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Willie Price of Edgecombe…

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A commenter (Joel Hutto) is looking for leads on an ancestor from Edgecombe County…


I am really enjoying looking over your site. I feel my ancestor is from this line, but I cannot figure out how he fits in. I think he is probably from a son of Thomas’s whose probate and/or will does not name children. My guy’s name was Willie Price b ca 1785, his wife was names Mary b ca 1783 and their children were Priscilla, Oren Wiley, Elizabeth, Alfred and Drusilla, all born in NC but the family moved to Henry County TN sometime in the 1830′s. My Willie is in the 1810 census next to a Hardy Price and on the page after where Joel Price is listed (the son of Jesse Price). In 1806 Wilie Price bought 65 acres adjoining Jesse Price, Dempsey Battle, John Sumner and sold it to William Price in 1809. In 1810 he then purchase 100 acres in South Side of Swift Creek beginning at Indian Branch adjoining Nasworthy Mials/Mails. In 1833 Willie Price of TN sold that land to Willis Wells. In 1815 Willie Price was listed as a buyer for the estate of Joel Price and a year later in 1816 of Joel’s widow Nancy. Willie is neither an heir to Joel, nor to Joel’s father Jesse who died a couple of years earlier. This leads me to believe Willie was most like a cousin to Joel, thus a child of one of Jesse’s brothers, possibly Elijah or William.

In 1824, my Willie Price was the Administrator to the Estate of an Elizabeth Mials of Edgecombe County. Some buyers include Richard Manning, Willis Wells, Burwell Rose, Willie Price and Micajah Rose.

In 1847, Willie Price was Administrator of the Estate of Exum Manning in Henry County TN. After more searching, I realized he was the son of Thomas Manning who died in Edgecombe County, NC abt 1824. In Thomas’ will he lists his wife Mourning, and sons Richard, Exum, Nathan and Thomas, the latter 2 both minors. It appears Exum may have gone to Henry County with the Price’s and his brother Thomas went to Robertson County TN with a Richard M. Rose and his family. Both Exum and Thomas appeared to remain single and their brothers seem to have married and stayed in Nash and Edgecombe Counties.

If you have run across this Willie Price (pronounced Wiley), I would certainly appreciate a heads up! I cannot find out which family he is from, nor his wife’s maiden name and yet I keep solving mysteries of other families he was involved with.


I haven’t found any hard leads but did find this mention in the estate file for Jonanthan Price in 1817.

Jonathan Price (wife “Polly”…which may be a nickname? A web comment suggests she may be Mary Oneal?) appears to have left 7 children (Asa, Elizabeth, Redman, Tempy, Joel, Jackson and 2 who were of age in 1823/4,  Joab and Pricilla. (see   NC, Edgecombe, Probate Records, Accounts, 1820-1828  image 302).


If anyone has anything to offer, feel free to comment… the Price folks are a tangled mess to document. The website has numerous Price documents to ponder…

In 1811, Jonathan Price was Executor for Isham Oneal…. mentioned below are James and William Anderson (sons of William Anderson d1789) The wife of William Anderson Sr was Mourning Price (daughter of Thomas Price d 1779).
The Swift Creek area was northside of the Tar River… many of the folks above mentioned lived around that area.


Edge. Co. Db 19, page 479, deed date 18 Nov 1829, recorded Nov Ct
1829, Willis Wells to John H. Wells, each of Edge. Co, for one dollar,
a tract on the south side of Swift Creek beginning at two pines on the
edge of Indian Branch then south 75 west 12 ½ poles to three black gums
on said Indian Branch Willie Price’s corner then up the same the
various courses thereof to a small drain, a sweet gum & pine then up
said drain to a red oak then south 26 poles to the center of two post
oaks & red oak then south 87 east along a line of newly marked trees to
a stake in Wm Roses’ line then north to the beginning, containing 50
acres, signed Willis Wells, wit James George, Bryant G. Pope (proved).
Abstracted 3 May 07, NCA film C.037.40015. CTC.

Edge. Co Db 21, page 4, date of deed 18 Nov 1833, date recorded Nov
Ct. 1833, Willie Price, of Tenn., no county stated, to Willis Wells,
Edge. Co.
for $157.80, a tract of land beginning at a black gum
standing in Indian Branch then along Harrod Pitman’s line south to four
gums on a prong of said branch then up the various courses of said
branch to the head then west a line of marked trees to a black gum and
pine then north to a pine then down the said branch to the beginning
containing 100 acres, signed Willie Price, wit. Thomas L. Maner, John
H. Wells. Abstracted 9-15-01, FHC film 0370237, CTC.


An aside…

One has to be very nitpicky when trying to figure out where an ancestor lived…  I was intrigued concerning the “Indian Branch” mentioned in the above deeds… I think it has been long forgotten and can only be re-found by a careful study of the original deeds (if they can be found).

