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John Brantley 1722 … 2 land deals

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This is Southampton County, VA… it was still considered Isle of Wight at this time. I am very confident of the placement of these patents. One title trail was found in the Isle of Wight books… the other was in the Southampton records. I have no way of knowing how much of Pearson’s Millpond has been altered over the years but this is pretty much on the money.

The original (new land) deed owners were William Kenney and Henry Powers. That is where Brantley obtained them.

The nitty-gritty detective work is in the below documents:

In 1739 John Brantley obtained a 3rd patent nearer to Emporia, VA for 350 acres… I have not determined how or when he disposed of it but it was a patent and not a “purchased” deed.

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John Underwood shops the Square…

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I’ll have to add this guy to my list of suspect Indian Traders… also, he has been just out of my radar range for years but has recently come to my attention. A John Underwood is noted as the father in law to a George Anderson who left a will in Granville, 1757… so I have been curious about him for a while but could never find a trail. But that will have to be put on a back burner and researched later… I do not know if this is the guy or not.

I found a deed for “a” John Underwood in the Southampton records… but he is buried up sort of like a tick inside the Nottoway Indian’s Six Mile Square “reservation”. What’s up with that, I mumble to myself. So I’ve been occupying myself with figgerin’ out this perplexity. We all know that Indian Land is, you know…”reserved” for Indians. So how did a white guy worm his way into the sacred bowels of the Square?

I’ve dealt with a number of these colonial era deeds … but this one has some strange terms. Like “to corner number thirteen” and what the hell is Barrow doing building a “Road” in and amongst the heathens? I mean, wouldn’t a road builder surely get his ass shot full of pointy arrows or bbbb..bullets? Tommyhawks for sure!

Heres a map… its what I do… the sumbitch usurper is lower right (I used red for the color…get it?)

So with my curiosity meter on high… I searched up an article by Dr. Helen Rountree and she was right on top of all my questions. She is also remarkably un-racist and un-bigoted… but then what do I know? Hell! I watched John Wayne right there on the Big Screen when he kilt all those Comancheros and Comanches what kilt hapless settlers and buried guys up to their necks in ant beds… I know how Injuns really are… well, except for that old commercial on TV that showed that Indian with a tear running down his cheek. I get choked up thinking about it until I remember he was an actor just, you know… acting. (Iron Eyes Cody… that Italian guy from Louisiana)

Seems like it was common knowledge the Nottoway Indians drank spiritous liquors to excess. Well not ALL of them of course… but enough … if I say the Indians were a bunch of drunks I would of course be a racist bigot asshole.

Those princes of men in the colonial Virginia Legislature (I guess you could call it that) wrote a damn law! about the Drunken Indians and how they could sell their land to solve their lack of sobriety problem. (They were Problem Fixers for true!) I am convinced without any doubt whatsoever that Lyndon B. Johnson would have approved this bill and be inspired to later initiate his own bill for a Great Society. I quote verbatim…

Here are a couple more deeds of the Nottoway Indians selling their land. I’m 70 years old now and have lost my youthful misconceptions. I study history as it was… not how we wish it was. I may return to this study later but I think I will take a breather for now… its hard for me to find any humor when it gets this sad…

Drink in moderation.

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Thomas Boon… a tidbit

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This Fort book is witty and well done… well worth the read. The authors are very thorough and resourceful.

There may be a better source online but this one will do in a pinch… it is cumbersome and slow on my computer.

On page 216 or so can be found this reference to the Andersons and Boons I am interested in…

Of particular interest is a listing of the Thomas Boon family of Isle of Wight of which he cites Mrs. Louise Apperson of Newport News, Virginia. It is in bold below. I leave it in context because his throw away lines have me glued to my computer screen.

