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This is in reference to a Beale Browne of the early Chowan Precinct.. and I just the last few days have been working that section of my map… so this is fresh in my mind. Here is the comment and then I will add the section of my map…

“First, Really appreciate and enjoy your work here. I’m a long time student of the Jenkins who were lurking near some of the people you are chasing and have been some what an enigma themselves. Your maps have been crucial in bringing clearer focus on the subject.

Beale Brown was one of the persons that the Jenkins interacted with and is there any evidence counter to saying that Beale Brown was most likely the son of William Brown that married Martha Braswell? By your calculus, the father of Beale Brown was probably born before 1660 as the William, brother of Thomas Brown (b.c. 1659 by deposition) was. I don’t know the birth year of Martha Braswell, but some on the internet say c.1675. There appears to be a fairly good gap in ages and appears she would be too young to have been mother of Beale, but perhaps William was married to say a “Beale” girl before Martha and gave birth to Beale.

B: 250 Beale Brown to John Power. Nov. 10, 1726. 150 pds. for 320a. According to patent dated Nov. 6, 1706. Assigned to Sarah Brown wife of William Brown. Wit: James Jenkins, Fran. Benton. March Ct. 1727. Henry West by power of atty. from Brown ack. within deed of sale to John Power in open court..…

This is a copy and paste record I have and the “Assigned to Sarah Brown wife of William Brown” puzzles me. I thought Sarah is the wife of Beale. An alternate source on the internet has name William Brown also (abstract error?). Also, I can not locate any patent referencing the Nov. 6, 1706 date. The location of the deed is not mentioned, but James Jenkins and John Power are witnesses to a May 15, 1727 deed between Edward Powers and John Bonde on NS Merherrin river in the fork of the Horse Pasture Creek.

To speculate some more, I will throw in this Richard Brown:

E:59 4 Nov. 1736 Edward Tidmon & wife Margaret to Daniel Brown 100a on Chinkapin Cr. adj. John Young, William Downing, Francis Brown. Being plantation lately belonging to Rich’d Brown, dec’d. Wit: John Wynns, jurat, James Jenkins, Sarah Wynns. Nov. Court 1736

Perhaps Richard and Beale were brothers named after a grandfather Richard Beale?
Richard Brown; will Apr 8, 1734 Bertie Co., Daniel and Margaret are named children, but Francis was not and perhaps a cousin. Francis Brown; will Nov. 7, 1748 Bertie Co.

In my overall analysis of the Jenkins, James Jenkins’ was probably father of Francis Jenkins who was recorded in Edgecombe as alias “Rogers” and in some deeds, he went by Rogers Jenkins. He was called a “mustee” in court by Elisha Battle. My prime Rogers suspect as a potential grandfather, at this time, it the Thomas Rogers that you have written about who had land at Summerton VA. (Dr Henry Jenkins had land at Summerton who I believe was an uncle to James). Thomas Rogers appears to had a son Thomas whose will is recorded Aug court, 1749 Bertie Co.

Chowan #449 pg. 30 Mary Williamson of Chowan Prect. To William Crawford 15 Apr. 1720 power of attorney to acknowledge sale of 100 acres to Thomas Rogers son of Thomas Rogers, decd. Which was sold by my husband William Williamson Wit.: Jane Rogers X her mark, Richard Mallpass RM his mark Reg. Chowan Ct. 3rd Tuesday in Apr. 1720 Test.: Thomas Henman, Clerk

William Crawford noted was probably the grandfather of James Jenkins and father-in-law of Aaron Oliver who was mentioned in the Charity Brown/Thomas Rogers issue.”


April 6, 2023 at 7:19 pm

I don’t think I have updated my Chowan map to include this area yet… so this is raw and still ongoing… but the map just speaks for itself with clues…

I have not researched Beal Brown much… so was intrigued to find him in this patch of the Meherrin River… also I had no idea Thomas Brown had ventured into this area.

Here is one reason this comment interested me… and as Stephen (the commenter) also caught… this may indicate that William Browne had an earlier wife than Martha Braswell, named Sarah.

Note that there is a reference to an earlier deed dated 1706. And what particularly dumbfounds me is that it seems the patent was”assigned” to Sarah. And into the details of the deed…it explains Henry Wythe assignd the patent to Sarah. And of course there are no metes and bounds for me to plot the boundaries.

I can’t explain how confused I am…

Also of interest to folks following my theory of John Browne “the Indian Trader”… the deed below is the first instance I have ran across in NC where William and Thomas Browne are shown together. (There was an instance in Virginia where they were together…along with Anthony Lewis). And also of surprise was the mention of Thomas Browne and wife Christian and William Browne with this early wife Sarah… Sarah was in reference to the 1706 deed). The question of the age of William Browne’s later wife Martha Braswell can be partly answered by the fact that after his death in 1718 or 19 she went on the marry William Murphy.

I may as well drag out the 1706 William Browne patent…I have been chasing this shadow for probably 15 years or more. I “think” I have found “about” where it is. My strategy now is to find the pieces of it and put the pieces together… I think I have about 250 of the 640 acres… got it? The hard clue to be found here is a mystery creek? called the “Dividing Run”…

Here is the area I “think” is the 1706 William Browne patent… I would love to nail down this enigma…

I have updated the Chowan Precinct map…

Misc…for Stephen

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  1. Where are you getting the images of the deeds from?
    I guess that I have not kept up with available resources in a while.

    Somewhere on this site you were musing about “Bridgettes”, James Jenkins has a Bridgette mystery also:

    He is first recorded with wife Mary in 16 Jul 1733 and in no less than 4 months has wife Brigett

    Thomas Jenkins of Edge. Prect., joyner to James Jenkins, bricklayer and Mary his wife of Edge. Prect. 16 Jul 1733 for yearly rent due each 10 Nov. 20 acres more or less of upland situate in Roanoke river, where the sd. James Jenkins now lives, joining a pond and a pasture fence, to have and to hold the sd. land for the full term of their sd. lives, with the privilege of a landing on the river. Wit: John Edwards, Mary Edwards. Reg. (not given) C. Ct. (notgiven). (Bk. 1., p. 92)

    D:99 9 Nov. 1733 James Jenkins/Jinkins & wife Brigett to Henry Bonner 120 pds. for 440a on SS Ahotskey Swp., adj. Charles Jones. Now in actual possession of Bonner. Wit: Thomas Bonner, Simon Homes, jurat. May Ct. 1734.
    John Wynns D C

    I would like to view the originals and maybe help my mental anguish if there is not an error somewhere,

    The travels of the John Brown family appear to be quite remarkably similar to that I have for the Jenkins with people and places in the early 1700’s. If you are interested in examining them and their close proximity, let me know and I’ll start digging out some records to send or post.