Note this deed of 1782…

Edge. Co. Db E, page 411, deed date 28 Oct 1782, recorded Nov Ct 1783,
NC grant #150 to John Jones, a tract containing 100 acres on the south
side Beach Run beginning on the county line that divides Edgecombe and
Nash Co at a pine in Jeremiah Hilliard’s line standing on the head of
the Indian Branch then by said Hilliard’s line east 256 poles to the
corner a pine then by his other line north 36 poles to his corner pine
then by said to his corner pine then by said line west 83 poles to the
corner a red oak then by his other line north 56 poles to the center of
two pines on or near said line then west 110 poles to a pine in said
county line in said county line then by the county line to the
beginning, signed Alex. Martin, wit J. Glasgow, Sec. Abstracted 8-29-
04, NCA film C.037.40006, CTC.

another deed in 1853…

Edge. Co. Db 26, page 521, date of deed 24 Sep 1853, date recorded
Feb. Ct. 1855, pursuant to an order of Halifax and Edgecombe Courts, to
run and mark the dividing line between Halifax and Edgecombe County
beginning at a large pine the corner of Martin County at or near the
head of the Indian Branch and on the south side of the head or
(pocoson) thereof then down the meanders of said branch to Deep Creek
then up the various courses of said creek to the mouth of Marsh Swamp
then up the various courses of said swamp to the fork thereof then
running south 88 west 800 poles to a sycamore on Fishing Creek below
Biggs Old Mill site, signed L.C. Pender, R.S. Petway (Edge), Lemuel S.
Savage, Samuel Hyman (Halifax). Abstracted 10 Feb. 01 FHC film 0370240,

I rest my case… don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see… just sayin’…

I think Willie Price lived somewhere between Swift Creek, Beach (Beech)Run and north of the Tar River… not necessarily on the original property of Thomas Price of 1779 but near it.  Similarly, if you study the deeds you find online, there is a Buck Swamp which is south of the Tar River a couple miles west of Walnut Creek or the area known as Heartsease…. I think there is another forgotten and lost area known as Buck “Run” which is noted with some of the folks mentioned above (NORTH of Tar River).  Needless to say, you won’t find them on modern maps.

(When I mentioned “deeds you may find online”… they usually will end with that odd phrase “CTC”… and thanks to my email friend Tracy Thompson, it can be attributed to a guy named Tommy Colbert… who I must thank profusely for his contribution to all our efforts to find our ancestors… thanks Tommy)


Joani Taylor of Hawaii sent this map of some waterways of Edgecombe (she says Aloha)….


If you reference the deed description you note the “head of Indian Branch”… all of which seems to be pretty reasonable to me…


Well, not finding anything with my searches for Willie (and the equally elusive Hardy Price), I figure what the hell, I’ll look for dirt…

Traci mentioned an “older woman” in one census for Willie… could it be his mother?

Edgecombe Minutes, 1775-1785, Book III, Haun

[28] Jul 1775
Mary PRICE a base born Child of the body of Eliz. PRICE aged about 12 years is bound to John FLANNAGEN untill she is of Lawful age.

[192] Nov 1782
Ordered that Amos NUNNERY pay to Elizabeth PRICE the sum of Forty shillings Specie for her expences of lying in of a Bastard child begotten by the sd. NUNNERY also that he further pay her the sum of Five pounds like money for one years maintainance of the sd. child.

From the RW pension application of Amos Nunnery in 1832:

“I was born in Edgecombe County North Carolina 17 January 1762.
I have no record of my age. The Prayer book in which it was made has been lost many years. I was living in the County of Edgecombe when I entered the Service, since the War ended I
have most generally resided in the County of Cumberland & now reside there.”

Click to access s8923.pdf

A DNA match to a “Nunnery” would be interesting…..

Edge. Co Db 21, page 657, date of deed 19 Oct 1837, date recorded Nov
Ct. 1837, Elizabeth Price, Edge. Co. to Wm. H. Dicken, Edge. Co. for
$100 a tract of land containing 50 acres, beginning at four bays and
three gums in a small branch then down the meanders thereof south 50
east 20 poles then south 25 east 20 poles to a sicamore stake persimmon
and oak then south 41 poles to a sicamore stake in the patent line then
with the patent line west 115 poles to a sicamore stake then north 70
poles to a sicamore stake then east 92 poles to the beginning, being a
part of a tract of land granted to Thomas Price bearing date 13 June
signed Elizabeth Price (X), wit. William S. Baker. Abstracted 10-
31-01, FHC film 0370237, CTC.

This woman is obviously too old to be the widow of Thomas Price but what about his daughter/granddaughter? This Elizabeth Price still had a chunk of the original property in 1837.

And there are some more suspicious deeds to ponder…

Edge. County Db 19, page 65, date of deed 24 Sep, 1827, date recorded
Nov Ct. 1827, William Dancy, of the first part, Lucy Dancy, wife of
said William Dancy, of the second part and Robert Joiner and William E.
Bellamy, of the third part, all of Edge Co.; William and Lucy have
agree to “separate and live apart”
… sell land and Negroes to Joiner
and Bellamy; Nellie Bellamy is the daughter of William and Lucy. FHC
film # 0370237. 11-5-99             Hmmmmm… wonder why???

