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John Joyner married Elizabeth Brown?

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… a 1998 post on the web…    unanswered…

Solomon JOYNER of Edgecombe Precinct, John JOYNER and Elizabeth JOYNER of Isle of Wight Co., VA convey land to WILLIAM BROWN 1713 patent in Bertie Precinct ( Bertie DBF/344) 1740. Wish to identify this William Brown and his relationship to Elizabeth Joyner who is said to be a Brown.
Also, who had the 1713 patent ? What was that persons relationship to Elizabeth Joyner ? Any help will be appreciated.

My theory is that Elizabeth Browne was the daughter of John Browne b.1639, d.1713 (aka, the Indian Trader).  It is likely that she was a child of a second wife… which is the only explanation I have for her dying perhaps 20+ years after her brothers William (d1718) and Thomas Browne (d1719).

John Browne
…… John Browne m. Mary? ______
…… William Browne m. Martha Braswell
…… Thomas Browne m. Christian Howell (of the Nansemond Howells)
…… Elizabeth Browne m1 William Boon, m2 John Joyner

My goto website for Joyner info is here:

Notes from Helen Sharpe
Bertie Co., NC DB-F, p. 344…Solomon Joyner of Edgecombe Co., NC, and John Joyner and wife Elizabeth of Isle of Wight Co., VA, to Joseph Witherington of Surry Co., VA 1741…A patent granted John Brown for 256 acres, 28 July, 1713.

Bertie Co., NC, DB-F, p. 344…Solomon Joyner of Edgecombe Co., NC, John Joyner and Elizabeth Joyner of Isle of Wight Co., VA, convey land to William Brown 1713 patent in Bertie Precinct, 1740.

I think the John and William are her brothersuncles… *******(read the notes below with the idea I now think she was the daughter of John Browne JUNIOR**********
Virginia Patents 10-423, dated 11 July 1719: John Joyner IOW 350 acres on the south side of the Main Blackwater Swamp. Beg & c. on the north side of a small branch a line tree and Richard Vicks land. Note: See IOW GB-669 and IOW DB 5-362 for disposal of land.

IOW GR-669, dated 3 Feb 1723: John Joyner to Joshua Joyner <would be his brother>….25 acres in the lower parish on south side of Blackwater adjoining said Joshua Joyner (being part of a patent granted said John Joyner on 7 July 1719. Signed John Joyner Wit: Jinry (x) Summerell, Nathaniel (x) Jones and Thomas Lewis.

IOW DB 5-214, dated 17 Feb 1737: William Briant (Bryant) of North Carolina, to John Joyner of Isle of Wight, for 1 pound 10 shillings and for divers other good causes, 200 acres in Isle of Wight on the south side of Blackwater (swamp), bounded by the mouth of the Bull poquoson (pocoson) branch, said John Joyner, the main branch. the land was patented to Bridgman Joyner on 16 Nov 1714. Signed William Bryant, Sarah Bryan. Wit: Nathan (I) Joyner, Abram (A his mark) Johnson, William (W his mark) Bradshaw. R. 27 Feb 1737. Note: See below for disposal of this land to Elizabeth Joyner

IOW DB 5-362, dated 10 Aug 1739: John Joyner of Isle of Wight, to Bridgman Joyner <would be his brother> of IOW, for 20 pound 10 shillings and for divers other good causes about 325 acres in Isle of Wight on the south side of Blackwater (swamp), bounded by Joshua Joyner, Arnald Pews. the land is part of a patent of land granted to John Joyner on 7 July 1719. Signed John Joyner Wit: John Dunkley, Richard Blow, Jr. r. 24 Sept 1739. Note: other 25 acres sold to brother Joshua.

IOW DB 5-525, dated 22 Sep 1740: John Joyner of Isle of Wight and Newport parish, to Thomas Brewer of Nansemond County and Parish of Suffolk, for 20 pounds, all that tract of land which Bridgman Joyner, father of the said John Joyner, bought of Barnaby McKinney out of a patent of said McKenny?s granted by Alexander Spotswood, VA Lieut Governor, on 23 Dec 1714, bounded by the head of a little Bridge branch on Mathew Griffin?s line, the main Black Cr., the old road, a line of marked trees which parts the said Joyner and Samuel Johnson, the Mill pond, the Main Road and containing about 100 acres. Signed – John Joyner –Wit: John Monro, John Summerrell, Edmond Godwin. R. 22 Sep 1740

IOW DB 5-534, dated 22 Sep 1740: I, John Joyner of Isle of Wight, for the love that I have for my loving friend, Elizabeth Joyner of Isle of Wight, have given Elizabeth Joyner, one certain piece of land in IOWon the south side of Black Water (Swamp), bounded by the mouth of the Bull Pocosen (pocoson) branch, the head of the Mapole branch, containing about 200 acres, it being part of a parcel of land granted to Bridgeman Joyner in a patent dated 1714. Signed John Joyner. Wit: Bridgman Joyner (brother), and Jos: Jones. recorded 22 Sep 1740

That is perplexing… what is the “my loving friend” bit about?  This cannot be his mother… could this be a stepson?

