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Benjamin Hill…. merchant

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I figure I might try to redeem myself after my previous scathing Post concerning William Litlle. I think I have captured the gist of where Benjamin Hill lived west of the Chowan River…

This guy got rich and successful the old fashioned way… he earned it …(as the old TV commercial went). That is to say that one did not have to cheat widows, orphans, cripples and Indians out of their land. (Sorry, I could not pass up the dig).

Hill is in the center of the map… note the location on his property of “Hill’s Ferry”. According to Sally, that ferry was in continuous operation until 1940 when it finally washed away and was not rebuilt. (evidently there is a bridge there now…who’dathunkit). Just Google “Sally’s Family Place” for her interesting research on Hill (her clues helped with my map.)


This guy married a daughter of Hill… I will try to map him later…

Evidently a Progressive Democrat absconded with his wife and pissed off Mr. Hill…he sued the snake in the grass… this could be interesting to follow up…I know how some of you people are.

John Campbell

In 1743 John Campbell, a Captain in the British navy purchased 800 acres of land on the west side of the Chowan River near Webbs Ferry. This ferry operated across Chowan River to Bandon in Chowan County. The settlement grew and Campbell named it Colerain after his hometown in Ireland. Campbell brought seine fishing to America. His beautiful estate he named Lazy Hill.He became known as the “Merchant Prince of Lazy Hill.” Involved in fishing, farming, and shipping, he was responsible for shipment of Bertie County Clay to the factory at Bow in England for manufacture of pottery for export back to America. His brother there was a stockholder in that manufacturing. In 1740 he married Mary Hill, daughter of Benjamin Hill (one of the Northern faction who opposed Gov. Gabriel Johnston’s representation proposal). They had two sons, James and John; a daughter, Sarah, who married 1)Richard Brownrigg of Chowan 2)Capt. David Merideth.An epidemic of fever broke out all along the river settlements. Many of the people died, others discouraged, moved away or farther inland. John Campbell moved to Halifax County near Weldon.When his estate was sold it was listed as follows: “One tract of land known as “Lazy Hill” lying in Bertie County on the west side of Chowan River, containing 800 acres. It is a beautiful situation well watered, on its premises are a good dwelling house, kitchen store, warehouse, workhouse, barns milk and meat house, stables. Together with a good shad and herry fishery, a good apple and peach orchard and two vegetable gardens.”Campbell worshiped at St. Paul’s Church in Edenton. It is said he was a loyal patriot, devoted heart and soul to the American cause. Sanders rates him in ability to Joseph Hewes. He was known as the leading merchant of the province. He served and represented Bertie County in the General Assembly in 1744, 1745, also 1754- 1760; again 1769-1775. He served in four provincial Congresses at New Bern in 1744- 45; Hillsborough in 1775 and Halifax in 1776.Campbell was made famous (or infamous) for the sordid affair termed “The Bear and the Evil Genius,” published by Dr. Thomas Parramore, now professor Emeritus of Meridith College in Raleigh NC. It involved that era’s most widely publicized court case between John Campbell and a Dr. Lennox from Windsor, Bertie County who attempted to flee the country with John’s wife. The lawsuit was for Alienation of Affections (in the early 1700’s.) Dr. Lennox cross sued for Defamation of Character!John Campbell’s will (Will Bk C page 4) was written Apr 19, 1777 and probated in Bertie County, Feb Court 1781. This will mentions his wife, Mary; Grandsons, John Campbell, Thomas, John, Jane and Sarah Brownrigg (children of daughter Sarah); daughter Sarah [Brownrigg] Merideth ; also his brother, James, and sisters, Mary and Elizabeth. He gave Lazy Hill to his grandson, John Campbell (“son of my son James”)
Resource: Harry Thompson, HistorianJohn Johnston John Johnston was a member of the Colonial Assembly 1773, 1773-1774, 1775. He represented Bertie County in the 2nd Provincial Convention – New Bern, Apri 1775. He was also a member of the Provinical Congress 1775, April-May 1776, and Nov-Dec 1776. In 1788, 1789 represented Bertie Co in the Senate – voting for ratification. He was the brother of Samuel Johnston of Perquimans, who was the President of both Conventions. He became a citizen of Hertford Co. He died too young (1791) to attain the traditional prominence. He was of the same name as the nephew of Gov Johnston of Chowan and is often confused.His son, John Scrymoure Johnston, married Betsy Cotten, daughter of Godwin Cotton of Mulberry Grove (Hertford County) and resided near there. They had two children: Rev, Sam J. Johnston, DD for years rector of St. Pauls’ Edenton and Sallie Anne, who married James D. Wynns.