Alice Fort and The Clerk. The will of Elizabeth Anderson, Bertie Precinct,
North Carolina, made November 5, 1732 and recorded August Court, 1733,
was witnessed by “Elias Fortt” and what appears to be “Eaker Fort.”
Thinking this latter a variation of “Eliezer,” the authors ransacked counties
in North Carolina looking for this lost Fort. Hugh B. Johnston, Jr., of Wilson,
North Carolina, then suggested that the name might be “Alice.” Study of
the photostat shows that the Bertie clerk had a habit of putting an
unnecessary curlicue on his final “e”, and that the name is actually “Ealce.”
The person was a woman: “her mark.”
Phillis Fort. The name in George’s 1719 will is “Fybash.” Robert Simms’
will in Bertie Precinct, February Court of 1729, lists among others “John
Fybash.” William Boon, Elias Ford (Fort), and Nathaniel Cooper were
witnesses. Mourn1ng Barnes, daughter of Edward and Sarah (Pope) Barnes,
had married a John Fiveash prior to 1761; because of the name’s rarity we
can assume this was Phillis’s son. The authors do not know if there were
descendants by this marriage, but at least one branch of the Fiveash family
is known to be living in Georgia. A Georgia local history-the “Coweta
County Chronicles”-contains a sketch on the Simms family and mentions
that Phillis married Rowland Williams as her third husband. No other source
for this marriage is known, so the authors cannot put it in the category
of “Proved.” Abstracts of Northampton County, Virginia, deeds in the period
17 41-1759 show many deeds in which Rowland and Phillis are parties. Some
show ties to the Simms and Boon families, but none prove the wife had been ·
Phillis Fort. The last of the Williams abstracts in Northampton is in 1754-c
The Fort-Boon Mystery: There is no known direct proof of a Fort-Boon
marriage, but the number and kind of documents coupling the families make
it seem likely. William and Nicholas (“Niccolis”) Boon were witnesses to
George’s 1719 will. Elias and Benjamin had lands joining William Boon. Boon
was a witness to Elizabeth Anderson’s 1732 will along with Elias. William
Boon and Elias Fort witnessed the will of Robert Simms in 1729. Thomas
Boon, father of William, witnessed a sale of land to Elias by Samuel Canady
in 1723; in 1728 he witnessed another sale to Elias, this time by his son,
Thomas, Jr. Most persuasive, however, is the power of attorney given by
Elizabeth Boon, to “my trusty and well beloved friend Elias Fort . . . to
relinquish my right of Dower . . . in a Parcell of Land sold by aforesaid
Husband to John Bryan … 15th day of July, 1720,” Witnessed by Samuel
Peacock and John Bryan. (Chowan County, Deed Bk. F, Pg. 54) N9nnally
in those days powers of attorney were given only to relatives. The authors
think it probable, therefore, that Elizabeth Boon was the daughter of George
Fort. They are indebted to Mrs. Louise Apperson of Newport News, Virginia,

for this listing of the children of Thomas Boon of Isle of Wight County,
Virginia, who married Ziltha (:): William ( who is believed to have married
Elizabeth Fort); Mary (married Joseph Boon); Martha (married Mr. Gay);
Lela (married Mr. Wheeler); Nicholas (married Susannah Edmunds);
James; John; Jesse; Thomas, Jr.; Henry. There are Fort-Boon documents in
the records of Northampton County, North Carolina, at later dates.

This genealogy breaks down thusly:

Thomas Boon m. Ziltha

William m. Elizabeth Fort

Joseph m. Mary

Nicholas m. Susannah Edmunds

James, John, Jesse, Thomas Jr. and Henry

Mr. Gay m. Martha

Mr Wheeler m. Lela

Hopeless sceptic that I am, I am not sold on this scenario. For instance, I think the Thomas married Ziltha “may” be the son of Thomas Boon who married Elizabeth Strickland.

William Boon who married Elizabeth may be the daughter of George Fort.

And since I am of a theorizing nature, I think it possible Elizabeth Anderson d. 1732 may be a sister of George Fort. I just threw that in to stir the pot a bit. If one is not thinkin’ one is sitting on one’s brain. Prove me wrong.

