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Holmes has cornered the nefarious John Pitmane…

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Deerskins were found washed up on the bank of tan Tross creek… Watson is deployed as a sniper. Nurse Ratchet is standing by with sedatives.

The scoundrel Pitmane has tried unsuccessfully to cover his tracks… Holmes however, has deduced! his brazen sneakiness, criminal activity and overall rudeness! It is only a matter of time until this miscreant is exposed to the sunshine.

The depths of depravity employed by Pitmane to disguise!! his hideout is devious indeed… but Holmes has smoked him out and he is on the run. Left behind is this confusing deed whereby Pimane refused to even give the boundaries!!! Outrageous!

Keen observers may not be aware that there is another miscreant lurking hereabouts known by the name of “Wolfpit” William Pittman… Extreme caution is suggested before attempting to deal with these rouges.

This is the area of the standoff… binoculars are suggested for reasons of safety and well being. Holmes demands this be left to professionals. Traci the Librarian has been notified and is on standby. The situation is beyond tense…

Note the Francis Drake property… if this is indeed the heretofore unidentified Tantrough Branch (various spellings) then the John Pitman property may be exactly as described, i.e., begin “at the mouth” then go up the creek to the next little creek… etc

What do you think? I have failed to find an original deed for this sale. The “CTC” version is noted in the notes.

Good Gawd Allmighty an UPDATE!

Holmes is off to South Carolina. He rushed in and declared that Benjamin Wall was mixed up with that spiritous likker drinking cadre of Indian Traders from Virginia. What are you talking about?, I asked. Your map! You Fool… Your Map! Holmes is adamant in his quest for Benjamin Wall noted in the Edward Burk patent above… lower right. Holmes is unusual with his deductive reasoning as you might suspect. He has deduced! that Benjamin Wall never lived on this property… Indeed! He went directly to South Carolina in 1749. Someway or another, by hook or by crook… Benjamin Wall transferred the patent to that nightmarish villain John Pitmane. One cannot help but see the relationships of these folks… note in the starter quote to this rant the mention of Drury McLemore.

The Evidence:

(JOSEPH WALL) – Kit# 211387  (AG)

Joseph Wall  ????(speculation)

Benjamin Wall  b 1708  d1789 Marion, SC (moved to Marion, SC in1749)

(BENJAMIN WALL) – Kit # 280225 (AG)

Joseph Wall ???? (speculation)Edgecombe

Benjamin Wall b 1708 d 1789Queensboro Twsp., Marion SC (moved to Marion, SC in 1749)

Thomas Wall bc 1730

Wright Wall Sr. b 1754  d 1803 Either MS or Beaufort, SC (may also have been b 1730-1735 in Bertie Co.)

The notes above are from the Wall DNA website. Holmes has determined that this may be evidence in support of the speculation surrounding the true and actual history of said Benjamin Wall. Said Wall seems to have just lingered in Edgecombe a bit on his way to Marion, SC. The Marion County area at the time was known for its “Trade” with the Indians. Holmes also highly suspects Benjamin Wall was related to the Brunswick, VA Wall clan.

Watson dropped off the Evidence:

318-(513) Will of Rebecca Wall 3 May 1777 – 28 Jul 1777
Of Meherrin Parish “Weak in Body”
To my son Benjamin – all the land I am possessed of.
To my sons Michael & William – whatever appears to be due me from them on a
The remainder of my estate to be sold, excepting my wearing clothes which I give to
my daughter Elizabeth Sims, & that my debts to be paid & the money divided between
my son Benjamin Wall & my daughter Elizabeth Sims.
Ex. William Sims, Michael Wall
Wit. Ben Chapman, Lewis Jackson, John Hunt
Probate indicates that William Sims qualified with John Sims his security.

Forsooth! another UPDATE!

A spy employed by Holmes intercepted a communication from Traci the Librarian and has determined she needs to use more apostrophes! in her compilations… she has determined that gross incompetence by the clerical staff employed by the Keystone Kops at Enfield Courthouse were obviously smoking Tuscarora Tobacco when they recorded Pitmane’s fraudulent deed.

Holmes is Aghast! at the subterfuge! Since he is en route! by horse and carriage to Charleston, SC at the moment in hot pursuit of Benjamin Wall he has allowed that the Librarian from Rocky Mount may deposit her Evidence for General Perusal. This is a rare event as Holmes never leaves clues such as this for mere mortals such as ourselves to even view!

My Gawd! the Times we are Living in! This is Truly Exciting!!!!

Holmes has determined that the “Librarian” uses colors and other shamanistic devises to make associations… Holmes is not easily impressed. He is holding back any criticisms other than the fact that she has not mastered the use of Apostrophes!!! DRAT! her colors did not translate… my apologies...

Description of Francis Drake’s grant:

–          Beginning at a gum in William Tant’s line in [Heans?] Branch

–          A white oak on the Tan Trough Branch

–          A hickory in Henry Jones’ line in said [Tan Trough] Branch

–          Thomas Williams’ corner

This mangled abstract is from an equally mangled re-copy in the Halifax deed books. The originals were re-copied at some point in the 1890s and the originals probably destroyed. Because the Halifax deed folks were [insert not very nice things here].

