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VA… John Anderson, died 1722

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John Anderson & Anne Huskey

Head right of William Powell- 28 Apr 1711  


Wm. Powell and Rbt. Spring granted 97 acres (or 79 acres) at head of the W. Br. of Elizabeth River, Norfolk Co., commonly called Briery Corner, 28 April 1711, pg. 12 Beginning on lines of Edward Huse & Moses Spring, by a Gr. Poquoson, bonding on Moses and Aron Spring, for importing two persons: John Anderson and Anne Huskey.


(This William Powell lived near the Round Hill Swamp / Kingsale area of Virginia…hence my interest in the below John Anderson.  It is my speculation that he may be the headright mentioned, however, he amassed quite a plantation in the 10 or more years that he arrived (servant?) and his death in 1722.  He is the end of the line for this Anderson “having no Other Friend or Relation to leave it too”.)


Surry County Deeds, Wills, Etc.,7, 1715-1730

pp.425-426, Will of John Anderson, proved 21 Nov 1722

pp.434-435, Inventory of the Estate of John Anderson, Recorded 16 Jan 1722


In the Name of God Amen   On the fifth day of October in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred twenty two, John Anderson of the County of Surry being Sick and weak in body but Strong in mind did make a Verbal disposition of his Estate as followeth, that is to say, I give my Lands and Livings, and all that I have in the World, to Mary my Wife, having no Other Friend or Relation to leave it too; excepting two hundred Acres of Land which I desire may be made Over to Richard King and John King Junior according to my bargain with them  In Testimony whereof wee have hereunto Set Our Names as Witnesses—-

John (the mark of) King

Rich: (the mark of) King


At a Court held at Southwark for the County of Surry November ye 21 1722

The within mentioned Will of John Anderson Deced thus presented by Mary Anderson who made Oath thereto and being proved by the Oaths of John King, and Richard King Witnesses Hereto the Same is Ordered to be recorded and is recorded by—-

Jno. Allen CC


The Inventory of the Estate of John Anderson Deced: taken by Mary Anderson Widdow & Admtr &c this Eighth day of January Annys Domini 1722—-

To Twenty three Cattle, thirty four hogs, Two horses, and four mares, To:1: Iron kettle, two Iron pots. three pales, and one meal sifter. To: fifteen pewter dishes and one bason, Thelve pewter plates, One, pewter Tankard, three Porringers, twelve pewter spoons, One Gun, To one Sword pair of boots, One box   Iron

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Iron, One frow, One hand saw. To One pair of fire Tongs, One flesh fork, One fire shovell, One Iron pestle, To One branding Iron, two G?: pot hooks, one tin funnell, and Salt Glass, To one Looking Glass, One Grind Stone, Two Chests, one Table and Cloth, to one Spinning Wheel, One G? Cotten Cards, One Jugg, and one Earthen mugg  To three Earthen Cups, two Saddles two bridles, One brass Candlestick, To seven glass, bottles, four Iron Wedges, two Narrow Axes, One broad axe, To two frying pans, four Weeding hoes, Three narrow hoes, To three beds and furniture with bed Steads, To one Negro Man call’d Jack—-

Mary (+)(the mark of) Anderson    Administratrix &c


At a Court held at Southwark for the County of Surry January the 16th: 1722

The above mentioned Inventory of the Estate of John Anderson Deced: thus presented by Mary Anderson Administ’x of the Goods and Chattles of the said Deced: was Ordered to be recorded and is recorded by

Jno. Allen CC 


(transcribed by Marc Anderson, spelling/punctuation per original/ photocopy Lib. of VA)



misc. notes:


VA Land Patent Book 32

JOHN KING, 32a, Sussex Co on the S side of Nottoway Riv., bounded by a c bet

himself and his Brother Richard King.  13 Jun 1755, p. 583.  5 shill.

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