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I was born in Abilene, TX in 1951. That is roughly at the bottom of the Texas Panhandle. It seems that the timing of my entrance into these worldly affairs coincided with a fortuitous Oil Boom very close to a little town called Snyder. It just so happened that a philanthropic old West Texas farmer/rancher hit it big in the Oil Biz and threw more money to the local school board than said school board knew what to do with. In short order 6 years later I entered the First Grade in Central Elementary in Snyder, Texas to what would be recognized in educational parlance as a AAA school… as opposed to say merely a mediocre A school. The result was that I had a host of exceptional teachers who educated me in the “old school”. I learned “how” to learn.

I was feeling nostalgic the other day and googled Youtube for “Mortimer Adler”… one of the finest Educators of his day. This is William F. Buckley, Jr. interviewing Mortimer Adler…

If you find yourself interested enough to watch the above… note how nowadays people like Buckley and Adler are ridiculed and attacked for many, to me, incomprehensible reasons. I do not get it.

It seems the only choice a concerned parent has is home schooling. I have six grandkids… it is all I can do to penetrate the brainwashing… and I usually lose.

An article I read this morning over coffee expands on what I just said and offers some advice. Quoting from the article, “The current iteration of the American Ruling Class has not only embraced dictatorial methods as a means to their ends but are astonishingly ill-educated thanks to decades of indoctrination rather than education at America’s universities.  This ill-education encompasses not only an inability by the vast majority to reason and generate an original thought but also a breathtaking ignorance of the history of mankind, and a profound inability to comprehend the American experience and citizenry.”

I admire the author’s optimism and hope he is correct. I needed a dose of hope this morning.

This is the sort of situation that happens when lunatics are allowed to run the asylum. Apparently the entire school system should be considered “the asylum”.

Written by anderson1951

January 26, 2021 at 6:07 am

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. Keep challenging your grandchildren – there is nothing more important than investing in them. If you don’t supply different thoughts and ideas – such as those from the Jeffersonian tradition – it’s likely no one will.


    Traci Thompson

    January 26, 2021 at 10:05 am

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