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John Browne (the Indian Trader)… and his wayward granddaughter

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I’m like a little kid when I find a “proof”… I’m rushing this map… I “should” wait until I develop it some more.

To hell with that.

The facts speak for themselves…   click several times to enlarge…

John Browneprop

Here is the background…

This is why I am strutting around like a rooster… the hunches, the theory, and the facts align just like ….  well…. a map!

This was my conundrum… grabbed from the link above…

Other researchers have attempted to tie John Joyner, son of Bridgeman Joyner, to a 2nd marriage to one Eizabeth Brown. I suggest that if there is a connection of an Elizabeth Brown it may have been a daughter, or more likely a granddaughter, of John Browne.  This John Browne relocates to North Carolina about 1700 near Wiccacon Creek, along with Richard Booth and Booth’s nephew Thomas Mann, Jr.

This account by Boddie gets my attention… well actually it just confuses the hell out of me… Boddie made a lot of helpful notes but DAMN! sometimes he was just WRONG!

Historical Southern Families Vol. 1

Pg. 23 John Brown died in Surry Co. 1714, wife Eliza Brown 6-6-1714 left 1 son and 4 daughters as follows:    (Not the Browne I chronicle)

1. Sylvester Brantley Bertie Co. NC  (is this a typo?… is this a step-son?… is this a female?)

2 Hester Brantley, the will of Hester probated in 1727 in Surry Co. VA mentioned her daughters Priscilla and Elizabeth and her 2 sisters Eliza Joyner and Grace Warren. Appoints James Wilson and James Piland executors.

3 Eliza married to Nehemiah Joyner   (is this an Elizabeth Brown different from the one I am researching?… if so this can get VERY confusing!))

4 Grace married John Warren of Bertie Co. NC

5 Susannah Brown

There is a missing link here… I’m wondering if it may be a son John Jr that left this will in Surry County?   (Nope)


That account has caused speculation of a JOYNER connection to these deeds in North Carolina in 1727(this is where I begin to differ with Boddie)

Mary Best Bell, Colonial Bertie County, NC, DB A-H, 1720-1757

Bell, C 167(160)  Susanah Brown, John Warren & wife Grace, Sylvester Brown and ____ to Elizabeth Joyner

Feb. 12, 1727/28. *. 256 A. “…love… for our sister Elizabeth Joyner…” Land formerly belonging to our father, John Brown dec’d.  Patent July 28, 1713.  On WS Chowan adj. J. Curlee, J. Smith.  Wit: Fincher Hayne, Charles Brown.  Court  *.  Thomas Crew D. C/C.

(I note that this does not state that their father died in 1713… it merely says the patent is dated 1713)

C 171  Susanna Brown & Sylvester Brown to William Evans  Nov 22, 1729.  5 pds  for 100 A.  On Horse swamp.  Adj. John Thomas, Lazarus Thomas.  Wit: Richard Williford, Mary Luden (Laden?).  Feb Court 1729.  Thomas Crew D. C/C.

and again in 1741…

F 344  Soloman Joyner of Edgecombe Co., & John Joyner & wife Elizabeth of Isle of Wight Co, Va. to Joseph Witherington of Surry Co, Va. Feb 7, 1741. 25 pds, for 256 A.  A Patent granted John Brown for 256 A. July 28, 1713 on “Bank of the River” adj. James Curlee, John Smyth  Wit: James Washington, Henry Crafford, Morning Crafford, John Sherard, William Plyant, John Fort (FOORT).  May Court 1742.  Thomas Crew C/C.

So the Elizabeth Joyner who received the Brown property by gift in 1727 was the wife of John Joyner… (of Isle of Wight in 1741)

all of which relates to this patent…


3313  pg. 285  John Brown  date (not given)  256 acres on the W. side of Chowan River, joining the bank of ye river, James Courlee, and John Smith  Witnesses: (not given)

The half dozen patents before and after that one are in the date range of 1713-1716… so logic dictates that the date of July 28, 1713 is probably correct and was referenced in the later deeds… my problem with this is a “death” reference for “a” John Brown in 1713 (Hathawy).

” John Browne dead.  April 7, 1713.”, p. 34, Vol. 1, The North Carolina historical and genealogical register. If this is the same guy then the patent may have been issued after his death OR it was perhaps re-issued to a son of the same name.  My theory is that it was devised to a John Brown Junior.  And this is the John Brown that died sometime before 1727 and was the father of the Brown children who gifted the property to their sister Elizabeth who married John Joyner of Isle of Wight.