IOW WB 1-163: John Joyner, dated 2 Sept 1748. R. 9 March 1748: …of Nottoway Parish. Leg. son Solomon; daughter Elizabeth Lott; daughter Martha Clark; daughter Ester Beal. Ex., son Absalom. Wit: Chaplain Williams, Henry Crafford, William Grizard. <no mention of a son Joshua>

Could the father John Joyner have died intestate with no mention  and this is the son in 1748?

IOW WB 5-187: John Joyner: Estate appraised by Henry Dawson, Joshua Dawson, James Turner. Signed Absalom Joyner R. 1 June 1749.

Note the cozy neighborliness of all the folks on this map….


And just to confuse matters … there were some Joyners further north of here near Seacock Swamp and Round Hill Swamp.


The accounts below are near the modern town of Halifax, NC…

(My point is to eliminate a rival Elizabeth Joyner)

James Milliken m. daughter of Joseph Joyner
(from Helen Sharpe notes)

Bertie Co. Records:
BC C-91, dated 3 March 1728/29. James Millikin & Henry Gustin to Barnabe Mackinnie…15 pounds for 150 acres , part of 640 acres patent to Willliam Brown 1 April 1713. This 150 acres sold by Gideon Gibson and wife, Mary, to Millikin & Gustin. Commonly called ?Walnut Forte Survey: adj. Joseph Joyner, William Brown. wit: Thomas Craghill, William Dewitt (?). May Court 1729. Robert Forster C/C
(This is without a doubt the William Browne I associate with the Indian Trader… his daughter married Gideon Gibson)

BC C-91, dated 5 March 1728: James Millikin & Henry Gustin to John Mckinnie…power of atty. to ack. deed of sale for 150 Acres on south side of Morrattuck River to Barnabe Mackinnie. Wit: Thomas Craghill, jurat, William Duett. May 13, 1729. Robert Forster C/C

BC C-245, dated 19 June 1730: Joseph Joyner, Jun. To James Millikin, merchangt…300 pounds for 230 acres on SS Roanoke River where Joseph Joyner did live. By two deeds of grant (1) 5 Aug 1723. Signed by Maj. Barnabe Mckinnie for 150 A. of land (2) dated 25 October 1723. Signed by John Brown and Mary Brown for 80 acres of land. Wit: John Green, Edmond Simmons, James Wilkeson, Mary Simmons. 11 Aug. 1730. Thomas Hansford D. C/C
Minutes of the General Court of North Carolina, North Carolina. General Court,  July 28, 1727 – August 02, 1727

A presentment against John Brown for having left his Wife the daughter of Barnaby Mackennie and cohabits with another which he acknowledges to be his lawfull Wife both of the Sayd Women within this Government.

(My assumption is this is the son of William Browne… seems to be in a pickle… his sister with Gideon Gibson removed to South Carolina… and I find this which may be him?)

Read the Petition of John Brown, planter shewing that the Petitoner had four persons in family for whom he has not received any lands pursuant to his Majesty’s Royal bounty, and as there is a tract of land containing 800 acres surveyed above 10 years ago for Gideon Gibson and at pres’t a Plat thereof in the Survey’r General’s Office, as appears by his certificate, and is vacant, by not being applied for in the time prescribed in the Gazette, the Pet’r herefore humbly prays that the Survey’r General be directed to Certify the said Plat for the use of the Petitoner, and in his name that it may be granted him accordingly. To which was annexed a certificate by Geor Hunter… that 200 acres of land was surveyed on the NE side of the Pedee River for Gideon Gibson on the 13th day of April 1736 in pursuant of a Warrant from Gov’r Johnson, dated March 6th, 1733, and that a Plat thereof was returned into the Survery’r General’s Office on the 18th day of June 1736 which has laid there ever since without any application made for y’e same tho advertized in the Gazette, August 5th 1743… the prayer was granted…        Sorry… I do get sidetracked…

BC C-247, dated 8 Aug 1730: John Branch & wife Ann to James Millikin, merchant. 26 pds. for 160 acres on SS Morratock River ?bounded according to the ___of William Brown dec?d…? Wit: John Brooks, John Joyner, Thomas Jones. Aug. Court 1730.

BC C-248, dated 23 July 1730: John Bobbit to James Millikin…590 acres ?in the Low Grounds near Clerk?s Meadow….? Adj. William Boon. Wit: Thomas Bryant, Simon Jeffreys, Henry Guston.

