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The “Town William” Anderson

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Town William

Deed Book 9   Edgecombe Co

253-(199)  William Anderson of the town of Tarborough to John Womble of same.  23 Oct 1798.  £75.  A fourth of lot 15 in the town of Tarborough, fronting St Georges Street.

Wit: John Turner, William Davidson.  Proved May Ct 1799.  Edward Hall CC

262-(205) Sally(x)Patterson & Sukey(x)Patterson, both of the town of Tarborough in Edgecome Co, to William Anderson of same.  23 Jan 1798.  35 silver dollars.  Lot 15 in the town of Tarborough.

Wit: John Turner, Josiah Ives.  Proved May Ct. 1799.  Edward Hall CC

438-(365) John Womble of Edgecombe Co to William Anderson of same.  6 Apr 1799.  150£.  140 acres which was part of the tract granted to sd Womble

“for his services as a private in the Continental line of the State of North Carolina as pr No 1981” dated 20 May 1793,  in Davidson Co Tennessee; sd Anderson to lay it off “in a four Square at either of the corners” of the sd tract.

Wit: B. Jourdan, John Turner.  Proved 29 May 1799.  Edward Hall CC

544-(474)  James Ferguson of Edgecombe Co to William Anderson of same.  15 Mar 1800.  £20.   Lot 4 in the town of Tarborough, half of the sd lot fronting on St Georges Street.

Wit: B. Jourdan, John Turner.  Proved Aug Ct 1800.  E. Hall CC

561-(489) William Anderson of Edgecombe Co to John Womble of same.  24 Nov 1800.  100£.  140 acres in Davidson Co Tennessee which was part of a tract granted to sd Womble for his services as a private In the Continental Line of North Carolina as per no. 1981 dated 20 May 1793,  which sd Anderson had purchased from the sd grantee 6 Apr 1799.

Wit: Enos Scarborough, John Turner.  Proved Nov Ct 1800.  Edward Hall CC

Edge. Co. Db 13, page 197, deed date 1 Sep 1809, recorded Feb Ct 1810,

John Womble, Edge. Co. to William Anderson, (      ), NC for $500, a

tract of land surveyed & (       ) for my by Robert (       ) in the

state of Tenn. And formerly in the County of Davidson but now

supposedly in the County of Williamson on the waters of West (Harpe

), designated 1901, containing 640 acres, signed John Womble, wit. Jo.

Jon. Sumner, proved, Robert Austin.  Abstracted 10-29-03, NCA film


Records of Estates Edgecombe Co. N.C. 1761-1825  by David B. Gammon


Petition by John Womble (Sept 1819), stating he had been the owner of 640 acres of land in Tennessee, Granted him for his service in the Revolution.  This land was originally located in Davidson County, Tennessee but later fell in Williamson County, known as lot #1981.  In September, 1809, he sold this Land to the said William Anderson, who later deeded it back to Womble, mailing the deed to Tenn.

Womble states he never received the deed , and that Anderson has since died leaving two minor Daughters Nancy Ann Anderson and Betsy Anderson, both of Lenoir County.  Womble petitioned The said daughters for the land.

Edgecombe Co

Court Minutes


AUGUST, 1796: Thomas TAYLOR, son of Mary RANDOLPH, aged 14 the 4th of May next is ordered bound apprentice to William ANDERSON

to learn trade of shoemaker.  (If this is an apprentice to the Town William then it perhaps 1. shows his occupation and 2. perhaps explains the teenage male on the census)

I’ve been perplexed by this guy for years… see my Page “Edgecombe Census 1790-1810” for a bit of background and an interesting court case involving him and John Womble. (My thoughts are that Womble was a manumitted slave due to his service during the Rev War).

The  court case can be found here:   (copy/paste into your browser)

Well, my buddy Holmes has chimed in with an email and pretty much annihilates my theory and premises about this guy being a son of Henry Anderson d.1801.  The son (William) has died prior to 1810… so without further ado I shall do some editing:

I’m convinced this William was a son of Henry Anderson Sr. d.1801.  There is no “smoking gun” proof that jumps out in the research but there are several compelling clues:

Edgecombe County Will Abstracts  1793-1823  by David Gammon

(7)     HENRY ANDERSON   24 Nov 1801   Feb Ct 1802   O   D/137

“…being very sick…”

wife CHARITY ANDERSON – lend half of my land of my personal estate for her lifetime or widowhood.  At her death or marriage her share shall be divided between my five sons WILLIAM ANDERSON, ALLEN ANDERSON, JOHN ANDERSON, HENRY ANDERSON and FREDERICK ANDERSON.

Sixty dollars of my estate shall be kept out, to be shared by my daughters VINEY ANDERSON and POLLY ANDERSON.



