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William Pitman…Longhunter

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In Wallen’s party of l76l, some were known to hunt as far away as the Cumberland river in western Tenn. Among those known to have been in this party, besides Wallen, there was his father-in-law Jack Blevins, his brother-in-law, William Blevins, Charles Cox, William Newman, William Pitman, Henry Scaggs, Uriah Stone, Michael Stoner; James Harrod and William Carr. At this time, William Pittman was in his early twenties, six feet tall and of fine appearance. There were several Pittmans and more than one named William.

Of this William Pittman, John Redd says; “In the latter part of Feb.l776, Pittman and Scaggs came to Martin’s Station in Powell Valley. They were returning from a long hunt they had taken in the “Brush” on the northwest side of Cumberland Mountain. They returned earlier than usual and their reason for doing so was that they had seen a great smoke some distance off which they knew was Indian “ring-hunting”, and besides, they had seen Indian tracks through the woods, where they were hunting; whereupon they set out for home. They spent some eight to ten days at the Station. While they were with us, they showed some silver ore they had found on top of a little hill in their hunting ground. …

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  1. I came across this: William “Longhunter” was written up in the book. Kentucky: A Land of Contrast by Thomas Clark. He writes.

    And from Clark’s Kentucky: A Land of Contrast; “Among them came Casper
    Mansker, Elisha Walden, Jack Blevins, Benjamin Cutbirth, Henry Scaggs, William
    Newman, and William Pittman. These men were more than hunters, they were the
    forerunners of Anglo-American civilization…”


    Judy Foley

    May 7, 2012 at 10:13 am

    • Interesting characters… kind of an early version of the later “mountain men”. I’d love to hear if anyone ever tracks this Pitman to his extended family.



      May 7, 2012 at 10:41 am

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