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VDH on Those People

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Edgecombe / Swift Creek map

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I worked on this last year and have pigeon-holed it for now… but I have seen some interest in my Edgecombe map lately. This is full of errors but I see no way to avoid the fact that any mapper will have to show his trials and errors to find out where the puzzle pieces fit correctly… I doubt this will ever be finished but it offers many clues…

With that in mind, here is my attempt to map the Swift Creek area of Edgecombe County from its start roughly in 1723 to roughly the Revolutionary years… see what you think…


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some answers to Jennifer concerning the Boons

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If it’s not too much to ask, I would like to know if I am interpreting some of the provided info correctly.

1) Mathew STRICKLAND (of the 1803-acre land grant) wife is Elizabeth. And he appears to have settled in IOW about 1678.

Yes, her maiden name unknown… his death date is about 1697 or so…

Matthew STRICKLAND, of will date 14 July 1730, probated 25 Oct 1730, IOW.
His wife, Anne Brasswell.

Yes, there was a Braswell property within easy walking distance of where Thomas Boon lived on the Strickland property in IOW. (see map below)

1714, Mathew Strickland and wife Anne (Brasswell), sell part of his father’s, Mathew Strickland, land grant of 1803-acres.

2) Theory
4-5 Boon Brother’s and, Nich Boon from 1667 IOW is a possible father.
“Is it possible Thomas is a son of Nicholas Boon of IOW.” {IS Nich and Nicholas interchangeable?}

This is interesting because I had not entertained the idea of the 1667 Nich and Nicholas being different men. I cannot even hazard a guess. Forrest King in his research found a reference to Nich Boon signing a petition after Bacon’s Rebellion if I recall correctly. So from 1667 to 1676 is a decade which seemingly has this Nich Boon in IOW… these scanty records cannot even support a credible theory that I can detect… other than offer a possibility that he could have sired a family of sons. So in my mind it is clearly possible that Thomas Boon could be a son and have numerous brothers by Nich Boon the elder.

The other plausible theory, again in my opinion, is that Thomas Boon (son in law of Strickland) may have sired a family of sons who all wind up in North Carolina (excepting what appears to be his youngest son who remained on the IOW property left to him by his father Thomas).

… a link to the research of Forrest King…

Thomas BOON is the son-in-law of Mathew Strickland.
William Boon is the son of Thomas Boon.
Earliest record for William Boon is 1712 and he was the first of the Boons to show up in NC.
The wife of William Boon is Elizabeth.

Yes, I have found only one direct reference to William Boon in Isle of Wight… he is a witness to a 1731 deed of Phillip Pearce (of Bartee Precinct in North Carolina). This is interesting because the Phillip Pearce hails from property very close to The Thomas Boon property in IOW. If William Boon and this Phillip Pearce are second generation sons who knew each other growing up then that could explain why Boon is acting as a witness in this land transaction. It may be that this document was accomplished in NC and Boon did not even travel to IOW… this could merely have been re-copied to the Virginia court?

Joseph Boon, d. 1728, is the father of James Boon.
Joseph Boon, appears to be the brother of Thomas Boon of IOW, who married daughter of Matthew Strickland.
Thomas Boon and FNU Strickland, had a son Ratliff Boon.

Yes, I show elsewhere on my sight an image of Thomas Boon’s signature “mark” and it is the capital T with a smaller “B” scribbled onto the capital T. I think this is the older “Virginia” Thomas. He witnessed Joseph Boon’s will in 1728. But therein causes me to pause… is this father of such superior genetic substance that he is outliving his sons? Possible but not probable. He could however, easily be a brother.

Thomas Boon, who married the daughter of Matthew Strickland, starts buying property, about 1705, and moving towards NC with son’s (in tow) William, Nicholas, Joseph and Thomas, Jr.

Such is my theory… i am not “sold” on the idea… but I have found that theories keep the discussion flowing.

3) Carolus ANDERSON
His mothers will of 1732, was witnessed by Elias Fort.
His wife is named Mary and “thinks” she is a Boon.
Theory: Thomas Boon of VA, that married daughter of FNU Strickland, settled next to Carolus Anderson in 1724 on Meherrin River.

Yes. Note the name ANDERSON in the map above… my theory is that Carolus was the son of that George Anderson and Carolus may have grown up next to William Boon.