 The Womble vs Wm Anderson court case involves the time period 1809-1819. This explains the census data for William living in the town of Tarboro (1800-1810). Since I am just barely identifying this guy, the numerous children enumerated are a mystery and perhaps many simply died as in the court case he is identified as having only 2 daughters as heirs in 1819.  Per this deed he is stated to be dead by 1815:
Edge. Co. Db 15, page 269, deed date 10 Sep 1814, recorded Aug Ct1815, Lavina Anderson, Edge. Co to Isaac Norfleet, county aforesaid for$100, all her right in a tract on the west side of Tar River beginningat a pine James Garrett’s corner then along said Norfleet’s line toAreah Shirley’s line then along Shirley’s line to Josiah Pender’s linethen along Pender’s line to Starling Waller’s line then along Waller’sline to Josiah Freeman’s line then along Freeman’s line to JamesGarrett’s line to the beginning, containing 259 acres, which land wasdevised to the said Lavina Anderson by the death of her three brothers, William Anderson, Allen Anderson & Frederick Anderson, signed LavinaAnderson (X), wit (John L. Stacy) (proved), David Loyd. NOTE: TWO PAGES

NUMBERED 269.  Abstracted 28 Feb 07, NCA film C.037.40011, CTC

 So… that’s all well and good, you may ask, but what leads to the connection to Henry Anderson Sr. d.1801?


Note the above daughter of George Patterson… “Sukey Patterson”. The Henry Anderson who is the Administrator of the Patterson estate is Henry Anderson, brother of William (both sons of Henry d.1801).

Note in the above Estate document of Henry Anderson Sr. that money is paid to “Patersons Estate”.

Now I just connect the dots…

Brother Henry Anderson was connected to the Pattersons. (Administrator)
Father Henry Sr was connected to Patterson. (paid money to the Estate)

And here is the connection to William:

Deed Book 9 Edgecombe Co

253-(199) William Anderson of the town of Tarborough to John Womble of same. 23 Oct 1798. £75. A fourth of lot 15 in the town of Tarborough, fronting St Georges Street.

Wit: John Turner, William Davidson. Proved May Ct 1799. Edward Hall CC

262-(205) Sally(x)Patterson & Sukey(x)Patterson, both of the town of Tarborough in Edgecome Co, to William Anderson of same. 23 Jan 1798. 35 silver dollars. Lot 15 in the town of Tarborough.

Like I said, its not a “smoking gun” but it provides some clues for further research.


With Traci’s comment about finding a William Anderson (with 2 daughters) in the 1810 Lenoir County census, I reconsider the Edgecombe census…

1800  (Town of Tarborough)

William Anderson    1M to 26

1M to 45

1F to 26

1F over 45

So we have an older couple, seemingly with 2 kids…  the kids being between 16 and 26 yrs.  The fact that the wife is OVER 45 and William is under makes me think that 45 is a reasonable “ballpark” age for each…. making his birth roughly 1755ish. IF it is the same man on the Lenoir census of 1810 and he dies roughly 1815 then he would be perhaps 60 yrs which is reasonable.   All this begs the question, of course, is who is the younger William on the 1810 Edgecombe census:

1810  Bullucks District

William Anderson     1M to 10

1M to 26

1F to 16

1f to 26

I have “assumed” that this is a “town” of Tarboro guy… but perhaps not… can anyone comment about the “Bullock’s District”? (did it encompass the town of Tarboro?).  The 1800 William has a son at least 16 so this 1810 guy would fit… he would be right at 26 yrs old in 1810.  But he would have to also die prior to 1819 (which is the date of the Womble vs Wm Anderson court case which states the only heirs are the 2 daughters).  He is not on the 1820 census (at least not in Edgecombe).

Any Lenoir County researchers out there?   Unfortunately I think Lenoir is a “burned” county so there may not be anything available.


My newfound cousin Penny Fischer engaged Traci Thompson a while back to track the Pattersons in an attempt to identify the wife of George Anderson (my and Penny’s ancestor). I was baffled at the time in the possible association of Henry and William Anderson with our ancestor George… now it appears to be just a coincidence.  I still have not found a link between the William Anderson d.1789 family and the Henry Anderson d.1801. So this guy is still a mystery.

Traci’s report (used with permission):

Mary Polly Patterson for Penny Fischer

Some new items submitted by Kristen Anderson… thanks Kristen!

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  1. Hi Marc, this is an intriguing post with lots of good dot-connecting. 🙂 I was curious about the reference to the two girls that were in Lenoir County, so I checked the Lenoir census for 1810 – there is a William Anderson there with two young girls, in-town Kinston. Might want to take a look if you haven’t already. Have you found any probate/estate-type info for William? I’d recommend checking both counties.


    Traci Thompson

    September 11, 2012 at 9:40 am

    • Hmmm… I checked for Lenoir and the 1810 time period is too early for any records (there are only late 1800s)…. drat!

      I haven’t found any records for him in Edgecombe (other than what I have posted).
      Thanks for the lead on the census… it makes sense that he moved to Lenoir and died prior to 1815. It accounts for the 2 daughters and him missing in the 1820 Edgecombe census.

      I also checked NC Archives (online) and did not find a William in Lenoir County.
      Perhaps someone with Lenoir books can chime in…



      September 11, 2012 at 11:10 am

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