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  1. A fellow Jenkins researcher used to refer to Benjamin Hill as ubiquitous based on his supposition there were two James Jenkins floating around and Benjamin was recorded with both of them. In James’ case, I believe Occam’s razor holds true that there was only one James which resolves conflict issues with other records. Upon performing some “quick” genealogy on some of the Hills, appears confusing and does not seem there is any consensus regarding some of the Hill research. The Jenkins had interactions with the Hills and would like to give some of my perspectives if it might help differentiate some of the Hills.

    First, it is my contention that the early Jenkins of NC were all of one family (John Sr; sons: Thomas, James, John and Charles) where John Sr. is first recorded in IOW in 1702. A Dr. Henry Jenkins of Nansemond was a contemporary of John Sr and likely brother and believe he had no issue.
    Each one would make the journey into NC individually over a period of fifteen years starting with Thomas in 1719. From what few records that pertain to the Jenkins in Va, appears that one of their earliest social circles to adopt was that of Jacob Darden m. Ann Hill d/o Col. Nicholas Hill. As the social circles morphed through intermarriages and migrations, the Jenkins appeared to follow some of those into NC. There were various Jenkins interacting with various Hills in NC. I would pose the question if those interactions were random or stem from social circles of an earlier origin?

    We will begin with James Jenkins who is first recorded in NC in 1727 along with Benjamin Hill, who will be noted with James on several other occasions.

    B:317 Henry Emerson and wife Mary to James Peeke. Feb. 14, 1726. *. 330a Near Roanoke River on Flaggy Run. Adj. John ____? Wit: Benjamin Hill, James Jenkins, jurat. Aug. Ct. 1727. *.

    B: 313 Anthony Lewis & wife Elizabeth to John Smith. Aug. 7, 1727. 150a Bounded according to patent obtained by Anthony Lewis, Sen. Wit: Benjamin Hill, James Jenkins Aug. Ct 1727

    C:241 11 May 1730 – Thomas Bonner & wife Elizabeth to James Jenkins. 100a on Snake Bridge adj. William Curlee, part of a 350a tract Wit: Benj. Hill, Thomas Kearney. May Ct. 1730 Thomas Hansford D. C/C

    James Jenkins, bricklayer, would acquire land in the Ahoskie area in 1730 and remove to the Cypress Swamp area (ws Morratock) c. 1733 living on Thomas Jenkins land. Benjamin Hill is noted as starting to patent lands in 1735 Edgecombe located in the Beech Swamp and Burnt Coat areas. Perhaps Benjamin was an influence for James Jenkins 1737 patent on ss Beech Swamp.

    Around the time when Halifax Co., was formed, there appears to have been a big influx of Hills where some claim descent from a Sion Hill. This may true for some, but believe those that the Jenkins interacted with were of a different origin. Abraham Hill patented land in Edgecombe 1758 that was on the NS of Beech Swamp. I do not know for sure if this was Abraham (or possible son of Abraham) the proven son of Henry Hill, but suspect it was. Marc had posed a question in one of his studies musing if Henry Hill was father of Benjamin Hill based on the location of Bennetts Creek. If Abraham Hill who patented the 1758 land was the proven son Abraham, would lend more credence Benjamin being son of Henry. Abraham Hill s/o Henry, wrote his will 15 Apr 1760, but is not known when it was proven.

