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To the mystery commenter…

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Two points…

  1.  I have revised my theory of Elizabeth Pitman of the will of Elizabeth Anderson d.1733.  I now think she was knocked up by a Brantley (unknown) and most likely married a Pitman… which is why I asked if you had proof to that effect.  It seems likely to be James Pitman but I have found nothing but circumstantial evidence to confirm it.
  2.   I hold to my opinion that Joseph “the Quaker” did not die in 1763 but went on to live until 1780ish…    my presentation of my “proof” to that involves   an ERROR made by the Court scribe (in my opinion).  I do not challenge a historical document lightly.  I am completely serious when I make the accusation. (Note in the comments that 2 Certified Genealogists “defer” to my theory… they cannot agree with it because it is a theory.  Nor would I ask them to.)

You folks are obviously deep in the weeds of the Pitmans… this guy is possibly the missing link to the “mystery” Pitmans of Edgecombe… (by that I mean the progenitor of James Pitman).

He was within spitting distance of the Meherrin River Pitmans and also, as a major point I wish to make, there is a Wrey (Ray) not too far away (near the Robert Hicks property at Emporia, VA. That Wrey/Ray, in my opinion, ties directly to the William Pitman who hailed from Surry County/Isle of Wight (Newport Parish).   There is no patent that I can find but he is identified by surrounding him with other patents.  He probably “purchased” his land and any records lost.  Follow the trail of my notes and you will find he moved to Edgecombe County mid 1740s… winding up near my ancestors… and Elizabeth Pitman of whom we are obviously concerned.  No one, to my knowledge can explain him.  The mystery James Pitman/Elizabeth Anderson connection may be in the mix.

I also noted him in my most recent map in the post just below…

… and are you “Guy” by any chance?

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October 24, 2016 at 10:40 am

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