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Meherrin Indians vs William Little… 0-1

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I really can’t find a kind thing to say about William Little… even the obnoxious William Byrd II could not keep from lambasting the elitist prick in his “secret” Dividing Line Twixt Virginia and North Carolina.

Even the rather conservative NCpedia… had a bit of difficulty finding compliments:

Being that it was obvious from Little’s crony connections with the hot shots of Edenton, I find it rather blatant that Little did not even wait for the ink to dry on the worthless document that was written for the “Indian Land” in 1729. Hell, he just “grabbed” it.

I had no intention of doing a hatchet job on William Little… my motives were to map the colonial settlers in the area. In particular, I was having a difficult time locating the land for one John Cheshire. I think I am on the right track with where I have him placed and also the Mosely map of 1733 has him about where I do.

Here is some of the research I did on the 3,000 acres of Land allotted for the Meherrin Indians… William Little. His patent in 1728 is an exact match to the 1729 boundaries…

click the blue filename below for a larger view…

Note- I am not some “woke” mental deficient racist nor am I interested in using “critical race theory” to destroy actual history and replace it with bullsh*t history. I do however, have a devilish satisfaction with exposing corrupt politicians. I find equal delight in exposing non-white pricks when I find them… there are just more whites.


Shining a bit more light on a confusing area…

The research below is about two “Jernigan” men and where their properties were located. One Thomas “Jernagoon” was mentioned infamously in 1742 as “molesting” the Meherrin Indians by squatting on their land. (He had been there since 1717 according to my research). I find it curious they did not notice him for 13 years (since 1729).

The other man, David Jernagan, purchased property from Richard Holland near the Virginia line in 1728… interestingly, the deed matter of factly mentions “Nansemond Indian Town” and “at the fort”. At he time, the term “fort” also meant a “trading place” in addition to the military term. I do not see a connection between the two Indian “settlements”… other than them trying their best to avoid harassment.

And to show that I can be objective… here is a tear-jerker petition of the Nansemond Indians at “Nansemond Town” in 1723. If this does not strike an emotion… then you have no heart… Jeez!

I am still trying to unravel and map this area… it is… challenging.


It is purported the Meherrin Indians relocated near Potacasi Creek… but I have found no evidence as yet. This map supposedly shows them about 1795… but since this map does not show the word “Indian” I can see where it could show the Meherrin “Creek”, which is the older term before Potacasi “Creek”. A possible case might be made from this reference to “Dancing Neck”, which was on the property of Benjamin Hill.

The Samuel Lewis map of 1795…

Here is my map of Hill’s property near the Potacasi Creek… see at very bottom. Other than some likker drink’n Square Dancers, it seems to me this may refer to …wait for it…. Indians.

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April 13, 2023 at 3:31 am

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  1. My 5th great grandfather was a Little. Sure hope he wasn’t connected to this guy.


    anne wilson

    April 13, 2023 at 1:08 pm

  2. What’s the old biblical adage… the son shall not suffer the sins of the father… or, every family get together has that crazy uncle…



    April 13, 2023 at 1:37 pm

  3. The David Jernegan ([1694 – 1778]) who acquires Richard Holland’s land in 1728 was the son of John and Temperance [Moore] Jernigan (c1670 – 1733). I’ve been able to tract the transfer of this land to his heirs and subsequent sales.

    Thomas Jarnigan (c1690 – 1769) who m. Elizabeth [Lea or Porter] and who received the land grant in 1717 is also a son of John and Temperance. I need to go back and re-read “Jernegan – Jernigan Jarnigan – Jarnagin, England- N. America c1030s – 1990s”, by William Spencer Jarnagin, PhD (deceased), published 1995, but I believe this Thomas (who William Spencer descends from) got fed up with the Indian situation and moved to Lunenburg Co., VA, now Pittsylvania Co. in 1747.

    As I was going back through William Spencer’s book, I noticed that he had penciled in that David and Thomas had a sister, Mary who married William Brasswell. On another post I mentioned that John Jernigan paid for the transportation of Dempsey Brasswell.

    One final comment, I notice John Gardner having a grant in Manny’s Neck. I am currently working confirming which family George Jernigan who we believe married Elizabeth Gardner belongs to? John and Temperance had a son named George as well! This George Jernigan was associated with John Gardner, Sr. (presumed father of Elizabeth). This George is a dilemma, as his descendants have a unique DNA SNP that the other descendants of John and Temperance do not have.