    Their story begins with the immigrant? John Jenkins first recorded in 1702 just north of John Brown:

    Isle of Wight; 1702, Oct 28
    Barnaby Mackennie, 308 acs., Is. of Wight Co.; S. side of the main Blackwater Swamp; beg. at mouth of Seacock Sw; to Nohead branch; below mouth of Correwah Swamp; 28 Oct. 1702, p. 472 Trans. of 7 pers: Wm. Norton, Cornel. Shelle, John Wilton, John Jenkins, Richd. Barbar, Sisly Powell, John Arden.



    April 7, 2023 at 8:02 pm

    • I get the metes and bounds for the patents generally from here:

      Then I construct them with this:

      Then I put them together with this:

      This is also a primary source:


      I also beg, borrow and steal from whatever other sources I can find…
      occasionally I will bride or otherwise coerce… I find people get hysterical
      when I threaten them.



      April 8, 2023 at 4:03 am

      • Thanks,

        I was aware of the resources for the patents, but thought there might be a digital collection of deeds somewhere that I was not aware of. Also, I have not used Familysearch for records.

        The metes and bounds program looks interesting and might give it a spin. Does it have a colonial survey system conversion add on? enter: (species name) tree, (name) creek, (name) neighbor.

        Here; I give you Richard and Francis Brown and currently nominate Richard as another possible son of William not named in the will and Francis as a possible son of John Brown Jr,

        Richard Brown

        Chowan #1128 pg. 597 William Hooker of Chowan Prect. And Sarah his wife to Aaron Oliver (residence not given) 23 May 1718 11L. Sterling 250 acres on Chinkapin Run all Houses, Orchards, Gardens etc. Wit.: William Crawford, Rd. Brown RB his mark Reg. 8 Nov. 1718

        (I had mentioned that Aaron Oliver was a son-in-law of William Crawford before, but
        that is in error. Alexander Oliver is the son-in law of William Crawford who may be a son or brother of Aaron. Really haven’t looked into it. Thomas Jenkins was grandson of William. The next deed does not reference Richard, but was the very next record where William Crawford was witnessing for William Brown the same day.)

        Chowan #1129 pg. 598 William Brown of Chowan Prect. To William Jones (residence not given) 15 July 1718 120 acres on the south side of Morattuck river, joining the river Wit.: William Crawford, Arthur (?) Davis A his mark Reg. 8 Nov, 1718

        (William Crawford again. Thomas Jenkins buys land near here from Lewis Davis in 1730)
        F#1 44: William Brown of Chowan Prect to Arthur Davis 13 July 1718 in the 4th year of the Reign of our Soverign Lord King George 29 pds sterling 640 A on the S side of Moratock River joining the river. Wit: John Dew, William Crawford Martha Murphey formerly Martha Browne came into Court and acknowledged her right of Dower in the Above mentioned land formerly sold by her former husband William Browne to Arthur Davis. Reg. Chowan Ct 3rd Tuesday in July 1720…

        Chowan #1289 pg. 44 Robert Evins of Chowan Prect., planter and Anne Evins to James Wood of Chowan Prect. 15 Jan 1719 25L. Good and lawfull money of N.C. 100 acres more or less on the south side of Catewhiskey March, joining Lewis Williams, Petter Evins, Charles Merritt and the marsh Wit.: Thomas Byrol, Richard Brown RB his mark Ack. 20 Apr. 1720 before me Fred. Jones, Ch. Just.

        E:59 4 Nov. 1736 Edward Tidmon & wife Margaret to Daniel Brown 100a on Chinkapin Cr. adj. John Young, William Downing, Francis Brown. Being plantation lately belonging to Rich’d Brown, dec’d. Wit: John Wynns, jurat, James Jenkins, Sarah Wynns. Nov. Court 1736

        Francis Brown

        Chowan #1007 pg. 473 Edward Davis of Albemarle Co., to Francis Brown of Albemarle Co. 9 July 1717 12L. 300 acres on We Ca Kon Creek and Chinkapin, joining William Curtis (?), William Bush and a branch as by patent to the afrsd. Davis 16 7ber Wit.: John Bush, Francis Mclendon, John Dickerson Reg. 19 Aug. 1717

        (I think you will like this one)

        Chowan #1134 pg. 601 I, Jacob Lewis of Chowan Prect. Am held and firmly bound unto Isaac Lewis this 23 Jan. 1717/18 in ye just sum of 100L. Sterling Money of Great Britain the condition of the obligation is that the sd. Jacob and Isaac jointly have bought of George Smith a tract of land on Brooks Creek whereon they both are settled: the north west part to Jacob and the south east part to Isaac and the above bounden Jacob or his wife Mary shall allow the sd. Isaac to enjoy the sd. Land without suit or molestation Wit.: Treddell Keefe, Fras Brown, John Manear Reg. Nov. 1718

        Chowan #1679 pgs. 30 and 31

        Last will and Testament of William Hooker proved by ye Oaths of William Crawford and Francis Browne

        (The Lewis connections is why I tend to tend to place Francis as a son of John Jr)

        “Wm. Daws, to Isaac Lewis; 17 January, 1714.  180 acres on Wicacon Creek.  Test, John Brown, Jacob Lewis”

        (Here are the two together)

        March 7, 1722/23. 45 lbs. for 900 A. SS Chowan adj. John Gray, John Beverly,
        John Holmes, Elm Swamp, Richard Barfield. Wit: William Maule,
        Francis Brown, Richard Brown. May Court 1723. John Sutton D. C/C.