Now I haven’t exactly pulled this John Brown Junior out of thin air… I do have some proof. The references below are in Isle of Wight where John Browne and son previously lived:

3 Jun 1690…. John Browne, the Elder, to Richard Shewll…. 100 acres (being part of 600 acres) on Broadneck Swamp adjoining Wolf Pit Branch.

Wit: Edward (X) Floid, Henry Baker and Thomas (X) Wickins.

2 Dec 1692….   John Browne, Sr. appoints John Browne as his attorney in the difference with Capt. Hugh Campbell.

Wit: Daniel Leigh and Mary (X) Browne

Consider this deed of Susanna Brown & Sylvester Brown again from 1729… mention of Lazaris Thomas… note where he and they seem to be living:

C 171  Susanna Brown & Sylvester Brown to William Evans  Nov 22, 1729.  5 pds  for 100 A.  On Horse swamp.  Adj. John Thomas, Lazarus Thomas.  Wit: Richard Williford, Mary Luden (Laden?).  Feb Court 1729.  Thomas Crew D. C/C.

The property above is not on my map yet… 


JAMES PEEK to JOHN WARREN, Aug 9 1727, 10 pds for 100 a. SS Chowan River, adj. LAURANCE MARTIN,LAZARUS THOMAS at Horse Swampe. Wit: John Beverley, John Sutton. November Court 1729, (Bertie Co Deed Book C p181)

JOHN EARLY to DAVID RYAN, heir of THOMAS RYAN, deceased. 1754, 350 a.. for discharge of a bond from John Early to Thomas Ryan land between JAMES WILKON’s line and the Holley Swamp at Horse Swamp” adj. ISAAC LEWIS, JAMES WILLIAMSON, LAZARUS THOMAS, WILLIAM WARREN to the Wiccacon Swamp. Wit: John Cricket, Thomas Kinsey, John Nichols Jr. Aug Court 1754 (Bertie Co Deed Book H p111)

Note that John Warren was in the 1727 deed with Susanna Brown and Sylvester Brown gifting the property to Elizabeth Joyner…

Charles Merrit was an old croney Indian Trader with John Brown and Richard Booth. After Booth moved to North Carolina Charles Merritt located near by… (see Deep Creek on the map above). The merchant, James Peake sold a chunk of land to John Warren (also at Deep Creek).

BK B PG. 112

1715 – Elinor Merrett/Meriet to William Nixon/Mixon (melton) 16 Apr 1715 p of atty to act in open Court 130 A for ye said William Merret unto James Peeke. Witnesses: Peter Evens, Rich Barfield.

Ellinor Merritt to Wm. Mixon. Power of Attorney to acknowledge deed to Rich’d Barefield for land sold by my husband Charles Merritt and Peter Evans to said Barefield, 280 acres on Deep Creek branch, Test. Wm. Mixon, Peter Evans.

Same to acknowledge deed to James Peake, of Boston, Executed by my husband Charles Merritt for 130 acres on south side of Chowan River, at ye mouth of Deep Branch; Apl. 16, 1715. Test, Peter Evans, Richard Barefield (NCHGR 138).

…from will of James Peake 1728…

“Item my will is that my executors hereafter mentioned do grant & give to

John Warren of the precinct a good and lawfull deed for one hundred acres of 

land that he now lives on he paying at his ens__ling the said deed Tenn

pounds currant mony of North Carolina not withstanding not withstanding

(sic) any thing that is before mentioned to the contrary.”


Now for the icing on the cake…

Minutes of the General Court of North Carolina
North Carolina. General Court
August 02, 1716

——————– page 264 ——————–
Wee the body of the Grand Jury for Albemarle County in the Province of North Carolina do present Charity Brown for that she hath a Bastard Child at the House of Mr Thoss Rogers in this Precinct of Chowan

(I have no idea who “Charity” belonged to)

Also in Currytuck Precinct one Edwd Boune leaving a wife in Virginia and keeps a whore in this Governmt by which it very plain appears that She hath severall Bastards by him the sd Boune.

Also one Susanah Brown living at Petty Shore hath two Bastards

(BINGO!  this little lady may be the straw to break the brick wall)

Information of Capt Jno Worley also who keeps in his house the wife of Jno Hawkins she having severall children Contrary to Law.

