Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

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Trader’s Map 1715

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I couldn’t find a map I liked so I made my own.  Most of the Andersons that I am tracking can be placed here.  I’m particularly interested in the activities of indian traders such as trading posts, forts, quarters and the like… if you have anything to add just shoot me an email.


“In the meantime Robert Hicks was not indifferent to other aspects of

life. When leave had been given for taking up land on the south side of

Blackwater Swamp in 1705, he and Robert Bolling were among the first to

patent together) four hundred acres at the mouth of Stony Creek. Hicks

soon transferred his share to Lewis Green. Then on April 20, 1709, he

made a purchase of two tracts of land, totaling 1,280 acres, that was to

have a bearing on all his subsequent history. Both tracts were on the

north side of Meherrin River and one was the site of what would later be

known as Hicks’ Ford. The land had originally been patented in 1706 by

Arthur Kavanaugh “of Meherrin River” who lived in Surry County but

“pretending to be of North Carolina” when he ran into some trouble with

the Virginia authorities the year before he sold to Hicks. He was

accused of purposely creating misunderstanding between the Sapony

Indians and the English, signing papers in the name of “Gentlemen of

Note in these parts.” His conduct was ordered investigated. If found

guilty Kavanaugh was to he taken into custody until he gave bond for his

good behavior We do not know the result of the investigation but he

seems to have led an orderly life thereafter. He became a close neighbor

of Hicks at Hicks’ Ford.

It is quite probable that Robert Hicks moved from Petersburg to the

Ford in 1709, or shortly afterward. Certainly he was here before 1711.

It is also most likely that he established a trading post about the same

time, though this is conjecture. Tradition persists that there was a

Post (or “Quarter”) at the Ford. The location was a strategic one –

about half way between Fort Henry and the numerous Tuscarora towns in

eastern North Carolina. It would also have been in close proximity to

the Meherrin fort (town) and in the midst of a large Indian population.

Hicks’ experience as a trader makes him the logical one to have

established and operated such a Post.”     Historical and Biographical Sketches of Greensville County, Virginia 1650-1967.” Second Ed. 1968-2000. The Riparian Woman’s Club, Emporia, VA, 2000

Chapter II,   “That Honest Man, Captain Hicks”

( I have to cut Kavenaugh a little slack with his property dealings… considering the maps of the time, people were “pretending to be mapmakers”.)


Chowan Co., NC DB 1 P. 87

Arthur Kavanaugh of Meherrin River is held and firmly bound unto Robert

Hicks of Prince George Co. 11 Apr 1709 in the sum of 96 pds. Sterling a

mortgag of 1280 A. Wit: Jacob Collcon, John Evary. Reg. (not given)

(This property seems to be what became Hick’s Ford in present Emporia, VA which is about eight miles north of the N. Carolina/VA border.  Evidently this shows the extent of the boundary dispute which led to the border survey in 1728.



1724   JOSEPH CALVERT TO JOHN GRAY June 24, 1724. 12pds. for 250 A. on the NS Morattuck River and Plumtree Island adj. WILLIAM GREEN. “Near Foltera Fort”. Wit: WILLIAM GRAY, THOMAS WHITMELL. Feb. Court 1724.

(This is the only reference I can find to what may be a “trading post” called “Foltera Fort”  ???)



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  1. Hi Marc,

    Love the map! I’d love to correspond with you about Robert Anderson of Tyrrell County if you don’t mind emailing me (since the email address I found on your old FamilyTreeMaker site is defunct). I’m glad it was, though. I really enjoyed reading this blog once I ran across it!

    Kimberly Powell


    Kimberly Powell

    July 11, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    • Hi Kimberly

      You might be the first I’ve ran in to actively researching Robert Anderson. Big mystery where he originated from…just like all the other early Andersons.



      July 12, 2010 at 12:54 pm

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