    April 14, 2023 at 8:40 am

    • Great detective work! Looking through my files, I see that Thomas Jenkins had one encounter with William Little and…….Wait! is that a cluster of Browns and Rogers I see on the map??? Oh My! The little gears in my noggin are spurring, but will eagerly await for your updates. Instead of staring at records like a goat stares at a new fence, By using your maps, I can quickly give some meaning to a record like this:

      John Rogers, Jr., of Edgecombe Pct., to Edward Powers, 18 Jan 1735/6, for 14 pounds Virginia money, 170 acres more or less, on the north side of Fishing Creek, joining Goss and the creek, part of the land granted to William Goss on 10 April 1730. Witnesses John Williams (“E” his mark), Jacob Rodgers, Benjamin Culpepper (“B” his mark), and Robert Inman. (Edgecombe Pct, NC DB 1-143)

      The Joseph Durden patent peaked my curiosity as the Jenkins had some association with the Dardens earlier in IOW, but could not seem to locate the patent on NC land grants website. Tried various search terms. A Joseph Darden was witness to many Barnaby Mckinney deeds in IOW and he appears to be the brother of Jacob Darden of IOW with both named as sons (amongst others) in the will of Jacob Darden d.1717 IOW. Jacob Darden made a patent in 1714 in VA and is described as land on the eastern side of Blackwater also Chowan which is the area just barely cropped off your map.

      Lol. As I compose this comment and dig for information to post, I get side tracked chasing rabbits and just discovered that the Dardens might be kinfolk.


      It is probable that all the children of Jacob2 Durden were named in his will.
      There is a possibility that Ann was considerably younger than Jacob and not the
      mother of all the children. The will contains a clause which for some purposes
      seems to “bar my sons Stephen, Jacob, Joseph, and Thomas Gile’s child and their
      heirs forever •••• except the heirs of John, Henry, Samuel, and Benjamin die
      without heirs.”
      The widow, Ann Darden, may have followed some of her children to North Carolina.
      In Beaufort Precinct there is said to be of record a will of Ann Leigh,
      August 7, 1732, naming sons Sam Darden, Joseph Darden; daughters Ann Adams, Jane Watkins; grandsons Jacob Darden, James Adams; and granddaughters Sara Adams, Mary Watkins.

      Jacob2 referenced would be Jacob d.1717 IOW and the Watkins referenced might apply to :

      Watkins, William – being very old. Will dated 28 Jun 1786 recorded 3 Dec 1789. Legatee grandchildren Robert Watkins and Isabell Bridger; daughters Mary Whitehead, Ann Jenkins and Sarah Lankford; grandchildren Mary Lankford and Robert Saunders; children of my son Jesse Watkins named Sarah, Martha, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Penelope, Jesse and William Watkins. Exc grandson Robert Watkins; witness William Powell and Jethro Powell; security Jethro Powell. [10:163]

      There’s some holes to fill, but looks promising. I have commented about how similar I see the paths of the Browns and Jenkins appeared and having perused over your Anderson/Pitman/Ross commentary, I have noticed that some of where Jenkins went, a Ross patent seemed not too far. The Ann Jenkins of the Watkins IOW will would be the spouse (not proven) of John Jenkins who lived in the Beach Run/Swift Creek area of Edgecombe c.1750 (enlisted under Jacob Whitehead’s company) and later with contemporary Francis Jenkins on Compass Creek. Both were probably sons of James Jenkins (Beach Run) where some of his 1737 patent was eventually acquired by Arthur Pitman. Lewis Jenkins, my earliest proven ancestor, was either a son or grandson of the said John Jenkins and his first land purchase was 1783 adjacent to the 1761 Daniel Ross patent at Horns Creek. He was there a short time and then went to the White Oak swamp area. The Jenkins were even near the 1703 patent of Andrew Ross on Knuckles swamp where Dr Henry Jenkins patented land on Mathews creek in 1703 (his first record in my opinion). There are few interactions between the Anderson/Pitman/Ross that I find, but perhaps they were traveling in the same circus.

      However; I would like to know who this Mary Anderson is?

      F:77 6 July 1739 John Jenkins to Patrick O Quin 30a on SS Catawatskey Meadow at West Br. adj. Edward Howcott, Patrick O Quin, John Jenkins Wit: Mary Anderson, James Barefield, jurat

      F:218 2 Apr 1740 John Jenkins to Wm Perry 200a on Poplar Swp. adj. John Jones, Lewis Jones, Patrick Oquin. Wit: Mary Anderson, James Barfield, J. Edwards, Noah Predham. jurat, Sarah Predham. May Ct. 1741

      John Jenkins referenced would be the John Jenkins (b.c. 1680) of IOW.