    Another Hill that acquired land in present day Halifax Co. and would consider as possibly being of the same origins of this study is Richard Hill of Sussex Co., Va whose will was probated in 1775. John Jenkins (Sr. in my take) was witness to Richard Hill’s first land acquisition in present day Halifax:

    Edgecombe; 1739, Feb 12;
    Benjamin Johnston and Elizabeth his wife of Edge.Co. to Richard Hill of Va. 12 Feb 1739, 20 pounds sterling money of Great Britain, 300 acres joing the cypress swamp, all houses, orchard gardens etc. Wit: J.Edwards, John Jenkins. Reg. (place not given) Feb.Ct.1739. J.Edwards C.C.Ct. (Bk. 1, p.311) (Benjamin Johnston was son of William Johnston who have IOW origins)

    Halifax: 454-(32) Richard Hill of Sussex Co. Virginia to Cullen Edwards of Halifax Co. 1 Sept 1761. 100 pounds Virginia money. 300 acres, joining Cypress Swamp, Richard Hill. Wit: J. Edwards, Henry Hill. (see next entry)

    Halifax: 455-(34) Written to Lawrence Gibbons, Thomas Vaughan, Nicholas Massenburg esquires of Sussex Co. Virginia. Marjary, wife of Richard Hill, unable to travel from Virginia to Halifax Co. for examination regarding the deed of sale. Requests the justices of Sussex Co. to examine her. 18 Sept 1761. CC. Montfort. They examined her according to law. 18 Feb 1762. Deed then registered in Halifax Co. CC: J. Montfort.

    When Richard sold that 300 acre tract of land, it was witnessed by Henry Hill who was probably the son of Green Hill (more on him in a moment).

    Richard Hill apparently had land near Elizabeth Jenkins who was the widow of Thomas Jenkins. She purchased 300 acres adjoining the Cypress Swamp in 1733 after the death of her husband.

    Edgecombe; 1733, Nov 20:
    William Bynum of Edge. Prect. to Elizabeth Jenkins of Edge. Prect. 20 Nov 1733; 14 pounds sterling money of Great Britain, 300 acres, joining the Cypress swamp, all houses, orchards, gardens, etc. Wit: Richard Sessums, Nicholas Porter. Reg. Edge. Co. Prect. Nov. Ct. 1733 Robert Forster C. Ct. (Bk.1, p.46)

    Halifax; 1765, Oct 25;
    Wm. Bynam of Orange Co. son and heir of William Bynam dec’d “late of Edgecombe County” to Cullen Edwards of Halifax Co. 25 Oct 1765. 15 pounds of Virginia. 290 Acres, joinin Elisabeth Jenkins. William Bynam(x). Wit: Thomas Whitmill [Jr.?], John Byrd, Richard Parker. 11 Jan 1766. A.J.: Montfort Eelbeck

    quick note for now: This William Bynum was son of James Bynum and had lived at Flat Swamp in IOW.

    Richard Hill’s will, probated in 1775 Sussex Co., named children and grandchildren and will note his Ex’s: wife Margarery, son-in-law William Ruffin and son Green Hill. William Ruffin and Green Hill are noted in these NC deeds:

    Bertie; 1727/28, Feb 11;
    John Speir to William Speir. Feb. 11, 1727/28. 5,500 “mer’table pork meat” For *. SS Morattuck River on “GEEs Meadow.” Adj. Henry Walker, William Gray, John Lovick (Louck), John Jackson. To Crop Marsh and Cattail Marsh. Wit: William Ruffin, Thomas Jenkins, John Worsling. February Court 1727. Edw. Mashborne D. C/C. (B:354) ( Was this William Ruffin father of William Ruffin who married Sarah Hill d/o Richard Hill of Sussex?)

    Bertie, BK E PG. 89
    Nicholas Thompson & wife Sarah of Surry Co. Va. to Green Hill    Nov 20, 1736.   20 pds  for 330 A  on NS Sandy Run adj  William Gray, Owen McDaniel, Richard Milton.    Witnesses: John Hart, Thomas Hart.    Feb Court 1736.

