Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

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a hunch on Peter Anderson d.1801

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I love cliches… they are very practicable as Southerners gone by used to say. Sometimes the obvious is the most inobvious.  The name Peter, in reference to an Anderson, in colonial eastern NC is rare.  I don’t find the name reflected in any other Anderson families in eastern colonial NC.  For that reason I look to Virginia.

Two men set the course of a large enterprise of Indian Trade in the late 1600s- Abraham Wood and William Byrd I.  The Wood faction centered around Petersburg, VA.  Get That?  Oh come on, you might ask, you can’t be serious from a genealogical aspect that that could have anything to do with a guy in NC who died in 1801?  Indeed I do.  A neighbor of Peter Anderson in NC was one Biggins Sturdivant…  trace his family back and you will find John Sturdivant…

Death of John Sturdivant, Adventures of Purse and Person, P 351.   John Sturdivant seems to have been an Indian trader in the employ of William Byrd I of Westover, who wrote April 29, 1684 from James City to Thomas Grendon in England.“Old Sturdivant, his son, Millner, Shipy, Womacke and Hugh Cassell were all killed by the Indians in their returne from the westward, about 30 miles beyond Ochanechee, what prejudice it is to mee you may guesse, they having (had they come well in) made a very advantagious journey.”

I suspect the father of Peter Anderson of NC was a grandson of Reynard Anderson of Virginia.  That story begins on the South side of the James River…


I dug up some old notes…

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume XXI, Number 3 (01-JUL-1983)

Prince George Co., Court Orders and Returns of Executions

 p. 113

At A Court Held at Merchants Hope for Prince George County 9 April 1717 Present: Robert Hall,James Thweatt, John Hardyman, Lewis Green, Jr, John Peterson, Gent., Justices

p. 114

Elizabeth Cooper, relict of John Cooper, dec’d, makes oath that her husband died intestate and she is appointed Administratrix with James Bell and PETER ANDERSON her security.


So, this Peter in Virginia, 1717, doesn’t leave any tracks I can find… he is too early to have died in 1801 but what if he moved to NC and died.  In 1745 “a” widow Susannah Anderson received a grant in NC…  see my Page for some notes on her… (I’ve not had the chance to view her grant which may furnish some clues)

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