        Another reason that I am thinking of Richard as a son of William is because of the Richard Beale theory. I have poked a little bit into Richard Beale and so far looks promising. He appears to be a younger brother of Benjamin Beale whose daughter Mary Beale is mentioned in the will of Ambrose Bennet (Learned a little about him from you). Richard Beale purchased 20 acres of land in 1695 from John Luther that
        that was formerly Ambrose’s land. So far, I have only found a possible son Richard with a son William Beale.

        Here is the will for Benjamin Beale (b.c. 1633 by deposition) and compare the names to two records that I have referencing Jennet Jenkins who I believe is the wife of John Jenkins SS Blackwater
        (Jacob Darden, Murphey, Thomas Dixon)

        A1 Benj. Beale, II, whose Will, dated Feb. 12, 1712/13, was probated
        April 27, 1713, (Isle of Wight Co., Va., W & D Bk 2, P 358),
        named wife, Martha; son, Benjamin; daughters, Mary, Patience,
        Martha & Florence; wife & son, Benjmain, Executors. Witnesses-
        Thos. Dixon, Richard Beele, Sol. Haines, John Nevill.

        Appraisal of this estate was dated April 27, 1713 by Jacob
        Darden, Wm. Murfrey, John Watts, Robt. Shelly; presented by
        Martha & Benj. Beal, & recorded May 25, 1713 (Isle of Wight Co.,

        W & D Bk 2, P 583).

        24 Aug 1723 – Caleb Taylor sold 100 acres of land near the head of the Western Branch of the Nancymond River but in Isle of Wight County to Capt. Joseph Merrideth. The deed was witnessed by Jacob Darden, Wm. Powell, Sarah Murfey, and Jennet Jenkins. This land was part of a patent granted to Anthony Branch on 20 Oct 1665 and devised by his will to Mary Price, who afterward married Ralph Boazman, then Steven Powell, and then Robert Hooks. Robert Hooks and Mary gave the land to Mary’s son, Samuel Boazman on 29 Jan 1705/6 who then conveyed it by deed to Caleb Taylor, also on 29 Jan 1705/6.

        Name: Jennet Jenkins Date: Oct 9, 1723 Location: Isle Of Wight Notes: This probate record was extracted from microfilmed copies of the original Will Book. Remarks: Thomas Everitt. Leg.-son Thomas; son John; son Samuel; loving wife. Exs., brother Samuel Everitt and Thomas Dixson. Description: Witness Book date: 2-148 Prove date: Jan 27, 1723

        The majority of records that I have for the Jenkins in early NC can be easily tied to the Browns, Murpheys, and Braswell connections. I just quite don’t know exactly why???
        Just an example, here’s one that I find interesting:

        Chowan; 1719, Aug 6;
        Thomas Sturges of Chowan Prect. to James Peek of the province of N.C. ye 6 Aug 1719 100 acres more or less on the south side of Chowan river, joining Laurence Marten, the south side of Horse Swamp and Lazarus Thomas. Wit: Thomas Jenkins, Charles Merit (x) his mark, Rt. Hicks. Ack. 21 8ber 1720 by Rt. Hicks before me Fred Jones, Ch. Just. (Bk.1, p.64)

        (Thomas Jenkins was witness to the land that James Peek eventually sold to John Warren)

        JAMES PEEK to JOHN WARREN, Aug 9 1727, 10 pds for 100 a. SS Chowan River, adj. LAURANCE MARTIN, LAZARUS THOMAS at Horse Swampe. Wit: John Beverley, John Sutton. November Court 1729, (Bertie Co Deed Book C p181)

        (brother James Jenkins with James Peek)

        B:317 Henry Emerson and wife Mary to James Peeke. Feb. 14, 1726. *. 330a Near Roanoke River on Flaggy Run. Adj. John ____? Wit: Benjamin Hill, James Jenkins, jurat. Aug. Ct. 1727. *.

        Just by chance, I’m looking for an unknown Lewis and had wife Mary who was born c.1660



        April 9, 2023 at 10:31 pm

  2. I noticed the mention of Martha Braswell. I noticed that John Jernigan proved his rights for paying for the transport of a Dempsey Brasswell. Not sure if there is a connection between Martha and Dempsey. The Jernigan’s were from Somerleyton Hall, Lovingland, Suffolk. Perhaps the Brasswell’s were from this area as well?

    1714-15, February 14 — Chowan Precinct, Albemarle Co., N.C. — On a date unknown (but possibly on or near 14 February 1714-15), John JARNEGAN proved his rights to land in Chowan Precinct, Albemarle County (now Bertie County), North Carolina in return for paying for the transport of the following six people: Jonathan JARNEGAN, Elizabeth (probably Jonathan’s wife), James Bolton, James JARNEGAN and Dempsey Brasswell (all white) and “Jack” (black)…1

    1 Bertie County Court Records, Windsor, North Carolina

    Unfortunately, when I recorded this information several years ago, I did not record more specific details, as to-date I have not been able to locate the entry.



    April 8, 2023 at 10:45 am

    • I am not aware of there being multiple clans of Braswells in that area during that time and would assume they all are connected somehow. From my perspective, I would say there might have been a close connection:

      Chowan; 1720, Jul 11;
      William Murphey of Chowan Prect., planter and Martha his wife to Nathaniel Holley of the Province of N.C., carpenter 11 July 1720, 30 pds. current money of this province, 520 acres more or less, being a plantation and land on the south side of Maoratock River, joining William Jones, Collo. William Maule, William Browne and the river. Wit: William Lattimer, Thomas Jenkins. Reg. Chowan Ct. 3rd Tuesday in July 1720. Test: Thomas Henman, clerk. (Bk.F, p.47)

      (Martha Braswell mentioned above and John Jernigan below with Thomas Jenkins)

      A:32 pg. 2, 1722 John Molton, Sen. to John Jernigan 5 pds. for 100A on SS Ahostsky Swamp adj. John Molton Jun., John Barfield, Part of 400A patent date 1717. Wit: John Barfield, Thomas Jenkins. Feb. Ct. 1722. John Sutton D. C/C

      A:38 pg. 2, 1722 John Moulton to John Barfield Oct. 8, 1722. 10 pds. pd for 50a on SS Ahostsky Swamp adj. John Jernigan. Part of a 400 a. patent to Moulton dated 1717. Wit: Thomas Jenkins, Richard Barfield, Henry Baker. Feb. Court 1722. John Sutton D. C/C

      Don’t know of Dempsey as that is the first reference that I have seen of him.

