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I’ve ranted and raved about the Rogers family which migrated from Surry County, VA to Nansemond around 1700 more or less. A commenter and I went round n round for a while and produced some interesting stuff.. enough so that I think that there was some sort of a relationship… perhaps an intermarriage between the Rogers and Brownes?

I offer this tidbit to other researchers to help the speculation…

Most of my Rogers data can be found here…

The “William” mentioned above is apparently a son of Thomas Brown,,,here is his will…

Will of Thomas Brown 1718

April 1718… Albermar County… sick & weak

… to Christian… my wife… plantation whereon I now live beginning at the corner tree above the inden parth so running down the Line to potocati Creeke and so including six hunderd ackers of Land and Like wise six hunderd ackers of Litwood Land for the use of the sd plantation and for the maintanance of his children beginning? at Thomas Conners corner tree and Line and so running to bells branch and so up ye sd…

—-fold—- illegible

… wife c all my moveabel estate within and withoute untell hirr children come of age or marries then if can be spend_______? to have to cowes and calfs a peace Except my son Thomas brown when he is of age or maners? marries? the to him three cowes and calfs if they can be spard

and my dafter Sarah mackdaniel I give unto her twenty shilings

and every one of my children _______? or ______? as they come of age if (any?)(they?) can be spend

… unto son Thomas… to hunderd eakers and twenty eakers of land being and lying upon potacati Creeke

… son William the half of the upper sirveys beginning at the ____? tree swamp

… son Thomas… other half of ye sd sirveye

… son John and Edward Brown my Land that Lies on ye South side of meharin Creeke and (land that is left of the Land that I sould to George Stevins)

… son Howell and James… the sd plantation and all the land belonging after my wifes deses…

Thomas (X) Brown

Judeth (X) Perry

Thomas (X) Perry

abstract by Marc Anderson 2013

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August 6, 2021 at 3:49 am

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  1. Sally’s Family Place’s take on this family: Also from the comments: “A William Howell of Surry. co patented a good number of acres N.of Sommerton Cr. @ Cabin Sw before 1700. (Caveliers and Pioneers, by Nel Nugent)Thomas Brown and John Rogers II both moved there adjacent to the patent of William Howell. There Thomas and John R were friendsw and neighbors. 1706-1714 Thomas Brown is on the North Side of the Meherrin R in Chowan Precinct (see a portion of Brown’s land sold to John Dickinson in 1715. adjoining John Rogers, and the river Pocosen.
    When Thomas dies ca. 1718 his wife Christain sells 118 ac portion to John Rogers.. there is more to my story about the purchase by Jonathan Rogers on the Potecasi near the mouth of Old Tree Swamp…”


    Traci Thompson

    August 6, 2021 at 7:46 am

    • The supposed marriage of Christian Browne to William Maule is one of those genealogical falsehoods that simply will not go away. I have spent a lot of time disproving it… but it keeps on keeping on as the song says… this link also shows where the myth originated in a paper from 1944. The author was touching base with the Howell/Brown connection but it somehow was transmogrified into the Maule nonsense. Go figure?

      TTT William Maul & Thomas Browne m. Christian (Maule?)

      Howell did have property next to Browne in Nansemond in 1700. It is my opinion that that is where and when Thomas met and married a daughter of Howell. Thomas and Christian also named a son Howell.

      This Thomas Brown and William were brothers… sons of John Browne the Indian Trader 1639-1713. There was no connection to William Boddie of Isle of Wight. That is another falsehood that I have addressed here…

      TTT John Browne of Kingsale, 1639-1713, Indian Trader



      August 6, 2021 at 8:22 am

  2. One of the most interesting posting and connecting the dots in the IOW families that I have seen. They should make a movie about this. If I recall correctly, many of these lines started with the Rev. Braswell families and revolved around Bacon’s Rebellion. Many related families from Jane Braswell’s three husbands. (Stokes, Eley II and Roberts) Jane’s husband Stokes was hanged, his brother-in-law William West was captured by Col. Bridger at Bacon’s Plantation and the Joyner families signing petitions to pardon West. All related families, some for and some against Bacon. Bacon’s Rebellion impacted almost all of the families in the Colony. The question remains, was Bacon a traitor or hero to the Colony and King. I think Bacon was even related to the Governor who he defied.


    David Boyett

    August 6, 2021 at 4:21 pm

    • I consider Bacon’s Rebellion to be the first American revolution. 1676… the “government” did little governing. The “people”, of which I consider myself to be a member, were so self sufficient that we cannot wrap our heads around the era in our modern conceptions. South of the Blackwater River was occupied by savages who would trade with you with one hand, when it served their interests, or slit your throat if they felt like it.
      Our understanding of this today is “white people bad”. The body counts of dead white people of the era are readily available but ignored today. I’m also a Texan and “Remember the Alamo”. Real history really exists.
      Bacon’s Rebellion was an answer to a do-nothing, basically “private” government which could care less about “the people”. Berkley and his castletrash lackies were concerned about profit from the fur trade with the Indians. Period. I will shut up now and try to keep my politics away from folks who come here to escape the political lies we are still overwhelmed with.



      August 6, 2021 at 5:07 pm

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