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Morgan Lewis… Come on Down!

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update… After reviewing this post and realizing it was “Looney Tunes” and made no sense… I now submit that it is in regard to one Morgan Lewis of Isle of Wight. My theory is that he is the father of Bridgett Lewis (she having several illegitimate sons… one of which is Anthony Lewis). I further speculate that Morgan Lewis had a brother Thomas Lewis (if not brothers then surely cousins)… I have no idea who their father may have been. In addition, the 2 brothers married 2 sisters. I think this wanton hussy (just kidding, calm down) eventually married John Browne the Indian Trader of Kingsale, Isle of Wight. So there… now I have explained myself and hopefully this Post will make sense.

Oddly enough, and much to my intrigue, this tale now involves my line (Andersons)… since I am a Bastard Brantley. Directly implicated is a relationship to Philip Brantley who married Joyce Lewis. I have not made any of this up… I am simply relating historical facts as I see them.

Perhaps Joyce Lewis and Anthony Lewis were cousins? Or brother/sister? Gasp! My Gawd… another bastard!

Come on Down! The Price is Right is Coming to Chicago

I’m not sure where to focus this research… perhaps a list…

Philip Brantley married Joyce Lewis

Anthony Lewis of Isle of Wight

Bridgett Lewis wife of John Browne the Indian Trader

Susanna Braswell

Both daughters of John George married a Lewis

I don’t know where to start…

The map below shows where I think Joyce Lewis originated from. She married Philip Brantley, the son of Edward Brantley. The Brantley property was situated a bit south and west of where John George lived, which could explain how Philip and Joyce Lewis became involved.

Here is the tedious trail for John George… (the creature was a lackey for Berkley during Bacon’s Rebellion. I think the Brantleys were allied with Bacon.)

I think George originally settled north of Isle of Wight near Baileys Creek (easterly of modern Petersburg), which is shown on modern maps. In his later years he relocated to “near” Lawnes Creek in IOW.

Where Bridgett Lewis wound up … near the Chown River in North Carolina… near a place called Petty Shore. Use my search button for some tidbits… search term “petty shore”.

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