Thank you,


There are some researchers who have stated that a Nich or Nickolas/Nicholus Boon 1660s from Isle of Wight was some sort of mariner or sea captain that hailed from Dutch waters. He was evidently so busy sailing to and fro’ he did not have time to leave any records in IOW. They state they have found Dutch records to substantiate the claims but can’t find the time to share their sources. I would like to see some proof…otherwise I call it bullsh*t.


footnote to comment by Jennifer

Note on part of Byrd’s survey at Meherrin River

On the humorous side… folks trip and stumble all over themselves when they see the term “Country Line” on the deed references to the VA and NC boundary line. Rest assured that that is exactly what they meant. Thomas Jefferson referred to Virginia as “his Country”… likewise with Robert E. (Bobby) Lee. So I just snicker when I correct people when they change the wording to County instead of Country. Silly people.

An aside…

… a note to Jennifer… you might be interested in the Thornton reference contained herein. It seems Katherine Bathe of Isle of Wight was widow to a Thornton. (all messy and complicated stuff). She also widowed a Whitehead and raised one of the multitudinous Arthur Whiteheads. It seems the Whiteheads et al, were friends neighbors and more than likely intermarried with the Boons. (It seems they go way back to the William Strickland property near Horse Swamp in Isle of Wight).

I’m thinkin’ one of the Whitheads wound up near the Boons fairly close to the Meherrin River… I will try to map it out when I get a chance… we have also discovered the Thornton property just south of the Meherrin River near the Virginia line.

see this reference… still working notes…gathering my thoughts…

see here also:

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a Southern moment… when hunger calls

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I get nostalgic for Mom’s cookin’ now and then.. but this is certainly NOT Mom. This is a goto spot for any Yankees who in their wildest dreams wish that they were fortunate enough to be born in God’s Country but Fate did not allow…

I grew up on this stuff… it is the real thing. Nuff said.

a caution… these gastronomic delights are not for the faint of heart… tread lightly my friends…

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William Boon’s magic patent

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The thing either GROWS… or sheds like a dog… I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure acres don’t just disappear.

1720… I’m thinking Mr. Boon may have an earlier patent around the Morattock River (Roanoke for you newbies). He dabbled in real estate between the Meherrin River where it crosses between North Carolina and Virginia. And he dabbled quite a bit. I’ve been extremely frustrated with trying to unravel the many and sundry deals that he made… not only around his home base (which seems to be the Meherrin River properties) and his several holdings over at Occoneechee Neck on the Morattock River. This Mr. Boon in my opinion will turn out to be the brick wall of my many brick walls in trying to fit the puzzle pieces together to figure out the Boon Family. My overly under managed website here is littered with my frustrated attempts to figure the Boons out.

I think this guy grew up in Virginia… can’t prove it yet but I be workin’ on it. William Boon was best buds with a couple other Williams… 3 of them … always seemed to be bumping into each other. William Braswell, William Browne and this William Boon from Meherrin River.

My gut tells me these characters were a bit on the “dandies” side of the equation… they preferred to sell real estate more than till the soil if you catch my drift. Nuthin’ wrong with that I suppose… but my modus operandi is to track Indian Traders who tended to get their hands dirty… gnome sane? Traders had a tendency to sample the rum they traded… see Richard Cureton as an example… just to pick on one of many I could pick on.

I fell in to the same trap most newbies fall in to now a days… search like crazy all over the web and get a sense of what most people think… get a consensus as the climate kooks say. This William Boon was the first of the Boons to show up in North Carolina. All that nonsense about a Thomas Boon being there since 1668 is bullsh*t. Sorry for the French. I’ve proved it in my other posts… do a search on this site if you are incredulous and think you can debate me. I like a good argument. Read some comments where I get my feathers all ruffled and panties get all tied into knots… you people do not like it when I challenge your sacred cows. But hey… let’s keep it civil.

December 8, 1702, Mathew (M) STRICKLAND sold Thomas BOON for 12,000 pounds of tobacco in cask 300 acres in the Lower Parish on Horse Swamp, Blackwater, First Branch, Gum Branch, and the Arthur WHITEHEAD line, witnessed by William JOLLY, James JOLLY, and Adam MURRAY.

