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so l’ll just figure out this here patent… can’t be that difficult…

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This is why I am bald… pulled all the hairs out by the roots…

I call this a data sheet… use it for each patent I use to make the maps…

This is a case filled with errors… it therefore makes no sense and is useless.

Unless! I can find a couple of adjoining patents to use to figure out where the errors might be.

Any idea who this “Mencham” guy might be? This “John Bryant” might be a patent nightmare from 1708 which does not help.

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lost James Bryant info…

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A lost patent for Richard Braswell to be precise. I did a prior post for this Bryant fella and tracked some of his Isle of Wight/Southampton, VA land holdings. I’ve ventured into his history a bit now and see it is likely he was the father in law of Richard Braswell as well as John Dew and Mathew Selar. (per his will of 1731)

This stellar bit of detective work on my part came about not thru my Holmesian insights but merely sheer dumb luck… I was looking for a missing patent for Mr. Braswell and ran across a deed from 1740 that lays out the sordid details…

I have still not found the missing Braswell deed from 1706 but feel compelled to share the James Bryant info… which I shall do...Viszt… as they used to say… (a little colonial history there as Rush used to say…)

The pertinent details start out thusly: William Bryant and wife of Edgecombe County to Thomas Uzzell of Nansemond County, Va. May 20, 1740. 1000 pds. for “a certain plantation” plus 100 A. Land on NS Meherrin River “being plantation whereon James Bryant formerly Lived and part of the patent Granted to Richard Braswell... so you see I am not pulling your leg…

Like I say… I am still looking for that damn missing patent… you folks may poke and prod thru the sordid details as you see fit… my footnoting and source details are horrendous at best and I offer no excuses other than to advise you to simply deal with it…

This is the general area where I think James Bryan[t] was living ca. 1708…

A John Britt is mentioned in one of the references as well as a “Duke” guy which I also cannot find… that is primarily why I suspect the land is in this specific area (but then, this Britt placement can be changed if necessary) it is a guess right now…

Putting on my “historian’s cap”… isn’t it interesting that in 1706 and 1708 when Braswell assigned this land to Bryan[t] that the 1710 Tuscarora “war” had not yet taken place. It was only after the Indians were no longer a threat that the floodgates for settlement were opened. Note in one of the patents shown below for John Dew (near Kerby’s Creek) that mention is made of the “Roanoke path”. I suspect that was the original “Indian Trail” leading to the Occoneechee Neck and perhaps Foltera Fort. It just seems like a lonely place in 1706… except for Indian Traders… and their cohorts.

To add a bit more complexity to this mystery… note the “William” Braswell in the map lower right above… in the references to Bryant in 1714 he is dealing with this William Braswell/wife Mary… is he selling him property? Any one have any insights to what was going on? just curious…

a prior post:

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Kinchen Boon…

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One of my intrepid and curious commenters posted a comment asking… “Hey old man… on your map you have a Kinchen guy right next to a Boon guy… what’s up with that? Think there is any chance thats where Kinchen Boon came from?” or something like that, I’m paraphrasing (smiling).

So I did a random Google search for “kinchen boon” chowan…

Kinchen got around… gnome sane? This map is unfinished but already starting rumors…

The pervy William Byrd II even mentioned Mr. Kinchen in his “secret” diary of the Dividing Line Twixt Virginia and North Carolina… well, the pervert mentioned Kinchen’s wife more specifically. She evidently caught Byrd’s eye in 1728. I’m certainly no saint myself and probably should not throw stones… but hell, I just find the byrdman a little too creepy… even by my wine-swizzled glare.

I get a kick out of theories…

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Phillip Brantley notes… 1720ish to 1760s.. ish…

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His son John seems to have stayed around the area after Phillip died…

This is pretty much a note to myself to pick up at a later date…

This particular Brantley line is interesting to me because of this area of modern Southampton County, VA. It was Isle of Wight in early colonial times. (IOW extended all the way to the NC state line, which did not even exist until 1728). Also many of this area’s inhabitants were associated with folks I am researching…. my Andersons of course, but also Brownes, Boons, Forts, Sims… and others.

I could easily write for an hour just expounding on the clues… but my interest right now is the Boons around Meherrin River.

I am still searching and mapping the early, first patents of this area… all these clues listed are mostly the sons and later folks acquiring the land from dying parents or folks selling out and moving. In order to help satisfy my curiosity I will need to map these later folks. (The Brantley Association Southampton Project will be instrumental for that little project).

Feel free to comment… I will revisit this when the urge allows…

The deed references are the work of Forrest King whose research I constantly run across in my Google searches. (Thank you Mr. King for sharing)


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Sims… perhaps some fire…

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I’ve seen smoke with these guys for years now… but never been able to detect any fire. A father and sons or maybe several Sims brothers were around James Anderson of Occoneechee Neck. That era is about 1716 to 1727 or so… then around 1754 a couple of Andersons show up in Granville County and sure enough, there are also some Sims. Like flies on uh… uh… well Sims were buzzing all around I tell ya.

