Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

meant what they said, said what they meant

Richard Braswell’s patent 1706…

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The odious Philip Ludwell was appointed to “setel” the boundary dispute betwixt Virginia and North Carolina in 1710. Ludwell was pretty much a pompous Horse’s Ass in my opinion… but don’t let that deter you from enjoying his shenanigans along the border at that time.

The account involving his interaction with Richard Braswell can be found below on page 35.

Here is where Braswell was living in 1706…

I am really curious what the old Indian women thought of Ludwell after he “gave them strict charge to tell only the truth”. He knew how to handle old Indian women. The ass was forever telling everyone he made contact with to only tell him the truth. He had a very low opinion of North Carolinians… but Virginians seemed to be somewhat satisfactory in his book.

Just for Sh*ts and Giggles, substitute “Republicans” for North Carolinians…

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