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Like an irrate schoolmarm beating me about the head and shoulders with a ruler, I suppose I should mention that about a half dozen Brantley matches have shown up in my DNA search. (I signed up with a 12 point test perhaps 10 years ago with y-search).  I queried one from the Bradley research folks and never got a response… perhaps my suggestion that there may have been some nefarious goings-on was insulting?  In any event one match was from Halifax, NC area and others referenced England and blah, blah usual stuff.

This seems to be the culprit:  Additional information about Paternal Line:
Edward Brantley settled in Isle of Wright Co, VA 1638, his will of 1688 mentions children John, Phillip, Edward and Mary. Name of wife unknown.

So… any Brantley’s want to fess up with some facts?   Hmmm?

I don’t see any fire but there does seem to be some smoke…

There does appear to be some possible early associations of Andersons and Brantleys in Isle of Wight- at least as neighbors.

Ardrewson(sic), George. grantee

25 October 1695

Isle of Wight County

175 acres adjoining the land of George Pearce, John Silleway

Wm. Carver, Wm. Williams and Richd. Brassells.

(The headrights for this grant was – James: Samson   three times

Eliz Samson his Daughter)

In James Sampson’s will (1727) adjoining property of Edward Brantley is noted.

Also in 1647 Elizabeth Barcroft  (wife of James Sampson) listed a “Francis Anderson” as a headright.  The property was described as “1200 acres near the head of Sewards Creek adjoining the land of Mr. Cooper and Captn. Barnard”… the first Edward Brantly was a headright of Seward.

Just sayin’…

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