    The Green Hill in the deed above was not the Green Hill son of Richard Hill of Sussex, but likely a brother . We know that Richard Hill did not have children until after 1742 (his son Thomas was noted underage at the time of his will) from this deed:

    16 Nov 1742
    William GILLIAM of Albemarle Parish to his daughter Margery Hill and her husband Richard Hill for Love and Affection, 200 acres bounded by John GILLIAM, Lewis Green, Col. Bolling, and the Mirey Meadow. Should Richard Hill and Margery Hill die without issue, the land is to go to William GILLIAM’s son, William GILLIAM.
    Sig: William GILLIAM
    Wit: William Green, Peter Green, and William Green, Jr.
    Surry County, VA, Deed Book 4, page 64.

    A bible record exist for the older Green Hill and records his birth as 20 November 1714 (born in IOW) and he died sometime between 1766 and 1769 leaving a will in Northampton Co., NC. He married Grace Bennett d/o William Bennett and Grace Van Courtland. Per the internet, William descended from Richard Bennett. The Jenkins had some interactions with William Bennett and family:

    Bk B P 2-August 10, 1725 William Bennett & wife Grace Bennett to Nicolas Boon, for 8 pds-100 Ac “which I purchased of Richard Braswell, dec’d. on May 14, 1723, on S/S Meherrin Riv., adj. William Kinchen on Middle Br., Wts” Thos. Jenkins, (Fr.?) Parker, Joseph Colpeper, Aug. Crt., Capt. John Winns, DC

    Edgecombe; 1741/42, Jan 25;
    Nicholas Porter of Craven Co. to James Bynam of Edge.Co. 25 Jan 1741, 20 pounds current money of Va. 120 acres on the east side of Deep creek at the mouth of a small branch, joining Killingsworth, all houses, orchards, gardens, etc. part of a grant to William Bennett 1 Aug 1726. Wit: John Jenkins, Jonathan Tranch Reg. Edge.Co.Aug.Ct.1742 R.Forster C.Ct. (Bk.5, p.76)

    James Farmer of Edge.Co. to Isaac Farmer of Edge.Co. 5 Mar 1742, 10 pounds current money of Va. 120 acres more or less on Deep creek, joining Nicholas Porter and the creek, all houses, orchards etc. as by patent to William Bennett 1 Aug 1726 Wit: John Jenkins, James Bi—-(?) Reg.Edge.Co.Aug.Ct.1743 Robert Forster C.Ct. (Bk. 5, p.177)

    Northampton Co., NC deeds, cont’d
    DB2, P 295 Aug 25, 1756 William Bennett, Jr of N/H Co., to Green Hill of N/H Co-for 7 pds current Va money, 12 AC more or less Adj. Cullen Pollock and other lands of sd. Bennett, and sd. Hill. Wts: John Edwards, Jr, & Wm. Jenkins Reg. Aug Crt 1756 (this could be Green Hill s/o Green Hill and Wm. Jenkins is proven son of Charles Jenkins who is probably son of John Jenkins Sr)

    If you note the adjacent land owner of William Gray referenced in two deeds above (1727/28 deed of John Spier to William Spier and 1736 deed of Nicholas Thompson of Surry to Green Hill), William Gray is found as witness to the Surry Co. estate of Richard Hill in 1727.

    “HILL, Richard: Est.- Hannah Hill, admr. 19 July 1727. Signed: Wm. Gray and John Newsum. [Surry County] Book 7, p. 746.”[1]

    This estate record would appear to fit the Richard Hill s/o Nicholas Hill and had brother Ralph with wife Hannah, but am a little puzzled with the dates including the next record:

    “Ralph Hill sells to Samuel Swan of Surry County land which Col. Nicholas Hill, father of Ralph Hill possessed in Isle of Wight and bequeathed to his son, Richard Hill, who dying in infancy, it was diverted to Ralph Hill as elder brother and he now sells to Samuel Swan, 9th September 1680.” Signed: SION HILL

    The family of Col. Nicholas Hill and Sion Hill did cross paths early in Surry Co. in the evident record above. The Bynum family also interacted with both Hill families in early Surry. Perhaps there are relations that trace to England, but am trying to help differentiate those in NC.