      Have any knowledge of these guy?

      Gates Co. marriages:
      MILLEY RAWLS         REUBIN JENKINS            10 JAN 1786
      CATHERINE RAWLS        WILLIAM JENKINS           28 FEB 1789

      They were brothers, but have idea who their parents were.



      April 10, 2023 at 10:49 am

  3. An additional postulate for Sarah Brown, early wife of William Brown, being a daughter of Richard Beale;

    So far, I have learned that a majority of the Jenkins records can be correlated to families that had some type of familial tie to William Murphey (d. 1721 IOW) and family (ie..McKinney, Ricks, Lawrence, etc..) A correlation to the Browns was unknown, but may have found it.

    After discovering evidence that the Jenkins may have married into the Darden family c. 1750’s, their association with them goes back to their early beginnings in IOW:

    The will of Jacob Darden of Isle of Wight County, dated April 14, 1717, was
    modified by a revocation dated February 17, 1718, and both these instrumentswere
    proved June 22, 1719 (Wills 2, 654, 657). The witnesses were William Murfrey,
    Sarah Murfrey, and Charles Roberts for the will, and Jos. Meredeth replaced Roberts
    for the revocation.

    24 Aug 1723 – Caleb Taylor sold 100 acres of land near the head of the Western Branch of the Nancymond River but in Isle of Wight County to Capt. Joseph Merrideth. The deed was witnessed by Jacob Darden, Wm. Powell, Sarah Murfey, and Jennet Jenkins. This land was part of a patent granted to Anthony Branch on 20 Oct 1665 and devised by his will to Mary Price, who afterward married Ralph Boazman, then Steven Powell, and then Robert Hooks. Robert Hooks and Mary gave the land to Mary’s son, Samuel Boazman on 29 Jan 1705/6 who then conveyed it by deed to Caleb Taylor, also on 29 Jan 1705/6.

    Jacob Darden was married to Ann Hill, a daughter of Col. Nicholas Hill (d. 1675 and you have his will posted somewhere) and Silvestra Bennet who was the daughter of Edward Bennet and Mary Bourne. (Ann would remove to Beaufort after his death and marry a Leigh)

    According to Boddie and Allied Families, Susan Bennet daughter of Edward Bennet and Mary Bourne, married Richard Beale. I don’t know where he acquired that, but if true would give some rhyme and reason to the Jenkins’ association with William Brown and family. Although they interacted with both Thomas and William Brown, a bias towards William can be seen.

    According to a Wikitree entry (I know, but hey, they used some cropped images of your maps) claim that another daughter of Nicholas Hill and Silvestra was Martha who married William Bush. Don’t know if it is true, but would make a lot of sense of the records I have. I know you have discussed quite a bit about the Boons who are associated with the Bushes and the Jenkins appeared to have some, but minimal interaction with. However; William Crawford (John Jenkins probable father-in-law)
    had many interactions with them. There were two William Crawfords around at the same time, but is another debate.

    Benjamin Ricks mentions Beale Brown in his will and brother Abraham mentions daughter Lydia Beal Also, the Patience mentioned in Benjamin’s will appeared to have married a Jordan:

    Abraham Ricks
    24 Jun 1746
    Isle of Wight
    This probate record was extracted from microfilmed copies of the original Will Book. Remarks
    Abraham Ricks. Leg.-daughter Mary Jordan of North Carolina; daughter Elizabeth Pritchard; daughter Lydia Beal; daughter Martha Lawrence, land adjoining that of John Lawrence and Thomas Smelley; daughter Patience Jordan; daughter Ann Marshall; daughter Mourning Jordan. Josiah Jordan and John Lawrence to college by debts. William Denson, Exum Scott, Joseph White, and William Scottto assist in settling my estate. Exs., son-in-law Josiah Jordan and daughter Morning Jordan. D. June 24, 1746, Recorded (proved) July 10, 1746.
    Wit: James Jordan Scott, John Outland, Jacob Powell.
    Book 5-26
    Prove date 10 Jul 1746
    A further entry regarding the appraisal is dated October 1746: Abraham Ricks. Estate appraised by Robert Eley, Joseph Meredith, Michael Eley.To legacies delivered to Josiah Jordan, to Patience Jordan, to John Lawrence, to John Marshall, to Joseph Jordan, to Thomas Pritchard.[8]

    Was the William Brown of our interest a Lt. Col.?

    On May 4, 1686, a court granted to Richard Washington judgment against Lt. Col.
    William Browne and James Jordan, administrators of the estate of Thomas Jordan,
    who was executor of Lt. Col. George Jordan, deceased. This was granted in right
    of his wife, Elizabeth (Jordan) Washington, one of the legatees of said Lt. Col.
    George Jordan, for 3300 pounds of tobacco. (Orders 1671-90, 520, Surry Co.)
    At a court held November 2, 1697, River Jordan and Richard Washington and his
    wife, Elizabeth Washington, were granted letters of administration, dated November



    April 16, 2023 at 5:59 pm

    • An answer to my own question.

      The Benjamin Beale of my interest was a grandson of Richard Beale m. Susan Bennett through a son Alexander:

      Richard Beale, b. 1645, d. 1703. Richard Beale, the son of Richard, and grandson of Alexander Beale, of Frittenden resided at Hayle Place, and was in the commission of the peace for Kent. He m. Susan, daughter of Edward Bennet, deputy to the Hamburgh company, and dying in 1664, was s. by his son, Richard Beale, a Hamburgh merchant, b. in 1645, who d. without issue in 1703, leaving his nephew, Richard Beale, esq. the son of his brother Alexander, his heir.

      From Boddie:

      H2 Richard Beale*, (Visitation of London,

      1634, P 314), Esq. of Hayle-place, Loose,
      d 1664, was Justice of Peace for Kent.
      Named heir to great uncle, Richard
      Beale who d 1636, & who named him in
      his pedigree at the Visitation of Lon¬
      don of 1634 as being ’beyond the seas’
      at that date; md Susan, daughter of
      Edward Bennett, deputy to the Hanburg
      Company (Visitiation of Kent, I663)

      & had

      11 Richard Beale, b 1645, d 1703*

      12 Alexander Beale, b 1646, of Bar¬
      bados, md Martha Curtis.

      13 Edward Beale, b 1648.

      14 to ill …. Daughters.