Edge. Co Db 22, page 194, date of deed 2 Nov 1838, date recorded Nov
Ct. 1838, William Dancy, Edge. Co. to John Robert Dancy, son of the
said William Dancy, by Elizabeth Price of Edge. Co. for natural love
and affection for his son, reserving a life estate for William Dancy, a
tract of land beginning at a white oak on the bank of Fishing Creek
Francis L. Dancy, Sen corner then up the various courses of said
Fishing Creek to the mouth of String Branch then up the various courses
of said Spring Branch as follows, south 75 west 13 poles to a little
stake then north 67 west 12 poles to a stake then south 31 ½ west to
the back line between the said William Dancy and his brother Francis L.
Dancy, Sen. then with said line south 80 east to an old hickory then
south 85 east 128 poles to a Spanish Oak then south 4 east 30 poles to
the beginning, containing 203 acres, also, “for the consideration
aforesaid the following Negroes Harry and Luke with same life estate to
William Dancy, signed William Dancy, wit. J.R. Lloyd, (Ru??) Chapman,
Henry Hyman, Thes. Hyman. Abstracted 12-10-01, FHC film 0370237, CTC.

Edge. Co Db 22, page 195, date of deed 2 Nov 1838, date recorded Nov
Ct. 1838, William Dancy, Edge. Co. to James Alexander Dancy, son of
Elizabeth Price by said William Dancy, all of Edge. Co. for natural
love and affection for his son, reserving life estate for said William
Dancy, a tract of land beginning at the mouth of Spring Branch on the
bank of Fishing Creek then up the various courses of said Spring Branch
as follows south 75 west 13 poles to a stake then north 67 west 13
poles to a stake then south 31 ½ west to the back line between William
and Francis L. Dancy then north 80 west to a red oak Francis L. Dancy’s
corner then along a line of marked trees as follows north 32 west 39
poles then north 31 west 30 poles then north 33 west 24 poles then
north 39 west 28 poles to a stake William Savage’s and W.H. Dickens
corner or near the road side then with said road as follows north 2
east 46 poles north 4 east 84 poles to a hickory north 62 east 50 poles
to a stake then south 82 east 172 poles to a black gum on the creek
bank then down Fishing Creek with its various courses to the beginning,
containing 262 acres, also for the same consideration reserving life
estate for William Dancy, the following Negroes, to wit Wilis and Edy,
signed William Dancy, wit. (J.R.) Lloyd, ( ) Chapman, ( ) Hyman,
(TH ) Hyman. Abstracted 12-10-01, FHC film 0370237, CTC.

Edge. Co Db 22, page 196, date of deed 2 Nov 1838, date recorded Nov
Ct. 1838, William Dancy, Edge. Co. to Mary Ann Dancy, daughter of
Elizabeth Price by the said William Dancy, of Edgecombe Co. for natural
love and affection, after the death of said William Dancy, Negro
slaves, to wit Charlotte, Maria, Boston and Suckey, signed William
Dancy, wit. J.R. Lloyd, (Rapt) Chapman, Henry Hyman, Theo. Hyman.
Abstracted 12-10-01, FHC film 0370237, CTC.

I don’t have a source for this deed but it is interesting…

In 1777 Jonathan Coleman sold William Dancy  160 acres on the north side of Tar River at the mouth of Beach Run, it being part of tract granted to Charles Coleman in 1745.
Wit: Sherwood Haywood, Richard Strother, John Sumner.

The area described is very near the original Thomas Price grant of 1760….  also Jonathan Coleman married a Price daughter in 1763  (Kiziah Price).


Ooops… well that was fun while it lasted…. I checked the will of William Dancy (1841) and I think it states Elizabeth is the daughter of Samuel Price… he did set her up nicely though.


Back to the hunt….

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  1. Most likely there is a mother whose surname was Exum.They tended to name childen after their mother’s maiden names, after the firstborn son. I gave a link before to a page for Scottish naming systems, but would have to hunt for it again unless you can find it above.



    November 24, 2013 at 10:53 am

  2. Willie Price was also a buyer to the Estate of Joel Price (brother to Jonathan Price – both sons of Jesse) and also to Nancy Price, who was a widow to Joel Price.


    Joel H Hutto

    November 24, 2013 at 7:10 pm

  3. If he is next door to Hardy Price, then Hardy is a main person of interest and should be thoroughly investigated. The age brackets on the 1810 census suggest that Hardy is probably older than Willie. There is also an older female in Willie’s house. Their immediate neighbors should be investigated as well – you may find information about the Prices in their records. There are certainly plenty of pre-1810 Prices in Edgecombe that they could belong to. 🙂


    Traci Thompson

    November 25, 2013 at 10:36 am

  4. I’ve updated the “Page” for Thomas Price d1779 (well died by 1781 more correctly)… most importantly, I found the will of his brother Joseph. The tie-in to both is the mention of Ann Gwin. My assumption is that there is no connection to the Thomas Price who died in Halifax in 1751.

    This doesn’t help poor Willie but it adds a few more bubbles to the suds. I’m reasonably convinced he is the grandpappy of Willie though . 🙂



    November 25, 2013 at 10:56 am

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