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a tidbit on Benj. Rogers of Nansemond…

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2 North Carolina patents screwing up the works of my pristine Virginia patents… 

3022  pg.  203 John Brown  1 March 1719/20  286 acres in Chowan precint, joining Richard Molpus, ye Beech swamp, John Barefield, Benjamin Rogers, and a branch of Beech Swamp  Witnesses: Cha. Eden, Thos. Pollock, Fre. Jones, Richd. Sanderson, John Hecklefield

3272  pg. 275  Benjamin Rogers  this — day of — 1716  166 acres near Summerton, joining a Swamp and John Barfield  Witnesses: (not given)

(this is in VA near the state line at Somerton creek… the “Beech” swamp mentioned seems to be the modern “Mill” swamp…it seems to be working with the patents.)

 These 2 references are in Hofmann, 1663-1729

I’ve added a few patents on my big Surry/IOW map… unfortunately the Benjamin Rogers land just doesn’t make sense… another problem is there are simply too many people emerging for the Somerton Creek area. My head is about to explode so I may just put this aside for a while and regroup later…  I have no way to obtain any patent descriptions and cannot plot the North Carolina deeds…

It may be that some of the original patents and owners are dying and the younger guys are overlapping… I have no way to know that unless it is mentioned in the newer patents. A real problem in this area is the squabble between VA and NC over the boundary which wasn’t settled until 1728…  Both governments were issuing patents.  The castletrash big wigs in Williamsburg did not have a clue about details of what they were issuing; it was left up to the local surveyors to describe the deeds… I figure they were pretty secretive about it all so the competition between the VA surveyors and NC surveyors does not help the situation with us trying to make sense of it all 300 years later.

Map_Surry TEMP

This is a new John Brown character… the Indian Trader of Chowan is surely dead by 1719 so I’m not sure if this guy is even connected?  My newest theory is that the Indian Trader had a son also named John who dies by 1727… could this be him?  If so, then he also had his father’s land still near Wiccacon Creek in NC…

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