      April 30, 2023 at 8:20 pm

  4. My mind went from a Brown out to a Black out.

    I am picking up other Browns. Please explain.

    John Darden son of Jacob Darden (d. 1719 IOW) was married to Elizabeth Powers who was daughter of Edward Powers Sr. (Edward Powers jr? patent near the Browns in NC)

    IOW will:
    Powers, Edward Sr: Leg.- son William; Charles Powers; wife Elizabeth; to Elizabeth Darden, the wife of John Darden; son Edward; residue of my estate to be divide between my four sons and three daughter. Ex. Son Edward Powers. D. April 7, 1729. R. May 26, 1729. Wit: David Hooper, Joseph West, Jacob Johnson

    From a different source, I find Samuel Brown was one of the appraisers of Edward Powers estate:

    Arthur (Whitehead) appraised the estate of Edward Powers Sr. along with Samuel Brown and John Vasser on 28 July 1729

    I found one more close connection to Dr. Samuel Brown via the Murphey connections that I speak of. The son of John Lawrence who married Margaret Murphey (daughter of William Murphey Sr.) was William Lawrence who married Penelope Browne d/o Dr. Samuel Brown. William Crawford’s will was witnessed by Richard Taylor who was a brother-in-law of John Lawrence.

    I know some what of Dr. Samuel Brown from your writings and have found the answer to my question above about the Lt. Col. William Brown. His daughter Priscilla Brown married River Jordan and the Jordan name has been popping up more on my radar.



    April 16, 2023 at 8:11 pm

  5. This land might be part of William Brown’s 1706 patent or at least, very close:

    Chowan # 2949 pg. 183 Sarah Davis 1 Mar 1719/20 235 acres in Chowan precinct on ye N. side of Maherrin River, joining ye Country line, ye Cypress Gut, and ye River Witnesses: Cha. Eden, Thos, Pollock, Fre. Jones, Richd. Sanderson, John Hecklefield

    Who is Sarah Davis? Glad you asked.

    Chowan #535 pg. 129 Francis Macklendon to Thomas Henman 17 Apr. 1721 power of attorney to acknowledge sale of 370 acres more or less unto Sarah Smith during her life and to her son Thomas Davis Wit.: William Crawford, Henry Bradley Reg. Chowan Ct. Apr. 1721 Test.: Thomas Henman Clerk

    Chowan #536 pg. 130 Francis Macklendon of Chowan Prect. To Sarah Smith and Thomas Davis her son (residence not given) 17 Apr. 1721 20L sterling 370 acres, joining James Boon, Abraham Bulitt, William Crawford, Francis Macklenden, William Bush, Holly Branch, Bear Swamp and Gum branch all houses, orchards, gardens Wit.: Henry Brady Jr. hB his mark, William Crawford Reg. Chowan Ct. Apr. 1721 Test.: Thomas Henman, Clerk

    Sarah (Davis) Smith was the widow of George Smith and if you recall, George was found as the original land owner adjacent to the John Brown patent. The Smiths seemed to have had an affinity with the Lewis boys and the Browns. The question is why? I’m still working on the matter and have found many connections, but feel that the answer lies with Sarah. She did not appear to use the Davis name often, but was a very active woman in the records:

    Chowan #3098 pg. 226 George Smith ye—day of April 1713/14 640 acres in Chowan precinct on ye head of Ahotsky pocoson Witnesses: Thos. Pollock, Thos. Boyd, N. Chevin, William Reed, T. Knight Note indicates: Lapsed for Sara Smith.

    Chowan #1903 pg. 91 Sarah Smith date (not given) 640 acres at ye head of Ahotsky Meadow, joining ye meadow, Thomas Diall, and Ahotsky pocoson Witnesses: C. Eden, Wm. Reed, Richd. Sanderson, Fra. Foster, J. Lovick

    For now, I will just note that my suspicion is that George Smith may not of had any children (at least legitimate), but did interact with John Smith. Two of them actually.

    Per your map; James Bryant is near the suspected location of William Brown’s 1706 patent:

    4 Feb 1717 – James Bryant of Albemarle Co in NC to Thomas Davis of IOW – 315 acs between Kingsale Swamp and the main Blackwater River adj William Mayoe, Richard Boothe, Hodges Council, and Brideman Joyner being part of a patent granted to said James Bryant on 22 Feb 1683 Wit John Barnes, Richard Drake, Richard Beel

    Think that could be Richard Beel a brother-in-law of William Brown and Sis’s father-in-law Brideman Joyner?

    Later, Thomas Davis would be found in Perquimans and associated within the Hill social circle (see my commentary under Benjamin Hill)
    No. 126. July 2, 1722. Thomas Davis of Perq, & Elizabeth his wife, to John Bogue of afore’ for £213, sold 80a on the “Great Pocoson,” where Perq River Heads, at a tree on Henry Hills Land, to line of Thomas Docton, “being part of Patent to said Docton,” & conveyed by him to Thomas Davis, 550a. Test’ Thomas Docton, Paul Phillips.

    No. 127. April 9, 1722. Thomas Docton of Perq, & Elizabeth his wife, to Thomas Davis of afore’ for £10 Sold 275a, adj the “Great Pocoson,” & Henry Hill. Test’ John Falconer, Richard Leary.

    Chowan #1281 pg. 27 John Perry of the upper parish of Nansemond Co., (Va.) and Elizabeth his wife to Thomas Eason of Perquimans Prect. 20 Mar. 1720 6L5 shillings sterling money of Great Britain 117 acres in Perquimans Prect., joining James Spight, Thomas Davis and land conveyed by Perry to Eason part of 234 acres granted 9 Mar. 1717/18 to the sd. Perry Wit.: George Eason G his mark, Thomas Spight Ack. 29 Mar. 1720 before me F. Jones, Ch. Just.