There seems to be a Pattern here!

But wait! as the irritating tv advertisements say… there is More!

Some Sims were skulking around the Anderson folk around Meherrin River. Elias Fort and his wife witnessed the will of Elizabeth Anderson in 1733. This was the mother of James Anderson and his brother Carolus. My theory also states that William Anderson of Edgecombe, d 1789 was mixed in this crowd, perhaps born there about 1725.

Pondering these clues a bit more… it seems Joseph Sims (I think of Nansemond- he had property there in 1694) married the sister of the Elias Fort mentioned above. And then in 1719 a William Sims show up with property within spitting distance of the Andersons and Boons in the Maherrin River area. Many folks think that William Boon married another sister of Elias Fort. So these Andersons, Boons, Forts and now Sims had something all in common. I figure the boys and girls were cozying up under the bed sheets.

I’m thinking James Anderson may have married a Sims gal. My epiphany for that little theory is that her “mark” was an “S”. You know… for Sims. Her name was Elisabeth… why an S?

Some clues to ponder…

A bit of meat to chew on… my current thought is that these Andersons and Sims may be “kinfolk” perhaps moving around in a “pack” (for lack of a better term). Dare I suggest that this William and George Anderson may be sons of James Anderson of Occoneechee Neck?

Some background… hot off the press…

another tidbit… where Robert Sims came from in IOW … 1690s

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DNA animation

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I just became aware of this. This is the most amazing marriage of science and art that I have ever seen.

The animator/scientist:

In 1973 or so I was a two-striper in The Air Force… I was fortunate enough to get a direct duty assignment out of Basic Training as a “illustrator”. I managed that feat with pure dumb luck because I took what was called a “by-pass specialist” test. I scored high on a “draftsman” test. (I had taken all the drafting classes available in Jr. and Sr High schools). I spent one of those years in the base hospital of Keeler, AFB in Biloxi, Miss with the illustrious title of “medical Illustrator”. I was far from a highly-trained medical illustrator… but hell, I went along with the gig. I even briefly considered going to college to become the real thing but fate being what it is, I did not. But therein said hospital I ran across the work of this guy… Dr. Frank Netter. He was pre-computers and would whip out colored pencils. I think Mr. Berry above, is of the same blueprint material. It is rare when a scientist can draw.

an aside…

I gave up cable tv a couple years ago… can’t even watch Fox anymore. I spend some time on Youtube and find that real, everyday people seem to satisfy my craving for the old addiction.

Donnie Laws … this guy enjoys sharing some of his insights… interesting, I like that he is not freakishly “polished” like tv clowns usually are and is down to earth… check out his other stuff. I liked the video on Cumberland Gap since I am sure my ancestors passed thru it when they headed off to Tennessee in 1830.

I think it was 1966… Mr. Vincent was teaching “earth science” to my 9th grade “head full of mush” as Rush Limbaugh used to refer to it. Mr. Vincent pointed a finger at me ( I think he realized I was actually, really interested) and declared that the whole surface of the earth was just floating around and pieces were bumping in to each other… it was my first introduction to “plate tectonics”. I was and am still mesmerized by the concept. But just as I was getting all settled in with the idea, here comes along another old curmudgeon who has knocked my socks off again. Randall Carlson. He became fascinated with the “scablands” of the American western states as a teenager. He says matter of factly that about 10,000 years ago, give or take a bit, a big freaking comet smacked into about a two mile thick chunk of ice that covered all of Canada and most of the northern United States. This caused the ice to melt and that resulting series of huge honking, mind blowing floods completely altered the bulk of the complete continent of North America and Europe. This flood was, shall we say, of “biblical” proportions (smiling)…he has convinced me.

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another Rogers tidbit… the hits just keep on comin’…

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I noted this several years ago.. but in my naivete… failed to recognize how important it is to ROGERS folks. I mention this because I often say “I am neutral” or “I don’t have a dog in this fight”… my gist is that my REAL object of my research is to find out MY ancestors… not YOURS. If I have to read about your folks I will either fall asleep from boredom or commit suicide. C’mon… do you really care about my grandmother?

So… now that we understand each other… Now that I have become an “industrial” mapper of deeds for long dead people. (how’s that for a job resume?)

I have found that there is an extraordinary amount of “undiscovered info” in deeds. Everybody playing this game looks to map the “Where” the hell did they live? I, on the other hand, have reached a threshold of newfound knowledge whereupon I felt myself compelled to write this Post. Most folks find themselves empowered with knowledge when they find the next door neighbors of their ancestor… Wow! I’ll just study these folks for some dirt…er…facts about their relationship with MY guys.

My maps show the folks down the road… you get the “big” picture.

