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Jacob Johnston’s Mill Swamp

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After a brief scolding from Nurse Ratchet, I realized that I too can fall victim to Megamappingus Irritatimus” which she promptly diagnosed a remedy. She explained that I was delusional and should come back to reality. Which I promptly have done.

It seems there is a White Oak Swamp in Wilson County.. which WAS Edgecombe… you know… back in the day.

There is a “pond” on the property of John Permenter. That pond is what I used through the magic of modern technology to group this whole bunch of patents together. Then I over-layed the group over the pond on the base map and my map. My assumption is that that pond is unchanged basically since the Colonial Times of the 1700s. I do realize that Hurricanes and Floods have visited this area of North Carolina. Creeks may change… yadda, yadda… I think this is very close.

Oh.. and for that mapping guy out there…. I always use a scale of 1″ = 1 mile. Note that the good folks at readily snapped to attention and complied with my request to supply you at no cost, a handy-dandy map you can download. Please feel free to tip them.

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December 17, 2020 at 6:29 pm

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