    (Warning to Davis researchers: There is a Jane Davis in Perquimans records that was widow of Thomas Davis of Nansemond and had son Thomas, but the Thomas of this commentary has evidence of not being the son of Jane. They may be related though.)

    To close for now, I will note the above patent of Sarah Smith on ye head of Ahoskie. Beale Brown also owned land possibly nearby:

    Bertie Co, NC Deed Book B pg 166 Beale Brown & wife Sarah to James Howard 13 May 1726 100£ for 450 A. known by name “Little Ahoskey.” Adj. John Perry on Ahosky Marsh. By patent dated 18 Oct 1721 to William Brown; now held by his son, Beale Brown. Wit: John Dickenson, James Holland, Rd. Horsley/ August Ct. 1726. Bell’s abstract
    My question is did they give William Brown a patent posthumously? I don’t think there is an unknown William Brown floating around, but some strange going ons within the patent office.



    May 7, 2023 at 5:33 pm

  6. I have not studied George Smith in detail… however, I have a suspicion he may have been a merchant/trader from perhaps New York (sorry, working from memory).

    I have a rather rabid interest in William Browne though… and that 1706 patent.

    Click to access browne-w-land-study-2.pdf

    Some smoke perhaps- George Smith…
    The following is information from Alan Vance Briceland’s Westward from
    Virginia: The Exploration of the Virginia-Carolina Frontier 1650-1710.
    Briceland’s thesis is that there was very little exploration beyond the
    southeastern frontier of the Virginia colony (then the Blackwater River)
    before 1650. After the Lederer expedition in 1670, Virginians began trading
    with the Saponi and Occoneechee Indians. Trade was sporadic until about
    1680. Then trade gradually expanded, reaching further and further into the
    interior. By 1712, the traders’ destination was the Catawba, living on the
    river of that name south of present-day Charlotte, N.C. Then trade went
    even further, reaching the Creeks and Cherokee. The following are names of
    traders and where they operated from Briceland’s book:

    Indian traders who gave bond to trade in Carolina 1711:
    William Pettypoole, Thomas Edwards, and Henry Tally
    David Crawley, John Evans, and Richard Jones
    Richard and George Smith
    Nathan Evans
    Robert Hicks (from Woods’ Settlement, i.e., modern Petersburg)



    May 7, 2023 at 8:20 pm

    • So far, my take on the Smiths that I have been looking over is that Arthur Smith (d.c. 1693) is a good candidate from which they came. I had neglected to look at Richard Smith for patents in NC and see that a Capt. Richard had patented 2000 acres down in Bath Co. in 1706 and by 1723, Nicholas Smith was patenting some of the same land due to it being lapsed by Richard. That could fit Richard Smith of Surry who d.1713. I want to do more work on them before I post more connections that I have found.

      Here are a few additional things that I overlooked to have included in my previous comment:

      Adjacent neighbor, William Bridger, of William Brown’s 1706 patent is witness to a deed in IOW of land where Thomas Davis was renting.

      Page 181. 26 March 1711. John Harris of the Upper Parish to Thomas Harris of the same, 365 acres (being land they owned jointly by patent dated 20 April 1685) on Seaward’s Creek. For brotherly love, they wish to divide this tract which consists of 250 acres taken up by their father (not named) and 115 acres which they, John and Thomas Harris, took up. Land adjoins Dry Bridge Branch and the north part is to go to John Harris and the south part is to go to Thomas Harris. Thomas Davis and wife now rent part of the land in the southern part. Witness: William Bridger and John Scott. Signed John Harris, Thomas Harris. Recorded 26 March 1711.

      William Bridger is witness along with Thomas Brown and Arthur Smith.

      (p.8)  23 Jun 1715…. Nathaniel Harrison, Esq., William Robertson, Etheldred Taylor and Nathaniel Ridley, Gents., on behalf of the will of Joseph John Jackman, decd., to Thomas Skelton of Surry County…. 60 acres (being the land in the deed of Edmund Briggs to Joseph John Jackman).
      Wit: Arthur Holladay, Arthur Smith, John Lear, William Bridger, Mat Boush, Thomas Browne, John Watts and Richard Giles.
      Rec: 26 Sep 1715

      I don’t know if you have done any more work on the section where you proposed William Brown’s patent was, but have some additional information if it might help.

      Chowan patent #1733 pg. 48 John Chesser 3 December 1720 360 acres on ye N. side of Maheron River, joining James Bryan, buck horn Swamp, buckhorn pond, and William Brown Witnesses: C. Eden, Thos. Pollock, Fra. Foster, Richd. Sanderson, John Lovick

      I could not bring this patent up on NC land grants using their search bar, but was able to finagle my way to the page it was recorded on. Here is what I read:

      begin at a pine James Bryan on corner tree running with his line N 45 E 320 to a pine standing near Buckhorn swamp S 55 E 320 p to ye centre of 3 pines in buckhorn pond S 45 W 320 p to a pine in Wm Brown’s line then to ye first station.

      Likewise with William Mauls’ patents:

      Chowan patent #642 pg. 223 Captain William Maule 5 May 1714 640 acres joining his own land on the N. side of Meherrin river and the Mouth of Mill Creek /s/ Tho. Pollock, Tho. Boyd, N. Chevin, W. Reed, T. Knight

      begin white oak his bounded corner tree standing on N side of Meherrin river, running up his own line N 320 p then N 80 E 280 p then S 320 p to the mouth of Mill Creek

      Chowan patent #643 pg. 223 Captain William Maule 5 May 1714 640 acres at ye mouth of Mill Creek, joining his own land, ye pocoson of Meherrin River, and ye River /s/ Tho. Pollock, Tho. Boyd, N. Chevin, W. Reed, T. Knight

      begin ye mouth Mill Creek up his own line N 320 p then S E 340 p then S 320 p to white oak by ye pocoson of Meherrin River then up sd river to first station.