Adjourned to the Court in Course

C. GALE Ch: Just:


I found another specific reference to her in Hofmann’s Chowan Precinct…1696-1723, pg 218.  This record is the minutes of Chowan Court July 1715.  This is 2 years after I “suppose” John Brown Sr died. (But per the later records she would fit as a granddaughter and not a daughter)

“Whereas Susannah Brown (?), by her Oath on ye Holy Evangelist, Declared that John M—— is father to a bastard Child born to her, it is Ordered that the Marshall have the bodys of the sd. M—— and the sd. Susannah Brown at the next Court”.

(3 “M” neighbors nearby were Mann, Mayner (Maner Manear) and Merritt… the abstractor left 6 “dashes” because she did not feel confident of the letters to make a judgement… when I do abstracts I try to make the “dashes” relate to the letters I cannot read……. just sayin’)

Which begs the question… is this the same Susannah Brown 12 years later… and still not married?  (deed referred to above)

Bell, C 167(160) Susanah Brown, John Warren & wife Grace, Sylvester Brown and ____ to Elizabeth Joyner

Feb. 12, 1727/28. *. 256 A. “…love… for our sister Elizabeth Joyner…” Land formerly belonging to our father, John Brown dec’d. Patent July 28, 1713. On WS Chowan adj. J. Curlee, J. Smith. Wit: Fincher Hayne,Charles Brown. Court *. Thomas Crew D. C/C.

(I have no idea who this “Charles Brown” is… )


Case closed.

See here for some of the “historic” background of some of these Indian Traders… (and some of my stumbling and fumbling)…



I found this partial list of landowners of Chowan “Precinct”… written in 1720…

There are four references to “Petty Shore”.  When John Browne obtained his patent in 1713, the adjoining property was listed as “James Curlee”.  By this 1720 patent list it seems George Wyn(n) may have obtained  property nearby.  Another reference is a “Edmund Wiggans” which also ties to the patent (adjoining).  The Stephen Williams mentioned is a son of Lewis Williams … his property was nearby.  The other Abraham Bullet fella I have no idea who he was. (update:  this fella is Abraham Blewlet… his patent was for 640ac in 1714… his land appears to be between James Curlee and Lewis Williams). see my ongoing map below…





While searching around for clues I find this…

Papers of Wynn at East Carolina University

Papers (1800-1961) of Hertford County, NC, family, consisting of correspondence, legal documents, financial papers, estate papers, account books, ledgers and time books, and miscellany, including records of Petty Shore Fishery and the family cotton business.

“During 1863 and 1864, several letters were received from Wynns’ Uncle James Dean Wynns, telling of the elder Wynns’ ill health and reporting that Yankee troops had taken all of his clothes, leaving him destitute and in great need of assistance. Other Civil War-era correspondence includes several leaves of absence granted to Wynns (most allowing him to attend the North Carolina State Legislature sessions,) a statement of receipt of supplies and money given to Wynns, an official letter from Adjutant General Daniel(?) Fowle authorizing Wynns to enlist another 250 or more mounted infantry troops, a few letters discussing issues related to age limits of the enlisted and some general orders. Other topics of particular interest in the correspondence include activities at Petty Shores Fishery…”

So I think it safe to assume the Petty Shore property stayed in the hands of WYNN heirs…  A WYNN daughter seems to have married a Peter Evans.  A son or brother of Peter Evans was one Robert Evans…

July 10, 1715 Chowan Prect. At a court in the house of HENRY KING.

“Tredle KEEF and JOHN MAINER being attached (?) of a Breach of trust reposed in him by the Publick, it is ordered that the Marshall take ye sd. Keef and Mainer into Custody until they give bond to appear at ye Next Generall Court and that ROBERT EVANS on PETTY SHORE AND THOMAS BROWN (?) and JAMES RUTTLAND be Summoned Evidences on behalf of the Soverign Lord the King.

Deed Book B #1 Chowan Co. Abstract by Hofmann, pg. 217

John Mainer (Manner, etc) also had property adjoining John Browne.

I propose that the above mentioned Thomas Brown is the son of John Browne (Indian Trader).  Thomas Brown died about 1718 or 19.



I think the guy below is James Brown Jr… son of the Indian Trader.  I will place his property on my old Chowan Precinct map as time permits.


As usual with these Browns, the sale is undated.  So again we are left guessing.  But a clue is left as low hanging fruit to easily grab…  “John Brown, of Bertie…”

History. The county was formed as Bertie Precinct in 1722 from the part of Chowan Precinct of Albemarle County lying west of the Chowan River. It was named for James Bertie, his brother Henry Bertie, or perhaps both, each having been one of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina.

So logic dictates he died sometime after 1722 and before 1728 (when his children sold the Petty Shore property noted below).

