Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

meant what they said, said what they meant

War is Hell…

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Mrs. Parsons, Apl. the 2nd, 1779.

Dear Colonel, I am very much surprised at the delay of these men that you should have sent over to me. I have been here now a whole week and not a man yett. I am much afraid you leave it to Some Body Else to Doe—while you Doe you never will gett them to gether for the are a sett of lazy Raskalls that hate to leave the fire side. You promised me you would turn out in search of them vr self for if you Doe not you never will get them together. All the troops on this side is a marching every day, the last of them is gone this Day for Kingston. Consider Colonel I am a poor young fellow and am all this time at my own expence in a tavern. I can’t afford it any longer and hope you will take my case into Consideration. Pray Sir if you can’t gett anney more men pray Lett me Know that T may if you think proper sett off without anny.

Yr. Humble Servt.,

JOHN EGAN. To James Blount, Esq.,

Col. of the Militia in Chowan.



North Carolina, Ju\y Chowan Court 1746.

Chowan County—Ss.

Present His Majesty’s Justices.

It was then and there ordered, That the Several Ordinary Keepers ‘1 ake out a Copy of ye following Rates and Keep the same up according to Law, viz as each is to take and receive for. £ s d

Maderia wine p Quart & so in proportion 12 6

Vidonia Wine p Quart & so in proportion 10

Carolina Cyder per Quart 2 6

Northern Cyder per Quart 5 0

Strong Malt Beer of America p Quart or bottle 50

A diet of fresh meat, wheat Bread & small Beer 60

Lodging p. night 2 6

A Gallon of Oats or Corn 26

Pasturage or stabling a horse p. night 1 5 0

Claret p. bottle 1 5 0

A Breakfast 50

Rum p. gallon & so in proportion 2 10 0

A Quart of Flip with half pint of Rum on it 50

Strong Malt Beer or Porter of Great Britain, Quart or bottle 7 6 A Quart of Punch with Loaf Sugar, Lime Juice & -^ Pint

Rum 76

A Quart of Punch with Brown Sugar 5 0

British Ale or Beer Bottled or wired in Great. Britain. … 10 0

N. B. Tf any person or persons presume to take any higher or greater price for Liquors than above rated, on complaint and proof thereof made before any two Justices of ye peace within the said County, shall forfeit their Lycences and further be Lyable to the Penalties by Law prescribed.

By order. JAS. CRAVEN, Clk. Cur.

(One has to sympathize with the poor fellow… with the war surrounding him and all the quality likker obviously embargoed by this time, he must have been grievously struggling to down the sorry Carolina swill then available.)

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