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I get easily distracted with stuff… looks like 2×4 studs and 1″ clapboard… must have had a sawmill to mill the lumber, I figure.  Pretty luxurious actually when compared to 100 years before that.  Freshly in my mind is a will from 1736 of one Patrick Maule who left a bequest for his widow that a dwelling should be constructed 16′ x 20′ if I recall correctly.  Pretty much the same as this rickety cabin.  Maule was a “fat cat”… rich guy, ya know.

A decade or two before that folks were content with a “logg” dwelling complete with a dirt floor. (I’m thinking North Carolina here…).

‘Course Maule did not have to deal with the crap that slaves did… housing… not so much.


more Turpentine history…

Its my understanding that 300 years ago “long leaf” pines were common… this is East Texas but you get my drift.  I’ve seen references to North Carolina pines being 5 feet in diameter (Dr Parramore discussing Meherrin River area… early 1700s).  Also, if I understand correctly, these forests actually “need” to be burned occasionally to stay healthy. The Indians seemed to understand that perfectly as they regularly burned the forests.

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