Feb. 12, 1727/28. *. 256 A. “…love… for our sister Elizabeth Joyner…” Land formerly belonging to our father, John Brown dec’d.  Patent July 28, 1713.  On WS Chowan adj. J. Curlee, J. Smith.  Wit: Fincher Hayne, Charles Brown.  Court  *.  Thomas Crew D. C/C.

Another reference for John Brown in Bertie in 1722:

Since he sold the 286 acres near the Nansemond, VA state line… where was he living?  He is noted as “of Bertie” and the Petty Shore property ceased to be of Chowan and became Bertie County in 1722.  When I map his property near Nansemond you will note he had an adjoining neighbor named Benjamin Rogers.  The Brown and Rogers associations are not easily ignored.  My hunch is there were intermarriages.

From the 1716 deposition…

“Wee the body of the Grand Jury for Albemarle County in the Province of North Carolina do present Charity Brown for that she hath a Bastard Child at the House of Mr Thoss Rogers in this Precinct of Chowan”     (Note that I am not accusing Thomas Rogers of knocking the girl up… he may have simply been a friend or relative looking after her welfare).

This map is pretty accurate if I have correctly identified Beech Swamp… note that the John Brown patent was issued 1719 (6 years after I think Browne Sr died).  My theory is Thomas and John Brown Jr were brothers. Thomas died about 1719 in what was then Bertie County, NC. (Thomas also had a son named John but I do not think this is him).  Refer to the land gift/sale transactions to understand my theory that John Brown JR removed from this area to the Petty Shore, NC property.

The yellow patents were issued in Virginia.  White patents were issued in NC.  This map is obviously incomplete… the southerly patents are temporarily placed…


To re-hash a bit… (refer to the Petty Shore map top of post)

Hathaway listed the death of “a” John Browne in 1713…

This reference is who I think his widow was:

Deed Bk W #1, Chowan Co., NC, Hofmann

#321 pg. 154 BRIDGETT BROWN of Chowan Prect. to ISAAC LEWIS of ye Co. of Albemarle, my well beloved Son  15 July 1713  Letter of Attorney to prosecute to Judgement any person I, the sd. BRIDGETT BROWN, shall at this time or from time to time bring action against and likewise to Defend any action brought against me   Wit.  TREDDELL KEEFE, MARY LEWIS m her mark  Reg. (not given)

Since John Browne Sr apparently died intestate (any records missing)… then we can ponder that Bridgett Brown probably was living on the “widow’s third” of the property.  I presume that John Browne JR may or may not be living on the Petty Shore property with the widow.  He possibly was living near the Virginia border where he later patented land in 1719.  In any event she chose here son to act as her attorney in settling her affairs.  He seems to be living within walking distance.

Note carefully the neighbors of this deed of her son Isaac Lewis in 1717… he was quite close if not adjoining to the Browne SR property. (I have not been able to place the deed on my map because it has no metes and bounds and I have to plot the surrounding deeds to isolate Isaac Lewis’ land. Also noted in the deed is Jacob Lewis as close by. (another son by my speculation).


Several points that I think are obvious…

  • John Browne JR was from a previous marriage… hence the widow was more comfortable in 1713 with her own son Isaac as her attorney… OR John Browne JR was not living close by
  • Bridgett Lewis had multiple children (her maiden name unknown)… my hunch is her age was similar to John Browne SR
  • At the death of Bridgett Browne the Petty Shore property became fully owned by John Browne JR
  • At the death of John Browne JR (prior to 1728) the property devolved to his children

Mary Best Bell, Colonial Bertie County, NC, DB A-H, 1720-1757

Bell, C 167(160) Susanah Brown, John Warren & wife Grace, Sylvester Brown and ____ to Elizabeth Joyner

Feb. 12, 1727/28. *. 256 A. “…love… for our sister Elizabeth Joyner…” Land formerly belonging to our father, John Brown dec’d. Patent July 28, 1713. On WS Chowan adj. J. Curlee, J. Smith. Wit: Fincher Hayne, Charles Brown. Court *. Thomas Crew D. C/C.

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August 19, 2016 at 6:56 pm

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  1. I always enjoy reading your posts. Wish I could still be an active research. I find at 75 my physical body and not treating me as I would like, but I guess I didn’t treat it too good in the past. I do piddle a bit but mainly depend upon others, mainly that found on line.