      May 8, 2023 at 7:03 am

  7. Thanks for the links. Bertie has an old index book tab, but nothing comes up for me.

    Well, I hope we can stamp case closed on the 1706 William Brown patent. Looks like Beale Brown might have repatent it. The dates and transactions are confusing to me and will let you sort that out if you want:

    Chowan patent #1733 pg. 48 John Chesser 3 December 1720 360 acres on ye N. side of Maheron River, joining James Bryan, buck horn Swamp, buckhorn pond, and William Brown Witnesses: C. Eden, Thos. Pollock, Fra. Foster, Richd. Sanderson, John Lovick

    Chowan #1972 pg. 109 Beale Brown 8 Sep 1722 640 acres on the N. side of Maherine River, joining N.E. side of Buckhorn Swamp and the N.E. side of the Miery Branch Witnesses: Wm. Reed, C. Gale, R. Sanderson, J. Lovick, T. Pollock, J. Blount Note indicates: Lapsed in John Bond’s name Patent dated 27 November 1729 [sic] /s/ R. Everard

    (begin at a pine then N 45 E 320 p, then S 45 E 320 p to oak standing on the N.E. side of Buckhorn Swamp, then S 45 W 300 p to a pine on N.E. side of the Miery Branch, then N 45 W 60 p, then N 55 W 260 p, then N 55 W 260 p to the first station)

    Chowan #2261 pg. 181 Beale Brown 7 November 1723 550 acres in Bertie precinct on the head of the Branches of Horse Pasture Creek, joining John Chesher, John Page, a Branch of sd. Horse Pasture, and the swamp Witnesses: Wm. Reed, C. Gale, Jno. Lovick, Thos Pollock, M. Moore

    (begin on the head of the Branches of Horse Pasture creek swamp running thence along his line N 60 E 70 p Cheshers corner then E 240 p, then N 15 E 128 p then N 45 W 138 p in John Pages line, then with his line S 65 W 190 p another of his corners in a Branch of the Horse Pasture Creek, thence to the Swamp andof the Swamp to the first station.)

    Chowan #2262 pg. 182 Edward Powers, Jr. 7 Nov 1723 410 acres in Bertie Precinct in a fork of Horse Pasture creek, joining John Chesser, the Southern Branch, Beal Brown, and the East fork of the Creek Witnesses: Wm. Reed, C. Gale, Jno. Lovick, Tho. Pollock, M. Moore

    (begin on maple in the river pocoson Godfry his corner, runnint with his line W 213 P to a white oak on the fort branch, thn down said branch several courses to the river pocoson then along the pocoson to the first station.)

    Chowan #2263 pg. 182 Beale Brown 7 Nov 1723 235 acres in Bertie precinct on the South East side of a branch of Horse Pasture Creek, joining Edward Powers Jr. and the Swamp Witnesses: Wm. Reed, C. Gale, Jno. Lovick, Tho. Pollock, M. Moore

    (on the SE side of a Branch of Horse Pasture Creek that parts him from Edward Powers Junr. Beginning at a black gum running thence S 55 E 160 p, then S 35 W 134 p to center of trees on the swamp, thence various courses of the same to the first station.)

    Chowan #2294 pg. 190 John Bonde 3 Aug 1727 [sic] 640 acres in Bertie precinct called the Horse Pasture Neck on the North side of Maherrin River, joining the mouth of Horse Pasutre Creek, John Chessire, Edward Powers, the main swamp of the sd. Creek and the sd river Witnesses: R. Everard, Wm. Reed, Chris. Gale, J. Lovick, E. Moseley, R. Sanderson, F. Foster, Thos. Harvey, Ed. Gale

    (begin at a cypress standing at the Mouth of Horse Pasture creek in the river side running thence up the river several courses to a cypress Cheshires corner on the river, then along his line to his and Edward Powers corner in the Main Swamp of the Horse Pasture Creek, thence down several courses of that swamp and creek to the first station)

    Fun fact: John Page referenced above is found in Chowan deed #1473 buying land from Thomas Busbee of Albemarle 13 July 1722 on NS of Morattoke River on Jumping Run, joining James Blount and John Willimas. A witness was Thomas Brown T his mark.



    May 8, 2023 at 3:15 pm

    • Addendum:

      I found one of Col. Nicholas Hill’s descendant adjacent to Beale and now have a suspected son Thomas of Beale Brown or is it Thomas Jr. s/o Thomas Sr.?:

      Chowan #2403 pg. 212 Joseph Durdain 2 August 1727 640 acres on the Northerly Side of Maherrin River, joining the North side of Horse Pasture Creek. John Rogers, Wiliam Brown, Thomas Brown, and Beal Brown Witnesses: R. Everard, C. Gale, E. Moseley, R. Sanderson, T. Pollock, T. Harvey, E. Gale



      May 8, 2023 at 4:21 pm

  8. In a paragraph above you mention a place called “Jumping Run”… on the NS Morattock River. This area is about 25 or 30 miles as the crow flys from “Horse Pasture Creek” NS of Meherrin River. It is near Woodville, NC.

    I added at the end of the Post as ‘Misc’… explaining where and how I found it…
    The sons and grandsons of John Browne the Indian Trader get beyond my scope at about this time. I prefer the 1st generation of settlers for my maps… beyond the 2nd generation I begin to lose my mind.



    May 9, 2023 at 1:45 am

    • I totally understand about losing one’s mind, but guess we enjoy this. After all of the digging on the William Brown 1706 patent, I was reviewing some of my Jenkins’ records (my memory is fading) and found this forgotten record which now sticks out like a sore thumb:

      B: 273 Edward Powers to John Bonde. May 15, 1727. 30 pds. for 410a in NS Merherrin River in the fork of Horse Pasture Creek. Adj. John Cheshers, Beal Brown. Wit: John Power, jurat, James Jenkins. Aug. Ct 1727

      Funny how things transpire and will feel sorry for anyone who ask me to interpret the above record.
      With that being said, I regret to inform you that I believe there may be another possible son of John Brown Sr.

      Before I get to the reveal, I must give some context of why. Your work on William and Thomas Brown has given me information on how to put some interpretation on those Jenkins records in which they interacted with them or were around. Beale Brown was a mystery, but believe some of his mystery has been answered. However; I am forced with questions about other Browns and if they relate to the above mentioned Browns.

      E: 239 Edward Tidman (Tidmon) & wife Margaret to Daniel Brown. Nov. 4, 1736. 40 pds. for 100a on ES Chinkapen Creek. Adj. John Young, William Downing, Capt. Francis Brown “(it being the plantation lately belonging to Richard Brown, dec’d.)”
      Wit: John Wynns, Jun. James Jenkins, Sarah Wynns. Nov. Ct 1736.