      To finish my William Little story, he sold the tract of land the very next day to William Daniels. Really enjoy your work and in regards to the the Daniel Ross “ghost” patent that is shaped like Texas, I’ve been to the red asterisk noted on the patent drawing. Didn’t find any buried treasure, but like the burgers at the Sweet Shop.



      April 14, 2023 at 10:41 pm

    • oops. I may have posted my comment as a reply to yours when it was meant to be a general comment.

      While I’m here; If I have some of my Jernigan genealogy right, A Thomas Jernigan who settled Martha’s Vineyard would be a cousin to this Thomas Jernigan? My understanding is that Thomas who went to MA was son of a Thomas Jernigan. I also have a David Jernigan that also went to MA and eventually returned back. What was his relationship? A Capt. Joseph Jenkins went with Thomas Jernigan and have no idea who he was.



      April 14, 2023 at 11:19 pm

      • Yes, I believe Thomas Jarnigan (c1690 – 1769) who m. Elizabeth [Lea or Porter] and who received the land grant in 1717 was a cousin to the person we refer to as Thomas “the Mariner” Jernegan. The following is an extract from William Spencer Jarnagan’s work:

        “18e Sarah’s THOMAS JERNEGAN c1650 – c1735 Eng-Va (son of TJ b-1818) may have early been a seaman. In his later years he was a yeoman or plantation owner (gift deed to son Thomas Jr, Mariner). He held land between present independent town of Suffolk Va and “a place called Somerton” and m-SARAH (Mumford?) > GEORGE, DAVID, SARAH-2 m-John Wynn (Registrar, CH at Jarnagan Br), others perhaps Wm and:

        19e1 THOMAS JERNEGAN c1680 – 1728 (s. Thos. & Sarah [Mumford]), MARINER, probably the Jernegan on crew of Byrd’s slave ship coming back to VA 1696 with 105 slaves thereon. For that shipment, Byrd awarded himself 5,000 acres of land (at Eden NC?). In 1712 TJ was crewman to M.V. (Ma) with Sea Capt Jenkins & Joseph Ripley family of Va. In 1718 TJ married ABIGAIL (Joseph) RIPLEY. About 1720 he took his brother David to MV in his own ship (Dukes Co. Hist. Soc.). 1722 – 23 David witnessed a gift deed of a slave girl Rose to his brother Thomas the Mariner from their father Thomas Jernegan, Yeoman of Va. David signed semi-literally DI (=DJ). About 1727 this TJ probably the one who “entered” or patented a huge tract of land in what became Sampson County, NC. Probably for transporting slaves to the Colony at 50 acres per head. But before the land could be surveyed and before he could occupy it, he and his crew and passengers drowned in a sea storm 1728 off Jamaica (Prof. Marcus J). Widow ABIGAIL m2 SAM PEASE, Port Inspector. They took in TJs brother David.

        ONE OR TWO LAME DAVIDS? 1734 TJ Sr wrote DJ a letter asking him to come home to Virginia. A few months later, a neatly written David Jernegan’s name appears at the end of a deposition stating that he was in the process of starting home to Va at his father’s request when he cut [sic] his knee [probably from a whale butchering blade] and had to turn back. The signature appears NOT to be by DI. Why? With a bad knee, DI may not have appeared before the Registrar at all! Those days, the CH was way out on Tewsberry Road according to Adelbert Jernegan. My guess is Port Inspector Sam Pease, for whom DI worked, relayed the message to the Registrar who knew both parties, wrote the Deposition, signed DI’s name, and maybe got DI to acknowledge it in person later. According to Banks, David DID return to Va-NC. There, he was probably the person called “Lame David” (surely there were not TWO). Back in Va/NC David prob had a brother GEO and a sis SARAH who married George Wynn, Register at Courthouse at Jarnigan Bridge.”

        I manage the Jernigan and Ralls/Rawls Y-DNA projects and through y-DNA testing I have been able to confirm that the Jernegan’s who went to M.V. and the descendants of John “Meherrin Creek” Jernigan (c1670 – 1733) m. Temperance Moore share a common ancestor, Thomas “the Elder” Jernigan (bef. 1647 – aft. 1704). The Thomas who married Sarah [Mumford} and John who married Temperance were brothers.



        April 17, 2023 at 7:53 am

  4. Thank you Marc.
    There is a letter just like the one you show from the Nansemond dated within a few days where the Meherrin are asking for help in a similar petition.
    The mix between the Nansemond and Meherrin was pretty common. The Meherrin genealogical database shows many of the modern members are connected through both tribes.


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