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Olde Chowan “Precinct”… a new map

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This is my preliminary effort..  more deeds will follow as time permits (I am still a working slob and still have a day job).

In order to begin, I decided on starting at Woodward’s Creek.  A while back I discovered a map from 1708 by Edward Moseley… it is referenced.  Most of my “Google-ing” left me perplexed as very few records exist that refer to Woodward’s Creek.  I think I have presented irrefutable proof of its whereabouts .  With that task accomplished, I began placing a few patents and promptly realized that that horrid woman Hillary Clinton was actually correct in one regard… “it takes a village”.  So as I trudge thru this project I usually have to plot a half dozen or more patents to enable me to place them.  Such is the nature of this mapping game.  I have endeavored to show a few examples of the deeds I pursue to arrive at the simple graphic representations that I lay out.

I have wanted to do this map for years but was unable to do so for the simple lack of access to the deeds.  I therefore give a huge hat tip to this gentleman:

“This website is a personal project of David McCorkle who has many deep North Carolina roots dating back to Colonial times, especially in the areas of Mecklenburg and Anson counties that are now Union County. He has been writing computer software for 40 years, and is a specialist in databases, data cleanup and presentation, as well as web applications and hosting.”

Many thanks Mr. McCorkle… a job well done.

Marc  aka anderson1951


Click several times to enlarge the map.  The “tan” colored areas are the oldest maps I can find for this area of North Carolina (they are from about 1909 or so… and as an aside… as we look at these 100+ year old maps keep in mind that the olde pharts in 1712 or so were looking at the 1660ish documents similarly as we look at old “documents”). I get a kick when looking at old Virginia records from the 1700s and they refer to earlier 1600s patents as “Ancient Planters”.  If you want to further enlarge the map after the click zooms just use the trick of Cntr +


CW_NC_for web

See here…  its over on the right side of my main Page under… well…. Pages… 4 or 5 down the list.

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July 30, 2016 at 12:47 pm

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