      For James Jenkins, this record is out of place for him as his mailing address has been in Edgecombe at the mouth of Cypress Swamp in Occoneechee since 1733 until he died in 1751. (William Downing above was a land owner in Occoneechee I believe) Richard Brown was just recently deceased and James attendance gives reason for a relation. I won’t get into how James might be related, but will propose to you that some of these afsd. mentioned Browns may be grandchildren of John Brown Sr.
      Since I can’t pin everyone to William Brown, I must dig.

      In previous commentary, I have brought up Richard Brown as a possible brother to Beale Brown with the “Richard Beale” theory. My theory still stands for Beale Brown, but now suspect that Richard and Francis Brown were brothers and both probably sons of a Philip Brown. They all were east of Chinkapin, but further land studies is needed (I suspect the above record where Francis and Richard were adjoining neighbors was land formerly owned by Philip). Philip was not really on my radar until yesterday, but have found him interesting and see many connections within my studies. I won’t get into all the connections I see now, but will lay out a few to see if it piques your interest as possibly being a younger son (low key) of John Brown Sr.

      You have commented on how Charles Merritt and Richard Booth both had been associated with the Browns in their migration to NC. A Samuel Merritt (relationship to Charles?) is found using Philip and wife Thomasin Brown as headrights:

      Chowan #1649 pgs. 1 and 2 Ye 19 Jan. 1714 Court met per adjornment Samuel Merritt proves for ye Importation of Himself, Mary, Ann, Mary and Elizabeth Merritt, William Yates and Phillis and Tenisell (?) Brown

      Philip’s first land acquisitions that I find are from Samuel Woodard and appear to be near Richard Booth’s land:

      Chowan #705 pg. 113 Samuel Woodward to Philip Brown date (not given) Assignment of a Patent for 375 acres purchased of Robert Evans Wit.: Robert Holbrook, William Wade Reg. 10 Sept. 1715

      Chowan #706 pg. 113 Samuel Woodward of Chowan Prect., Planter to Philip Brown of the afrsd. Prect. 19 July 1715 7L good and lawful Money of N. C. 139 acres on ye west side of Chowan river and is the remainins part of the land John Wills bought of Samuel Woodward containing 275 acres I bind myself in the Penal sum of 14L Wit.: Rt. Holbrook, William Wade Reg. 10 Sept. 1715

      Chowan # 3256 pg. 272 Thomas Bray, Esquire 16 Aug 1716 600 acres in Chowan precinct, joining Henry Bradley, Richard Booth, Thomas Gilbert, long branch, Chinkapin Creek Swamp, the Mouth of Phillips Branch, Phillip Brown, and Colo. Maule Witnesses: (not given)

      From some previous readings, I have seen where Samuel Woodard apparently played the headrights game, but I find him and Samuel Merritt (referenced above) both as headrights for Lawrence Baker:

      Patent to Lawrence Baker. 15 July 1717 Upper Parish of Nansemond adjoining Mrs Mary Baker, Mr Lear, and Colo. Milner. Headrights included Samuel Woodward, John Knowls, Jacob Thompson, John Welsh(?), James Fleming, and Samuel Merrit. (tangent note: Lawrence Baker was involved with the land transfer of Sylevestra Hill’s former land to Thomas Hill (brother of Henry, William and Isaac Hill; my take)

      Anyway, Philip appears to at least be a young contemporary to William and Thomas and dies in 1725:

      Brown, Philip. Bertie County.
      December 10, 1725. Wife: Temsin. Friend: John McHarlin. Executors:
      Temsin Brown (wife) and John McHarlin. Witnesses: Will
      Adams, John White, Benjamin Sanders. No probate.

      For your convenience, here are the rest of the records that I have accumulated to see if anything jumps out for you:

      Chowan #496 pg. 84 John Smith to James Bates 17 Oct. 1720 power of attorney to take acknowledgement of 640 acres from Phillip Browne or his lawfull attorney Wit.: James Bates, Robert Evans R his mark Reg. Chowan Ct. 17 Oct. 1720 Test.: Thomas Henman, Clerk

      Chowan #497 pg. 84 Phillip Browne of Chowan Prect. And Tomasin his wife to John Smith of the Prect. Afrsd. 17 Oct. 1720 23L Sterling 640 acres on Chinkapin Creek, joining John Smith, the flat swamp creek Wit.: James Bates (?), Robert Evans R his mark Reg. Chowan Ct. 20 Oct. 1720 Test.: Thomas Henman, Clerk

      Chowan #572 pg. 172 Thomasin Browne wife of Philip Browne to John Bryan 15 July 1721 power of attorney to acknowledge sale of plantation and land being 137 ½ acres unto Thomas Macklendin Wit.: John Bryan Reg. (not given)

      Chowan #573 pg. 172 Philip Browne of Chowan Prect. And Thomasin Browne to Thomas Macklenden of Chowan Prect. 27 Aug. 1720 20L sterling 137(sic) acres on ChinKapin Creek, joining the sd. Philip Browne, Collo. Maule, a meadow, a branch and the Creek Wit.: William Crawford, John Bush Reg. Chowan Ct. July 1721 Test.: Thomas Henman, Clerk

      Chowan #1260 Pg. 709 John Smith of Chowan Prect. And Judith his wife to Philip Brown (residence not given) 7 June 1718 40L sterling 640 acres more or less on Chinkapin Creek, joining John Smith, flatt swamp and the creek Wit.: William Brasswell, Margaret Braswell M her mark Reg. 25 Aug 1719

      Chowan #1695 pgs. 35 and 36 At a Court held for the se. Prect. The 15 Apr. 1718……Ordered that Letter of Adm. Be Granted Philip Brown on Estate of John Curlee, Decd.

      Chowan #1808 pg. 57 Apr. Ct. 1719 Thomas West vs Philip Brown Plea of Debt for 5L Def. Came not and Attachment against the Estate of the sd. Def. Is granted

      John Smith referenced above was the same John Smith connected to Benjamin Hill where he purchased all of Smith’s personal property in 1727.



      May 9, 2023 at 7:06 pm

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