furniture, etc. To son JOHN CHAMPION plantation whereon I now livewith remainder of my land, my still cow etc, when he is 21 and he is to have schooling and afterward he is to be under the tuition of GEORGE BELL. To daughter SELAH CHAMPION, furniter etc. Residue of my estate is to be divided among all my children (names not given). Robert Whitaker and John Norwood to look after my land. Witnessed: Dempsey Dawson, John Whitaker, John Norwood. Executors: son-in-law JOHN BELL and son WILLIAM CHAMPION.

And I think it likely that this is the William Pitman that married Judith Ross.  There, I said it.

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