    A few more Jenkins/Hill interactions:

    1759 May 1st Henry Hill of Bertie Co., to Charles Jenkins of same, 16 pounds proclamation, 100 acres joining said Hill, Vincent, Collo. Benjamin Hill, excepting by said Benjamin Hill in a deed from said Benjamin Hill to said Charles Jenkins 18 DEC 1745 Wit: William Jenkins, James Rawls, Henry Jenkins July court 1759 clerk of court, Benja. Wynns. (Henry Hill s/o Benjamin Hill and William Jenkins, proven son of Charles who is probably son of John Sr)

    John Hill, Esq. 1763-1765. Acc. Current. Money rec. from (included) James & Kider Jenkins, John & Lewis Jenkins. (D.G. Estate Records) (John Hill s/o Isaac Hill ? with proven children of John Jenkins probable s/o John Sr.)

    One more comment regarding Benjamin Hill as son of Henry. Per internet sources, some claim that Henry Hill’s wife was Mary Pugh. I have not found any basis for that claim and would like to see it.
    It would not surprise me though. Abraham Hill proven son of Henry, had a son named “Theoplus” according to his 1760 will. An Executor for the will of Theophilus Pugh was Benjamin Hill. Pugh’s will is not found in the Abstracts of North Carolina Wills, but we know of this through this Perquimans Co. record:

    No. 290. Oct 16, 1758. William Skinner Esq, of Perq Sheriff; Whereas: Ann Cary, Henry Stephens, & Edward Woodcoc, Exors of the Est of Robt Cary Esq, of London, Mehch’t—dec’d; hath an attachment, agst the Est of Theopholus Pugh, late of sd Co, dec’d (lately in the hands of Benjamin Hill, of Bertie Co, Ex of sd Pugh, but now in hands of Robert Jones Jr, Ex of sd Benjamin Hill dec’d) for the sum of £874, s 5 p 4, and sd parties, did obtain Judgment, (for money due them), & sd Sheriff of Perq, made returns;” that there is no goods, or chattels, of sd Pugh, to be found” & in order to satisfy same, did expose for sale, at public Vendue, 100a “property of sd Pugh,” Joseph Moore being the highest bidder. Test’ N. Collins, Isaac Saunders.

    Richard Hill of Sussex and Green Hill m. Grace were likely brothers but appear not likely to have been possible sons of Henry. I may have found a suspect and will try to post some more on earlier connections at a later time.



    April 30, 2023 at 5:52 pm

  2. Continuation:

    Prior to the interactions of Jenkins/Hill on the WS of Chowan, John Jenkins (Sr/Jr ?) was found briefly on the east side in NC records. I will note first, the 1703 patent of Dr. Henry Jenkins (likely brother of John Sr. in my opinion) that was adjacent to John Perry who would be a close associate and neighbor of Henry Hill on Bennetts Creek.

    404 Doctor Henry Jenkins 23 Oct 1703 VPB 9:569 41a in the upper parish of Nansemond on the SW side of the S. br. of Nansemond River, alias Evens’ Creek; adj. John Evans & John Perry; Trans. of: Henry Jenkins

    Although this patent was made in VA, appears (with help of great maps) to be very near the 1697 patent of William Hill, laying just SW and in present day Gates Co., NC.

    Land grant 28 October 1697. Hill, Wm. grantee.  Location: Nansemond County.
    Description: 150 acres near the head of the Southern branch, adjoining his own land, Oct. 22, 1666.
    Land formerly granted to George Spivey 1666. Importation of Jack, Sarah, and (J)?no.

    In 1701, Henry Hill will patent land on Bennetts Creek and note his neighbor John Rice.