Halifax Co., NC DB 1-187, dated15 Feb 1736: James Millikin to Margaret Millikin et al: to well-beloved wife Margaret, slaves and land and money to John Millikin, my son, land when he comes of age, slaves to James Millikin, my son, land under same restrictions as son John, slaves to daughter Agnes 2 negro girls and 1/6 part of household furniture etc. to daughter Elizabeth negroes and 1/6 part of my goods and chattels to daughter Ann slaves and 16 part of household goods At a court held for Edge. Prect. the 3rd Tuesday in May 1737. Thomas Kearney D. C. Ct.
(Elizabeth Joyner, his wife, must have died and he remarried Margaret______) This deed is in essence, a “will”… so he knew he was gravely ill in 1736…

Halifax Co. DB 1-189: a letter to his friends: ask friends Rev. Mr. John Boyd, Mr. Nathan Joyner my brother-in-law, Mr. Phillip Rayford, Mr. Joseph Lane, Robert Warren to manage affairs and look after his children Wit: James Thompson, Richard Grandson, John Wolford, Joseph Montgomery His Majesties Att?y General, John Hodgson, esquire, Joseph Anderson, Robert Foster At a court held for Edge. Prect. the – Tuesday in May 1737 T. Kearney C. C. Ct.
(again this deed is essentially a continuation of his will…in my opinion)
wife Elizabeth Joyner (Sharpe notes)

Halifax Co. DB 1-228, dated 22 Nov 1737: The deposition of Major James Thompson of Edge. prect. the said Thompson sayeth that in Nov. 1731 he heard a dispute between Col James Millikin and Edward Simmons over a deed made to the said Millikin by Joseph Joyner his father-in-law Sworn this 22 Nov 1737 before me Barnaby McKinnie. Reg. (place not given) Feb. Ct. 1737. Thomas Kearney D. C. Ct.

Halifax Co. DB 1-229, dated 22 Nov 1737: The deposition of Nathan Joyner and Ann his wife: the said Nathan sayeth that at the time James Millikin late of Edge. Prect., esquire was married to Elizabeth Joyner, daughter of Joseph Joyner, he heard a dispute over a deed to be made to John the eldest son of the said Elizabeth and thought the deed had been made and Ann Joyner wife of the said Nathan sayeth she was present at the same time and hear the same words. Sworn this 22 Nov 1737 before me Barnaby MacKinnie Reg. (place not given) Feb. Ct. 1737. T. Kearney C. C. Ct.

Must have been a second marriage for Elizabeth to have a son John Joyner. Was she married to a Joyner?
(it seems to me Elizabeth may have had a bastard son before marrying James Millikin)

Halifax Co. DB 4-256, dated 19 May 1752: Paul Patrick and Agnes my wife of Edg. Co. to John Joyner (co. not identified) 19 May 1752. for the love and respect we bear unto our natural brother and for 5 shillings proclamation money 220 acres on the south side of Roanoke river, joining William Hurst and Benjamin Sherrod and is the land whereon one Joseph Joyner formerly lived and where Col. James Millikin last lived which land was granted to the said Millikin by the said Joyner 19 June 1730. Wit: John Pope, Fras. Byll. Haynes Reg. Edg. Co. May Ct. 1752. B. Wynns C. Ct. Note: Agnes is the daughter of James Millikin.

Halifax Co. DB 4-415: Paul Patrick and Agnes his wife of Edge. Co. to William Hurst of Edge. Co. 22 Feb 1753 20 pounds current money of Va. 220 acres in the fork of Conocanarah swamp as by patent to Joseph Joyner 1 Feb 1725 and by the sd. Joyner conveyed to James Millikin late of Edge. merchant 18 Oct 1733 Wit: William Kinchin, Jr. William Richmond Reg. Edg. Co. Feb Ct. 1753 B. Wynns C. Ct.

Halifax Co. DB 6-113, dated 10 Nov 1756: Wm Hurst to Wm Richmond……220 acres…as by patent to Joseph Joyner 1 Feb 1725 and by the sd. Joyner conveyed to James Millikin, late merchant which sd. land descended after the decease of James Millikin the elder to James Millikan the younger and by the decease of the sd. James the younger came unto Paul Patrick by right of his wife Agnes and Anna Millikin her sister who conveyed the land to Wm Hurst…….

My “evidence” for Elizabeth Browne first marrying William Boon is the will of William Browne of 1718 wherein he states “William Boon a brother“… since his wife Martha did not have a sister named Elizabeth the conclusion seems likely a sister of William Browne married Boon.

My “evidence” for John Joyner marrying Elizabeth Browne is the Deed “trails” which associate the various Brownes with this Elizabeth and John Joyner.  There is no “smoking gun” proof however.

If you agree or disagree leave a comment… it will be interesting to see a poll.


Further discussion of the Indian Trader here:

And William Boon here:

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