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My buddy Floyd Anderson asks…

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Do you know the father of William Anderson d. 1789? -And- Do you know the relationship of Carolus Anderson d.1752?

No. I do not.

My theory is that they may be related… and it is a pretty flimsy theory when I am called to give “just the facts ma’am” .

jack webb

William Anderson named a son Carlos.

“A” young William Anderson is mentioned in the will of Carolus’ mother.  The utter weirdness of a man naming a son that in colonial times is a red flag for me (and others). ALL of his other children had “conventional” names… i.e. William, George, James, Henry etc. Whyfor “Carlos”?  He was even mentioned in a deed with the “Americanized” Charles. So it is not just me that has a problem with that “latinized” spelling. The pompous and sissified William Byrd was even offended by Carolus’ name. The twit.

Such is my theory… and I’m sticking with it.

William and Carolus “just show up”… out of thin air. Most of my blog is my attempt to search out the neighbors of these folks. (such as the Boons, Forts, and of course the Pittmans, etc.) Looking for clues.

This is one of the best sites for Carolus Anderson…

But then, I have a few disagreements… (I think Ms. Sparks has passed on so I will just leave her excellent research to speak for her. With respect.)

Another conundrum hanging in the wind…

William Anderson was granted land in 1752 (Edgecombe).  Two mysterious chain carriers were also present and I have never found a clue as to who they were.  Remember this is 1752 so they were at least teenagers… if not grown men. If they were brothers then that would probably kill the theory that William was a nephew of Carolus. But what if they were cousins? Are they possibly the sons of an uncle James (brother of Carolus?)

Sworn Chain Carriers

Arthur Anderson

James Anderson

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July 5, 2016 at 4:25 pm

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  1. I am interested in the James of Perquimans County. I had thought that he might be the oldest son of James, the father of Carolus, but I now doubt that. I have found no record that he was a Quaker but he was in the midst of of them. We know from aland deedthat he was married to a Deborah who I think was a Mullins. His son James who was mentioned in the will apparently was in Craven County at his father’s death, but came home when his brother John died. From what I can gather, he must have become the guardian of John’s minor chldren. I think there is a connection to the Pitt County Andersons and would be interested in anything to do with those Andersons. My great great grandfather Isaac Anderson was born to a James Anderson in NC in 1785. His father James died in 1822 either in “GA or MS. We know he went from NC to GA but cannot connect him to any Andersons in NC so far, but “the truth is out there”.


    Joy Coker

    July 11, 2016 at 11:28 am

    • Hi Joy

      Your James had nothing to do with Carolus Anderson that I can find.

      Since he was initially from Perquimans County, you are correct that he was surrounded by them (Quakers)… but then, religion is a personal matter.

      I am not familiar with the idea that he became the guardian of children of his brother… that is new to me and I assume it is a theory… do you have any proof?

      Also do you have any proof (any kind of documented evidence) that deals with the Isaac Anderson of Edgecombe or Halifax County , NC?
      See here for my take on the James Anderson (wife Deborah) of Perquimans County.

      Also… on the right hand side of my blog is a search engine… just type in “james anderson” and you will find all I know about him.

      Good luck in your research.

      Also … I do not think that James Anderson of Occoneechee Swamp was the father of Carolus… I think James was his brother. I think the father of both Carolus and James was George Anderson of Isle of Wight, VA… but I cannot prove it.
      Oh… and particularly read the comments in the above link (Traci the Librarian is no one to mess with… she knows her stuff). (smiling).



      July 11, 2016 at 5:06 pm

  2. Thanks for all you do on the Andersons. One little tidbit still could be hidden away somewhere that may come to light someday. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to do much research.



    Thanks for all your work

    October 22, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    • Hi Doc

      I had a librarian send me photocopies of your book about 15 years ago…

      You are still a part of my research.. thanks to you my friend




      October 22, 2016 at 4:07 pm

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