    Land grant 25 April 1701. Hill, Henry. grantee.  Location: Nansemond County.
    Description: 500 acres near Bennetts Creek. Adjoining land of John Rice, Edward Holmes, and Wm. Speight. Transportation of 10 persons

    Henry Hill would be found witnessing a deed in 1717 of John Rice buying a tract of land from Richard Berryman. This tract of land would switch hands several time with John Jenkins (Sr/Jr ?) acquiring it in 1732 and disposing it in 1737 with Moses Hill s/o William as witness.

    pg. 443 Richard Berryman of Chowan Prect., planter to John Rice (residence not given) 16 July 1717 for a valuable consideration 100 acres more or less on Warrick swamp part of the land bought by the sd. Berryman of Thomas Garrett Sr. and is part of a patent to the sd Garrett 10 Nov. 1712 Wit.: Daniel Halsey, Henry Hill Reg. 16 Aug. 1717

    Chowan; 1737, Apr 28:
    John (II) Jenkins, Bertie pct. to Thos. Hobbs, Chowan pct. 60pds, 100 A in Chowan pct on the No. side of Warrick Swamp beginning at a White Oak thence along a line of marked trees to a markt Pine 80p to a Gum thence S 72 degs. till it meets with a line of markt trees that parts this land from sd. Rd. Bereman now lives upon [sic] then along sd line of markd trees to a White Oak standing by or nigh the afsd Warrick Swamp & then down by various courses & bounded thereon to the first station, part of a patent granted to Mr. Thos. Garrett now decd for 355 A by patent dated 10 Oct 1712 & by sd T. Garrett sold to Rd. Bereman party to these presents & by afsd. Berreman sold to John Rice of Chowan by deed dated 1718 * by sd John Rice sold to afosd. Rd. Bereman 17 Apl 1724 [sic]… Wit: John Goodwin [j], Moses (MH) Hill, Thos. (H) Hobbs. Pvd. Jul Ct 1737. Test: Jas. Craven Cl. Cur. (W-1, p.349-350)

    There were two other Hills in NC that appear to contemporaries and in my estimation, may have been brothers; Isaac Hill and especially William Hill. I will not discuss them here, nor have studied them with any significance, but note that Henry and William were nearby neighbors in 1719 (have not traced the location of this patent):

    Chowan #3074 pg. 219 James Griffin 1 March 1719 400 acres in Chowan precinct, joining William Hill and Henry Hill Witnesses: Cha. Eden, Thos Pollock, Fre. Jones, Richd. Sanderson, John Heckenfield

    There may be another contemporary and possible brother to Henry Hill and his name was Thomas Hill. We know that Henry was deceased by 13 July 1719 by this deed:

    Chowan: #391 pg Richard Skinner Sr. of Perquimons Prect. To Abraham Hile of the upper parish of Nancymond 13 July 1719 for the land whereon Richard Skinner now lives that he had of Henry Hile late decd. Father of ye sd. Abraham Hile (Skinner) bargains and sells (to Abraham Hile) 200 acres near the Punch Bowl in the meadow, joining William Woodley, a small Marsh or Pond, the Road and Bear swamp Wit.: John Grisa, William Watson W his mark, Thomas Roundtree Reg. (not given)

    What is interesting is that it appears Henry did not die too long before that date as he received a land patent dated 11 July 1719:

    Land grant 11 July 1719. Hill, Henry. grantee.  Location: Nansemond County.
    Description: 220 acres beg.g &c. by the side of a branch called the Mirey Branch; thence &c. standing at the mouth of Meherin Swamp.

    Within a short time, we find Thomas Hill as witness to a John Perry deed.

    Chowan #604 pg. 5 John Perry of the Upper Parish of Nansemond Co., (Va.) and Patience his wife to John Perry of the Parish and Co. afrsd. 28 July 1719 for 30 barrels of Tarr 105 acres upon the swamp that issueth out of Bennetts —– called the Middle swamp, joining Samuel Smith and the patented granted to Daniel Pugh 30 Aug. 1707 for 310 acres all houses, orchards etc. Wit.: Thomas Hill H his mark, Jacob Perry, Thomas Rountree Reg. 3 8Ber 1719

    Perhaps Thomas was visiting his sick brother during his demise but was there after his death. So, Who is this Thomas? Besides the above deed, there is only one other reference I find of him in NC; Chowan deed #698 29 Sep 1714, of Lawrence Sarson of Chowan Prect., Cabinett Maker to Thomas Pollock of (a mortgage) plantation called Black Walnut Neck, plantation on Bear Swamp called Buckelsberry, tract of land in Bear Swamp, tract of land on Cassayah River, tract of land near the land belonging to Capt. David Henderson which was witnessed by Thomas Danel, Thomas Hill, and Thomas Short. Before I get to Thomas, note the joining land of Samuel Smith.

