Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

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I’ve got my eye on Joseph John Alston…

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Aside from suspiciously having acquired thirty two patents… this fancy-pants has a middle name. My radar is on Red Alert.

I smell one of those people… you know what I’m talkin’ about. When all about your neighbors not one do you know can read nor rite. Yeah… I bet this fancy-pants can read and rite. No one in 1739 has a middle name.

Holmes makes copious notes. Below is a data sheet similar to what is compiled for each of the English Colonists then residing in Edgecombe Precinct in North Carolina. This one has some, shall we say, peculiarities.

Holmes observes that this particular surveyor in 1739 was obviously under duress. The first observable and quite obvious example of said duress was the abrupt Jolt in his writing… he very slightly JERKED! his hand when the straw was pressed under his fingernail. More pain may have been inflicted as he was forced to make a correction above his mistake. Teardrops and SWEAT! can be seen staining the ink mere words away… it is so obvious no more needs be said. The surveyor was in total morbid fear… he was reduced to a stuttering, stammering moron… why? That is simply how Those People operate…

The investigation continues.. this much can be said however, the above patent was not even on Tar River much less, on “both” sides of it. Rubbish! It was up Swift Creek adjacent to John Mials Mill! And WHY! for God’s Sake did his next door neighbor have the name of Joseph John WILLIAMS???????? This simply cries out for some good detective work… Two of these Elitist Sonsabiches have MIDDLE NAMES!!!!!

I refer to the early governments of NC as the Keystone Kops and have great fun revealing their shenanigans… But the later 1700s were quite a unique period in history. The founders, in particular Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and a few other, let’s say, “extraordinary thinkers”, were very knowledgeable of this guy Blackstone…

Common Law was the basis and motivator of law during the transition from being a servant to being a free citizen.

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January 10, 2021 at 3:53 am

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