That Thomas Boon married the daughter of Mathew Strickland. About 1705 this Thomas Boon starts buying property and moving towards North Carolina…. recall that prior to 1700 it was verboten! for mere mortals from Virginia to cross the Blackwater River. I think this may have been the progenitor of the North Carolina Boons. When he started his trek to NC he had in tow numerous sons… those being William, Nicholus, Joseph and a Thomas Junior.

This is a theory folks… just trying to connect dots. There was a mystery Nich Boon in isle of Wight in 1667 but he did not not leave any tracks to follow. So much for the background info… on to the magic patent…

Oh wait… check out the movement of Thomas Boon to North Carolina…

Recall that people were restricted “by Law” from settling past the Blackwater River before 1700.

Note… I do not want this Post to be overshadowed by the mystery surrounding Thomas Boon. I have stated my case concerning my theory about him in this link:

Back to William Boon. I think he was a son of Thomas Boon, son in law of Mathew Strickland just to clarify where I stand. From my research, I am of the opinion that the “Three Williams” became friends and intermarriages occurred. Then it became a more serious matter when women , money/property and family relations entered the equation. Referencing the map above, it was around this 1704 time period that things began to get “heated up” in North Carolina. And then and there is when Braswell, Browne and Boon hooked up and were some of the frontrunners in the race to settle NC. They went West before it was cool. Yehaw! as they say.

Virginia was about to burst at the seams. All the easy land grabs had been farmed out and there were too many sons to bestow property on when the old men died out. Something had to give! The Indians had to go and new land had to open up to satisfy the demand. This was the genesis of what would later become “Manifest Destiny”. So much for the “why” about the boys in North Carolina… now for the “how” of the Boons.

I call this the “magic patent” in jest. But it does serve to show the wild and excited atmosphere surrounding the settlement of NC. Here is the actual patent:

To make my point about the “excitement” of the times (Germans coined the term Zeitgeist which may offer some insight although I find Germans a bit weird…mumbling to myself…I married and divorced one) I offer this breakdown of the above patent. It was like a foodfest of ravaged and starving men carving up a deer carcass to cart off and feed upon. I have damn near lost my mind just figuring out the details…and I am STILL not satisfied I understand it…Behold the madness!

To expand on my point above, here is a bit of a breakdown of just one of the chunks of the “magic patent” this one involving Elias Fort. The Forts hailed from an area just across the Blackwater River from old man Thomas Boon when he still lived on the Mathew Strickland spread in Isle of Wight. So the Boons and Forts go “way back” as the expression goes…

Intermission… I’ll leave this as a cliffhanger while I recharge and gather more ammo to attack this vicious dilemma.

Hmmm… here are a few deed references that vibrate my radar (Spidey sense?)… they “seem””perhaps” to connect William Boon directly (or indirectly) to the Stricklands of Isle of Wight. These are later Northampton County deeds:—1773-northampton-co-nc-deeds

1741/1742 – February 4,Nicholas Boon of Northampton Co to Joseph Strickland of Northampton Co 5 shillings Va money 150 acres on the south side of Meherrin River, joining Corduroy Swamp and the mouth of Miry branch, all houses, orchards, gardens, etc. part of a patent to Thomas Boon in 1723.  Wit:  James Washington, John Deberry, John Phillips   Reg. Northampton Co Feb Ct 1741  J. Edwards C. Ct. Deed Book 1,  p. 16 (See 1744 Deed)

1743 – October 25, Matthew Strickland of Edgecombe Co. to Joseph Strickland of Northampton Co. 5 pounds currency of Va. 100 acres on the south side of the Maherin river part of a tract granted to William Boon 11 Nov. 1723 and part of the land William Strickland left by will to Matthew Strickland Wit: John Deberry, Benjamin Deberry Reg. Northampton Co., NC May Ct. 1744 Robert Forster C. Ct. (Pg 115) (See 1773 deed)