    It was sold to him by Daniel Pugh:

    #1024  pg 495  DANIEL PUGH of Nansemond Co. Va. to SAMUEL SMITH of the Place afrsd. 8 Dec. 1707 for 2000 pounds of Tobacco  210 acres on Middle Swamp of Bennett’s Creek which issueth out of Albemarle River as by Patent to DANIEL PUGH   3 Aug. 1717 (sic)  Wit: JOHN PERRY, ANDREW ROSS, MARY ROSS  her mark  Reg. 31 8ber 1717

    Another nearby land owner was William Thomas who was a grandson of Col. Nicholas Hill through daughter Elizabeth m. William Thomas (d. bef. 1711):

    “The will of William Thomas named legatees: wife Mary; son Richard, land on the Meherrin river, adj. Samuel Smith; son Samuel, the plantation on which I live. Wife Executrix. Witnesses Lewis Brantley, Nathaniel Morrell, & Ann Gray. Rec. July 27, 1741.”

    The Thomas Hill of above was probably Thomas Hill of IOW whose will was proved 25 July 1720.
    Here are some excerpts of Boddie and Allied Families, I believe, pgs. 215 and 216:

    “ The 300 acres bought by Thomas Hill is mentioned in his will, dated May 23, 1719 as follows: “I give and bequeth the plantation I now live on, together with all my land bought from Mr. Alexander Forbes containing by estimation 300 acres formerly belonging to Mrs. Sivestra Hill, I give the whole tract to my son Thomas Hill and for want of heirs to my son Joseph Hill, then to daus. Ann and Mary; to son Thomas pistole belt, trumpet and colors and silver headed cane, except things given by my mother unto my children, son Thomas to come of age or marry.”
    Will proved July 25, 1720.

    “That Col. HILL had other children living at the time SILVESTRA died is shown in a deed made in 1710 by RALPH HILL of Prince George and NICHOLAS HILL of Norfolk, son and heir of RALPH. They sold the 70 acres in Surry that Col. HILL had bought from PETER GREENE in 1666. (7 W (1) -262.) THOMAS HILL could have been a second son of RALPH and therefore not an heir under the law of primogeniture. “

    “Previous to this, in 1686, RALPH HILL and HANNA his wife sold to NICHOLAS WILSON a parcel of land at the head of Lawne’s Creek (17c. -585). Also in 1688 RALPH sold to HENRY BAKER a parcel of land at GEORGE HARDY’s mill. (do. -597). RICHARD HILL, son of Col. NICHOLAS, died before 1680. (do. -585.) “

    There are a lot more details that can be laid out, but wanted to get this connection that I see out. Thomas Hill married Mary Marshall d/o Humphrey Marshall. In his will, named sons Thomas, Joseph and daughters Mary, Ann. It is son Thomas that I see as a candidate for father of Richard Hill of Sussex and Green Hill if they are part of this Hill clan. It can depend on the correct date that Thomas Hill wrote his will as he was devising to Thomas Jr “at age.” A William & Mary College publishing stated it was written in May 3, 1710. If so, it is possible as Green Hill was born in 1712.
    Some other sources, including the index on Familysearch, indicate the date was 1719 the year the will was written.

    Thomas Jr. was appointed the Clerk of Old Bay Vestry in 1723, and was deceased by 1739-40 as
    George Wilson was qualified on his estate (see audited account of George Wilson, administrator of Thomas Hill 28 Dec 1741, Will book 4, page 387.) John Newsum of Surry qualified as guardian to Thomas Hill, the son of Thomas Hill (d.c. 1740). I will refer back to the 1727 Surry Co. will of Richard Hill with John Newsum as witness:

    “HILL, Richard: Est.- Hannah Hill, admr. 19 July 1727. Signed: Wm. Gray and John Newsum. [Surry County] Book 7, p. 746.”[1]



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