    I noted the Joiner name again. It brought to mind that there were Joiners in what is now Cross county, Arkansas, where my Anderson and Fountains settled in the 1850s. They first stopped near Memphis, Tennessee. I recall my aunt, born in the 1890s, tell me that the Barnes and Joiners came with them from North Carolina. I’ve never pursued the Barnes nor the Joiners. You put sense to some of the Joiners coming with my close relatives—the Andersons and Fountains.

    A quick placement on my connection: My 6th generation Solomon Fountain and Peter Anderson, b 1740-1760, d 1801 Nash. Solomon b. 1758. d 1836. Edgecombe County. I just noted that its been about 260 years since Peter’s birth! The only bad part being from a line like this is: Almost all the close kin are now gone on to join the forbearers. Glad I started on the Andersons and Fountains back the the 1950s.

    Thanks for you work!!!



    Cary Anderson

    August 20, 2016 at 8:43 am

    • Good to hear from you Doc

      I chuckle at my self sometimes for the effort I have put into this John Browne fella… it truly is an obsession… borderline strange… but good fun. (keeps me out of bars and chasing wild women)

      All because of the John Anderson who married the widow of one of his son’s daughters. (Daniel McDaniel).

      Best wishes to you sir… I just turned 65 and am also feeling some effects of my mis-guided youth (smiling).




      August 20, 2016 at 11:31 am

  2. Hi I have to admit you have my mind spinning, I have Sarah Brown and Daniel McDaniel as the starting point. I’ve got Thomas Brown & Christian ‘Howell’. Now I’m lost as to whom you believe Thomas Brown’s father is. Plus, if you believe Daniel McDaniel was transported by his father-in-law and here’s the part I found on ancestry–that Daniel was arrested and transported to America in 1716. There’s other sites that have him connected to VA McDaniel’s. I have read and reread what you’ve wrote and I can’t come up with the solution. Thank you. Pam


    Pam K.

    October 31, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    • You said…
      “I have Sarah Brown and Daniel McDaniel as the starting point.”

      My thought…
      Sarah Brown was the daughter of Thomas Brown(e). That is a fact.

      I think…
      Thomas Browne was the son of John Browne the “Indian Trader”… b.1639- d.1713

      I do not have a “smoking gun” proof that that is true.

      It is my “theory” that I have presented for folks just as yourself to ponder and think about… and to compare your real life ancestors…

      The bit that Daniel McDaniel was arrested and transported is incorrect , in my opinion,… yes it is a great story … but I have found nothing to back it up. The “tiny” little facts that I have dug up are all that I have to go on.

      I found one teeny reference to “a” Daniel McDaniel in Surry County… that is ALL I have…

      So… welcome to the world of genealogy that I deal with… I don’t have the solution either.

      Try my search box for “daniel mcdaniel” that is the full extent of my research…




      October 31, 2016 at 6:44 pm

      • Thank you, I did a time-line for Daniel and saw how he was already married before the 1716 Daniel was even transported to America. I think your on the right track with John Browne the Indian Trader, especially when his birth year is changed to 1639, on-line had him much older so the children didn’t seem to fit. Thank you for your response. Pam



        November 1, 2016 at 4:25 pm

  3. Thomas Brown Sr died 1718/19 living near Potacasi Creek … a few miles NW of the “Indian Trader’s” Petty Shore property. Daniel McDaniel had property close by.
    Then McDaniel relocated to the area near the Roanoke River.
    McDaniel died there in 1734. Then his Ex (Sarah) hooked up with a mystery John Anderson.

    I am overwhelmingly baffled. But I keep digging…



    November 2, 2016 at 2:27 am

  4. Well, I hesitate to jump in here. I’m older than you and much past the sharp edges of life and I work on the Browns when I really need to be distracted from other things. But two thoughts and a question.
    First, I have run into Silvester as a girl’s name before. It’s usually spelled Silvestra and Hester seems to be a common nickname for an uncommon name. So, I think Silvester and Hester are one and the same.

    Second, you made a point of the fact that John Brown’s patent was dated 1713 and that did not mean that he died then. Is is possible that Hathaway also misinterpreted this and that accounts for his “John Brown dead 1713.”

    And a question (or two really): I actually had our John Brown with a son John. No bragging there as I had John Jr. married to Mary Boddie. I also had a son William married to Martha Braswell. Can you set me straight?

    And, again, you are a gift.


    Jane Sands

    September 23, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    • Hi Jane
      I have not considered the possibility that Sylvester and Hester could be the same person. They do not seem to be listed in a deed at the same time. (perhaps someone can be a hard nosed detective and study it). It would simplify the hunt a lot and answer some questions.