9-380 David (x) Wiggins and wife Elizabeth (x) of Hal to John Vincent same 28 Jun 1766, £30, 200a a Granville grant to Thomas [this should be Francis] Drake 3 Jul 1760 [date of Francis Drake’s grant], joining William Tant, Harris [this looks more like “Hanes,” “Hares,” or “Haine” to me] Branch, Tan Tringle [garbled attempt at “Tan Trough”] Branch. wit William Flewellin, Thos Wiggins. recd Oct 1766.

Backing up in time:

Tristram Drake of Halifax Co. to William Flewellin of Prince George Co. VA 16 March 1763 125 acres which had been patented to Emanuel Rogester 1 Dec 1727 on the south side of Rocky Swamp, joining the south [north?] side of Fishing Creek; 100 acres which was part of a patent to Thomas Williams for 400 acres, 26 July 1743, joining Haynes Branch, Rocky Swamp. [Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., abstractor, The Deeds of Halifax County, North Carolina 1758-1771 (South Boston, VA: Bradley, 1989), p. 64, citing deed book 8, p 372.]

Francis Drake of Halifax County to David Wiggins of same. 12 January 1764. 200 acres which had been a Granville grant to said Francis Drake 3 July 1760, joining William Tant, Haynes Branch, Tan Troft Branch. Signed Francis Drake, witnessed by Thos. Wiggins, Isham Rosier, William Wiggins. Registered 17 January 1764 [Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., abstractor, The Deeds of Halifax County, North Carolina 1758-1771 (South Boston, VA: Bradley, 1989), p. 65, citing deed book 8, p 378.]

Joseph [Jessee] Lee and Judith his wife of Halifax Co. to John Heath of Bristol Parish, Prince George Co. VA, 17 January 1764. 1209 acres on the south side of Rocky Swamp, joining Winfield Right, Willets Branch, Creek, Pope, Collins, Jack Horse Branch, Edward Collins Jr., Henry Jones, Tantrough Branch, Robt. Hill. 1764 [Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., abstractor, The Deeds of Halifax County, North Carolina 1758-1771 (South Boston, VA: Bradley, 1989), p. 73, citing deed book 9, p 46.]

Forward in time:

Philip Vinson & John Vinson of Halifax County to Samuel Pitman of same. 23 November 1785. 150 acres on the north side of Rocky Swamp, joining Tristram Drake, Haynes Branch, Williams; 200 acres which had been a Granville grant to Francis Drake 3 July 1760, joining William Tant, Haynes Branch, Tan Trough Branch. [Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., abstractor, The Deeds of Halifax County, North Carolina 1786-1796 (Keysville, VA: Bradley, 1990), p. 3, citing deed book 16, p 55.]

5 Feb 1789 Moses Butt 50a on Rockey Swamp bordering Marshall’s corner on E side of said Swamp, runs across the swamp to Fluwellin’s line, with his line to Tan trough Br, Robert Hill’s line, down the branch to Rockey Swamp & to Drake’s corner.

And so the sordid plot thickens my friend… and notice that the “Librarian” is starting to breathe that rarified air that is only present when one has acquired the “Bird’s Eye’ view only available through time travel… or in this case … this map {of which you have only slightly seen].

an Update

Holmes is enraged. He received the documents sent by “the Librarian”… He says she has been deceived. I tried to explain that any deception was not due to her due diligence but to those horrid civil servants running the Enfield Courthouse. His rage settled down to a mere “slightly miffed”. He mentioned that she was, indeed, one of his better spies. A rare compliment I might add.

Holmes notes that in the Philip Vinson sale to Samuel Pitman that even the Abstractor Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr. may have been seduced by a grand deception… or he may have simply taken a coffee break and lost his concentration. To Wit!!!

Philip Vinson And! Samuel Pitman were in fact, firmly a-ground in Halifax County. The Francis Drake property we are discussing would have to be magically teleported from White Oak Swamp in Edgecombe County to Rocky Swamp in Halifax County. Holmes suggests Dr. Bradley be consulted to explain his egregious error.

Holmes says he is still studying the Robert Armstrong sale to William Pitman in 1764. He notes there are “Peculiarities afoot”. I must confess I have no idea what he is talking about. He says that Armstrong seems to be selling someone else’s property. He notes it clearly states in the document 60 acres “It being taken out of Rite McLemores paten”. Holmes declares that this situation in like an onion that must be peeled in layers. I told him he was starting to sound ridiculous. Then he fell asleep.


Holmes has been restrained by Nurse Ratchet. He is heavily sedated and removed to his Florida abode to do some much needed fishing. His “illness” seems to have been brought on by the Librarian having contradicted his investigations… such things are not easily dealt with by Holmes.

The Librarian has assumed the role of Chief Investigator… more to follow as the plot unfolds… it seems the investigation of TanTross Branch has been moved to Halifax County.

The good citizens of Edgecombe County are watching these events with nervous anticipation. The Abstractor Stephen Bradley is rumoured to be preparing a defamation lawsuit.


There is nothing to the rumour Holmes was last seen being arrested in Florida… that is fake news…

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