1743 – November 21, Rowland Williams and Phillis, his wife of Northampton Co to Anthony Robinson of York Co, Va, gentleman 25 pounds Va money   100 acres more or less on the north side of Morratoke river in ye Oconeeche Neck, joining the Miry branch, William Strickland, Sr., the Gum pond, Robert Sims, a cypress swamp and Oconeeche swamp, part of a patent of William Boon decd for 346 acres  Wit: Knowles Giles, William Moore Reg. Northampton Co  Nov Ct 1743   J. Edwards C. Ct. Deed Book 1,  p 94

I have not researched these Stricklands after they ventured out of IOW and moved into North Carolina… is this mere coincidence or are they following along with the Boons?

footnote to a comment concerning Hubbard Gibson…

footnote to comment concerning Browne’s will of 1718. This mistranslation of the will has been used as evidence that William Boon and William Browne were brothers in law. It is an error… it is a falsehood. I too was taken in by this mistranslation and would like to set the record straight. This document can be easily downloaded and shared with anyone still suffering from delusions of the nearsighted transcriber. (I’m pretty sure I am referring to an overzealous Braswell researcher… but other that this irritating error they have done a respectable job breaking down that particular cobweb of history… Carey Bracewell has a book on Amazon that I wholeheartedly recommend).

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so l’ll just figure out this here patent… can’t be that difficult…

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This is why I am bald… pulled all the hairs out by the roots…

I call this a data sheet… use it for each patent I use to make the maps…

This is a case filled with errors… it therefore makes no sense and is useless.

Unless! I can find a couple of adjoining patents to use to figure out where the errors might be.

Any idea who this “Mencham” guy might be? This “John Bryant” might be a patent nightmare from 1708 which does not help.

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lost James Bryant info…

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A lost patent for Richard Braswell to be precise. I did a prior post for this Bryant fella and tracked some of his Isle of Wight/Southampton, VA land holdings. I’ve ventured into his history a bit now and see it is likely he was the father in law of Richard Braswell as well as John Dew and Mathew Selar. (per his will of 1731)

This stellar bit of detective work on my part came about not thru my Holmesian insights but merely sheer dumb luck… I was looking for a missing patent for Mr. Braswell and ran across a deed from 1740 that lays out the sordid details…

I have still not found the missing Braswell deed from 1706 but feel compelled to share the James Bryant info… which I shall do...Viszt… as they used to say… (a little colonial history there as Rush used to say…)

The pertinent details start out thusly: William Bryant and wife of Edgecombe County to Thomas Uzzell of Nansemond County, Va. May 20, 1740. 1000 pds. for “a certain plantation” plus 100 A. Land on NS Meherrin River “being plantation whereon James Bryant formerly Lived and part of the patent Granted to Richard Braswell... so you see I am not pulling your leg…

Like I say… I am still looking for that damn missing patent… you folks may poke and prod thru the sordid details as you see fit… my footnoting and source details are horrendous at best and I offer no excuses other than to advise you to simply deal with it…

This is the general area where I think James Bryan[t] was living ca. 1708…

A John Britt is mentioned in one of the references as well as a “Duke” guy which I also cannot find… that is primarily why I suspect the land is in this specific area (but then, this Britt placement can be changed if necessary) it is a guess right now…

Putting on my “historian’s cap”… isn’t it interesting that in 1706 and 1708 when Braswell assigned this land to Bryan[t] that the 1710 Tuscarora “war” had not yet taken place. It was only after the Indians were no longer a threat that the floodgates for settlement were opened. Note in one of the patents shown below for John Dew (near Kerby’s Creek) that mention is made of the “Roanoke path”. I suspect that was the original “Indian Trail” leading to the Occoneechee Neck and perhaps Foltera Fort. It just seems like a lonely place in 1706… except for Indian Traders… and their cohorts.

To add a bit more complexity to this mystery… note the “William” Braswell in the map lower right above… in the references to Bryant in 1714 he is dealing with this William Braswell/wife Mary… is he selling him property? Any one have any insights to what was going on? just curious…

a prior post:

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