      The Hathaway comment on the death date for John Brown in 1713 is a conundrum. My thought is that he “saw” something that prompted his comment. But I have not found anything. Again (and I am guessing) is my theory that John Browne Sr. died in 1713. Honestly it is just a gut feeling that I have.

      The John Brown who married Mary Boddie was a shipwright. I think this is critical to differentiate him from the Browns I discuss who re-located to NC. With that being said though, he simply disappeared in Isle of Wight… I am not content to let that rest. I am still looking for some evidence of his later circumstances… and of course, ideally, a note of his death. (It could be that he removed from Isle of Wight since he was a shipwright…. and continued his profession elsewhere?)

      I have had some serious researchers question my theory (which is what I would almost pay money to happen)… so far the theory is holding up. It is my theory that William Brown and Thomas Brown were brothers. I have no smoking gun proof of that simple observation. Also I think they were sons of John Browne Sr. (the Indian Trader, for clarification). That would make John Brown Jr another son and brother of Thomas and William.

      After nearly 20 years of studying these folks, I have only within the last year or so arrived at the above mentioned observations. So it is good pickings for any new researchers to pick up my lead and dazzle us old pharts with some new knowledge and facts. Nothing would please me more as I am sure you would agree.

      Thanks for commenting!



      September 24, 2017 at 10:44 am

  5. I find the Browne family pretty interesting the stories are great I think I have them traced back to 1600. I’m trying to include who married who and their children and so on what a project! I am told John brown in lake placid the aborishonist is related I have yet to prove that. Any help would be appreciated.
    Tammy brown


    Tammy Brown

    November 7, 2017 at 5:40 pm

    • Tammy
      It is a project. I have found that you have to “know what you know”.

      By that , I mean you have to have proof that your father WAS your father. It is easy nowadays because we have birth certificates.

      Then you have to prove your Grandfather… and so on… that part gets difficult…

      Now I am not trying to be a jerk… but can you explain to me in simple words what a “aborishonist” is? If you made a simple spelling mistake, then perhaps you meant “abolishonist” (and I left my misspelling without correcting it because without the computer to correct me I would have misspelled it also).

      If you can prove to me that you know who your great grandfather was from the 1800s then get back with me… then perhaps I can help your quest with my meager knowledge. If indeed a John Browne descendant from Nansemond circled around and came back to Virginia as a crazed abolishonist just prior to the American Civil War then I will be impressed.

      Bear in mind that I occasionally have an adult beverage when I am exploring the world wide web…




      November 18, 2017 at 5:58 pm

  6. I have ggg-grandfather William Brown who was born in NC around 1794. We have y dna tested his direct
    male descendant through FT-ydna he is part of group 35 on the Brown surname project. From his DNA results it appears he may descend from John Brown of Chowan b about 1720. He settled in New hanover ( now pender co , NC) and there is a land patent about 1826 in neighboring Bladen co just acrross the Black river.. WE have several other Brown men from the Black river area about that time who also test genetically very close to our William. There names are Stephen Brown John Brown and James ( M) Brown. We have been beating our heads against the wall for years over this.
    Would surely appreciate any help you might be able to give in making the connection, Sincerely Debra



    December 30, 2018 at 8:28 pm

    • Firstly, I am not a Brown descendant… so I do not have a dog in this fight… there is a random Anderson who married a Brown in NC around the early 1700s who roused my curiosity. Hence my interest…

      The name “Brown” is about as common as “Anderson”… so you will have to read my notes and slap me in the face with some proof that you “connect” with these people…

      I have spent a lot of time compiling these notes… its your turn… show me something…



      December 30, 2018 at 8:57 pm

  7. Bless your heart, I have been dreaming of a map and lo – here it is. I haven’t had time to read everything here, but you just solved a mystery for me. So, in reference to Petty Shore, James Curlee, George Wynn, Stephen Williams, and William and John Early are all related to each other through intermarriage. William’s wife, Elinor (widowed) left her plantation to her grandchildren, and the name of the plantation was Blew’s Waters, which I was half-convinced was a typo until I just ran across your Abraham BLEWLETT.


    Sherri Dodd

    February 20, 2022 at 7:12 pm

    • Cool… these little details add up to help complete the big picture.

      Marc aka, anderson1951



      February 20, 2022 at 10:55 pm

  8. […] John Bayes (“Bays”) and his son in law James Rutland are documented living on Deep Creek in what is today the town of Winton in Hertford County, NC. Source: […]


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