You may find yourself thinking that “I am looking for that low down SOB what knocked up my Granny.” Hey, its what I do for a pastime… you do your thing. That is how deep in the woods, surrounded by weeds, impressed with “industrial mapping” I really am. I think I can actually find that snake in the grass… (unless he tragically died young from a heart attack before he could marry my poor beleaguered Granny) in which case, he may have been OK. Which, realistically, is my way of doing crossword puzzles. If you catch my drift…

This is an example of whereof I speak…

Google “rogers nansemond”

No one has a clue about this little factoid…

an aside…

This is an example of what I call a “data sheet”… it is the Who, What, Where, When… school of reading chrystal balls…

This is also a “Jesus Christ!… that dude was stoned out of his mind” post. I only use it in moderation as Aristotle was fond of reminding us… another drift to be caught.

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a William Browne study ca 1659-1718

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I’ve been gathering my thoughts about this guy… I’ve found it helps a great deal to do this graphically.

See what you think… there is a lot going on here…


I have been corresponding with a commenter concerning who the William Brown was that had property adjoining Anthony Lewis in isle of Wight. I submit that this removes any doubt… not only is this the adjoining property… it is property that Anthony Lewis “acquired”! Here is the page isolated.

I did not show on this map the larger chunk of property because it is well… “missing” as per my notes.

Here is my data sheet of the patent that is extant at the Library of Virginia (a search must be made using the term “browns” otherwise it will not show up):

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a Rogers tidbit…

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I’ve ranted and raved about the Rogers family which migrated from Surry County, VA to Nansemond around 1700 more or less. A commenter and I went round n round for a while and produced some interesting stuff.. enough so that I think that there was some sort of a relationship… perhaps an intermarriage between the Rogers and Brownes?

I offer this tidbit to other researchers to help the speculation…

Most of my Rogers data can be found here…

The “William” mentioned above is apparently a son of Thomas Brown,,,here is his will…

Will of Thomas Brown 1718

April 1718… Albermar County… sick & weak

… to Christian… my wife… plantation whereon I now live beginning at the corner tree above the inden parth so running down the Line to potocati Creeke and so including six hunderd ackers of Land and Like wise six hunderd ackers of Litwood Land for the use of the sd plantation and for the maintanance of his children beginning? at Thomas Conners corner tree and Line and so running to bells branch and so up ye sd…

—-fold—- illegible

… wife c all my moveabel estate within and withoute untell hirr children come of age or marries then if can be spend_______? to have to cowes and calfs a peace Except my son Thomas brown when he is of age or maners? marries? the to him three cowes and calfs if they can be spard

and my dafter Sarah mackdaniel I give unto her twenty shilings

and every one of my children _______? or ______? as they come of age if (any?)(they?) can be spend

… unto son Thomas… to hunderd eakers and twenty eakers of land being and lying upon potacati Creeke

… son William the half of the upper sirveys beginning at the ____? tree swamp

… son Thomas… other half of ye sd sirveye

… son John and Edward Brown my Land that Lies on ye South side of meharin Creeke and (land that is left of the Land that I sould to George Stevins)

… son Howell and James… the sd plantation and all the land belonging after my wifes deses…

Thomas (X) Brown

Judeth (X) Perry

Thomas (X) Perry

abstract by Marc Anderson 2013

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Morgan Lewis… Come on Down!

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update… After reviewing this post and realizing it was “Looney Tunes” and made no sense… I now submit that it is in regard to one Morgan Lewis of Isle of Wight. My theory is that he is the father of Bridgett Lewis (she having several illegitimate sons… one of which is Anthony Lewis). I further speculate that Morgan Lewis had a brother Thomas Lewis (if not brothers then surely cousins)… I have no idea who their father may have been. In addition, the 2 brothers married 2 sisters. I think this wanton hussy (just kidding, calm down) eventually married John Browne the Indian Trader of Kingsale, Isle of Wight. So there… now I have explained myself and hopefully this Post will make sense.

Oddly enough, and much to my intrigue, this tale now involves my line (Andersons)… since I am a Bastard Brantley. Directly implicated is a relationship to Philip Brantley who married Joyce Lewis. I have not made any of this up… I am simply relating historical facts as I see them.

Perhaps Joyce Lewis and Anthony Lewis were cousins? Or brother/sister? Gasp! My Gawd… another bastard!

Come on Down! The Price is Right is Coming to Chicago

I’m not sure where to focus this research… perhaps a list…

Philip Brantley married Joyce Lewis

Anthony Lewis of Isle of Wight

Bridgett Lewis wife of John Browne the Indian Trader

Susanna Braswell

Both daughters of John George married a Lewis

I don’t know where to start…

The map below shows where I think Joyce Lewis originated from. She married Philip Brantley, the son of Edward Brantley. The Brantley property was situated a bit south and west of where John George lived, which could explain how Philip and Joyce Lewis became involved.

Here is the tedious trail for John George… (the creature was a lackey for Berkley during Bacon’s Rebellion. I think the Brantleys were allied with Bacon.)

I think George originally settled north of Isle of Wight near Baileys Creek (easterly of modern Petersburg), which is shown on modern maps. In his later years he relocated to “near” Lawnes Creek in IOW.

Where Bridgett Lewis wound up … near the Chown River in North Carolina… near a place called Petty Shore. Use my search button for some tidbits… search term “petty shore”.

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