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1738    (p. 48) 21 Mar 1738 . . . Account current of Estate of Elizabeth Champion, decd., by Charles Champion, administrator, lists “Col. Allen for Probation of my father’s will”, “for my mother”, Capt. Ruffin, Benjamin Champion, Benjamin Bell, John Wall, Sr., Absolan Atkinson, Mary Champion, Joseph King, John Bynum, Charles Kea, Nicholas Valentine, Samuel Lancaster, Jr., Lemuel Hargrove, Jr., Augustus Hargove, Anselm Baily, Henry Atkins, William Lancaster, Lawrence Lancaster, William Nettle, William Coker, John Coker, William George, Robert Mercer, Robert Lancaster, Jr., Thomas Lyles, WILLIAM PITMAN, James Stringfield, Benjamin Baily, BENJAMIN PITMAN, Richard Blow, Elizabeth Champion, John Waller, Jr., Thomas Riggon, William Barrow, Thomas Hardyman, Francis Riggon, William Davidson, JOSEPH PITMAN, Thomas Holiman, Jr., William Little, Thomas Bell, Samuel Person, Allen Warrin, Jr., James Bennit, Jr., John Judkins, Robert Landcaster (sic), James Washington and John Clarke (Surry Co VA).

from post of Guy Baker…


I think William Pitman was the father of Benjamin Pitman and Joseph Pitman….(I’m theorizing here so work with me)… this older William was likely the brother of Thomas Pitman of Meherrin River who died 1730.  Joseph “the Quaker” was the son of this Thomas of Meherrin.  Joseph was born 1724.

Benjamin and Joseph were Quakers in Surry Co, VA.  They relocated to Edgecombe. Note their death dates… Benjamin 1755, Joseph 1763.

The younger generation Joseph b.1724 was only 6 years old when his father died. I theorize that this young Joseph was raised by his uncle Benjamin or Joseph Sr….

This is how Joseph b1724 became a Quaker. I don’t think any of the other sons of Thomas d1730 were Quakers.

Joseph “the Quaker” dies intestate in 1782… but he leaves that deed of 1782 which I think in essence is a will…

Run all your questions around that scenario and see if it fits…

Finally, the Joseph Pitman who acquired the property of Elizabeth Pitman in 1761 was the son of Robert Pitman, another son of Thomas d1730.  He basically had nothing to do with the Quaker Pitmans.

And… I’ll attempt to be serious… uh huh….  that Jan 1766 Court Minutes entry has stopped every serious researcher dead in their tracks… again, I think it was just a clerical error because without it Logic prevails and this puzzle is actually really simple.

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