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a Ross Aha! moment… 1761

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I have come across what seems like a “ghost” patent. Dating back over 20 years one of the first patents that I studied as a newbe genealogy nut was one Daniel Ross. The fact that I received that particular Ross was an error by the NC Archives. I had sent and asked for a copy of the Andrew Ross patent. I was interested in the Andrew Ross who was mentioned in the patent of my ancestor William Anderson. As I studied the 2 deeds it quickly popped up that damn! Daniel Ross’s grant looks pert near like the Great State of Texas!

Needless to say, I have wasted a tremendous amount of time trying to fit all the neighbors onto my older Swift Creek map. The emergency room physician explained that my problem was beating my head against a brick wall and I should stop that… which I have promptly done. I have been doing that a lot lately…

Much to my amazement after removing this patent, and then trying to convince myself that surely, God Almighty Himself would not have played with my genealogy emotions in such a manner. Through my convulsions of confusion and dismay I realized that Well Hell… the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fit now????????

So… I am left trying to explain this…

I find myself searching my old 10 year old questions… this pops up and I had the Aha! moment.

Apparently Daniel Ross died in 1761. It seems to me this “ghost” patent may have escheated.

1761  (23 June… Court House on Tyancoca at Redmans Old Field)

[284]   pd. The last Will and testament of Danl. ROSS deceased was produced into Court by Willoby TUCKER and Wm. PITMAN two of the Exrs. therein named and prov’d by the Oath of Sherd. HAYWOOD Esqr. & the affermation of Mary ROSS two of the Witnesses thereto subscribed and the Exrs. took the Oath by Law required for their Qualification and took upon themselves the Burthen of the Execution thereof.

The Will of Andrew RASS (sic) decd. was produced into Court by Sarah RASS (sic) one of the Exrs. and the same is proved by the Oaths of John MOOR & Thos PRICE two of ye. subscribing witnesses and the sd. Exx. took the necessary Quallification. and returned an Inventory of the sd. Andrew RASS.

James STALLIONS one of the Exrs. of the above two Wills came into Court and took the necessary Quallification.

[285]-17   Administration of the Estate of Andrew ROSS is granted to Esther ROSS Widow of the Deceased.  Henry HORN & Wm. HORN Securties (sic) in the sum of 200 lbs entered into Bond.  Bond taken.  The said Esther ROSS Returned an Inventory of the Estate of the sd. Andrew ROSS into Court according to law.

Administration of the Estate of James ROSS is Granted to Willaby TUCKER & he accordly (sic) quallified Wm. LASSITER & William PITMAN securities 200 lbs & Inventory Returned by admr.

1761 Sept

[305]-27   Ordered that the Sheriff sell the Perishable Estate of (Esther crossed out) Andrew ROSS according to Law.

Ordred that the Est. of James ROSS Decd. be sold accor. to Law.

Elizabeth ROSS orphan of Andrew ROSS Deced. (be sold crossed out) came into Court and chose Sarah ROSS her Guardian giving Sec. in the sum of 300 lbs Willobe TUCKER, Simon JOHNSON Sec.

(I’m struck by the narrative at this point… Ross and all three of his sons die about the same time.  The two extant wills declare they were “sick and weak” but of sound mind… the usual claims.  But I suspect some sort of tragic “event” happened… perhaps a turpentine still explosion or “something”?  Andrew Jr and James may have been killed outright but Andrew Sr and Daniel lingered on long enough to write wills.  Since none of the wives, daughters or sons in law seem to be similarly doomed it seems to rule out a sickness such as smallpox.)


So this poses several questions for me to ask now that my eyes have been cleared…

I have always assumed that the William Pitman who married the daughter of Andrew Ross was of one of the Pitman clans of Swift Creek and Falling Run. This suggests that the William Pitman may have never lived at Falling Run and may have lived exclusively closer to Rocky Mount and Sapponey Creek. Also Stony Creek. This also begs the question of who was the William Pitman showing up at Swift Creek and White Oak Swamp?

This also greatly confuses the older, first-settler Andrew Ross vs younger Andrews. Who was the Andrew of the 1760 Road Orders for Swift Creek?

I shall continue with the map but wanted to toss this out for discussion… I also expect a Ross researcher to attempt to explain this crap. Step up dammit, I’m confused..

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January 1, 2021 at 3:33 pm

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  1. Could the George Stallins’ land showing on the map possibly be Gregory Stallings?

    He died in Edgecombe Co after 1766. He and his son John were chain barriers for the survey of some land for Elizabeth Pitman.

    There is a land sale to Sherwood Haywood 15 Oct 1761 in which the boundaries are defined as joining Gregory Stallings and Elizabeth Pittman among others ( in Granville District of NC 1748 – 1763 abstracts of land grants Vol I p. 88).

    I have found several other land docs. where John Stallings sr., his father Gregory and Elizabeth Pittman are mentioned together.

    In your genealogical journeys, please advise me of any reference you may find of Gregory or John Stallings sr. I am particularly interested in how/when John jr – son of John (husband of Martha Anderson) died.

    William Anderson sr. mentions in his will, his daughter Martha married to John Stallings dec. (John jr)

    Thanks and Happy New Year.



    January 2, 2021 at 6:53 am

    • In all honestly, and leaning to the successful search for truth, I truly have found an occasional Colonial era clerk that was not terribly bright. It is my opinion that “George” in the above referenced patent was in fact “Gregory”. I have a bit of info on ole Gregory prior to moving to Edgecombe county here…



      January 2, 2021 at 8:09 am

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