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Getting sidetracked…

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I really and seriously have to force myself to stay focused on who I am researching. This started out as a ANDERSON blog as the title suggests, but as you see, I am all over the place with my research. Below is an example… I have so many people in my head and so many brick walls and missing pieces that I will stop and fill in missing pieces in another person on my list… and my list is writ large. The result is that I have difficulties FINISHING with anyone. But then, that is the essence of genealogy I suppose.

But here is a side track… I will not explain where I am at… just give some info which some other researcher may find “golden”.

I was tracking a man by the name of Richard Malpath, Malpass… multiple spellings… and I ran across this family “Richard Parker”. I was impressed with the amount of correct research they had accomplished… my contribution is my “Nansemond” map which shows where they came from.

These folks moved from Nansemond, VA to around the Wiccacon Creek in the modern Hertford county, NC. To cut this Post short… see this link about the Parker folks…

I could write about so many people from this image … Nansemond is a “burned” county.

Oops… I got sidetracked and forgot to put up the map….

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January 23, 2023 at 3:11 pm

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  1. First, let me say the amount of work and effort that you have put into these maps is truly astonishing! Your efforts must help many other researchers, I know it has helped me.

    I’ve started to place the land holding of the Jernigan’s as they moved into North Carolina (and then my Rawls/Ralls) so I can get a better picture of them and hopefully sort out the families. I believe I mentioned in a previous post that I currently use Deed Mapper, but I have struggled with just getting a deed that has all sides clearly identified. What I mean is, so many deed say “come to X’s line and follow to X’s corner then along Y’s line”. That is not to mention that almost all deeds have a reference to follow the meanders of some swamp. This forces you to look up other grants to see if they provide additional information. I don’t mind this as I want to have a picture of the neighbors as well. But alas, those deeds are just as vague.

    I spent three days on trying to plot and place John Jannikin, Grant 861; Thos. Jannikin, Grant 863; and Henry Jannikin, Sr., Grant 864 and I am not sure I am any closer to placing them on the map. This reinforces my belief in the amount of great work you have done to-date.

    As I was working on these grants, the description of the boundaries led me to look at William Horn, Grant 1328; Richard Odom, Grant 1329; William Hughs, Grant 862; and John Pipkin, Grant 878. The water features mentioned are Long Branch, Cory Branch, Peters Swamp, Beaver Dam Branch and Mills Swamp. I searched your map titled, “chowan-precinct-workingcopy.pdf” and I had thought I located where this group of deeds belonged. Based on Long Branch, I thought they were located just north of the Bertie – Hertford County line.

    Other associated individuals with these deeds (boundary lines) are Samuel Merriot, Henry Goodman, John Drury. Looking at your “parkerTemp.PDF”, I see Samuel Merriot, John Pipkin, Henry Goodman along with the water courses Long Branch, Peters Swamp, Beaver Dam Branch, Mills Swamp located southwest of the area circled.

    Could you share the Grant Numbers for those I identified on the “parkerTemp.PDF” map or confirm if you believe the Jannikin’s (Jernigan’s) land should be around the location on the parkerTemp.PDF versus the chowan-precinct-workingcopy.pdf? Hopefully I will become less confused.


    David A. Ralls

    January 25, 2023 at 10:31 am

    • That is a particularly difficult area to map because, as I am sure you know, VA and NC were each issuing patents for the area… up until the 1728 Byrd survey. So you have to look in the Virginia records AND the early Chowan records to locate the patents. When you say “grant numbers” I am not sure where you are looking?

      I have open 3 books right now: 2 Hofmanns for Chowan and 1 Bell Bertie book (abstracts)… also within reach is Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nugent (Vol 1). These are in addition to the websites I am sure you use… (Lib of Virginia and the NC Land Grants). I use the abstract to help find the actual deeds.

      I usually have a dozen patents (or more) in progress to figure out the intricacies of each patent… they all seem to have at least one missing element. I crash my mac often. All of this gets very frustrating. Sometimes I am forced to make “educated” guesses… but I am loathe to do that.

      I will update my Nansemond map shortly, that is where I got the area you are referring to. The Jarnigans are tough… most I found in the VA records. Spelling is critical… search this one “jermigan” note the “M”. It will not show up spelled correctly. Some I find by pure dumb luck.

      Clue me in on the source you use for the Grant Numbers… I’ll see what I can do…



      January 25, 2023 at 11:35 am

      • Sorry, I believe I incorrectly referred to the File number as the Grant number. The File number comes from the website, NC Land Grants. It is from this site that I have obtained the description of the boundaries. Reading your reply it seems like I may be missing a final step by locating the Patent in the Deed Book?


        David A. Ralls

        January 25, 2023 at 12:47 pm

      • Testing to see if responding to this email will reach you.


        January 25, 2023 at 1:05 pm

      • I have a 2 page word document where I transcribed the cluster of Patents associated with the Jernigan’s mentioned above, but I am not sure how to get the document to you so we are looking at the same thing. I assume you can see my email since I have subscribed to notices for your Blog? If so and if you would like me to forward this document shoot me an email.


        David A. Ralls

        January 25, 2023 at 1:11 pm

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