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Sims… perhaps some fire…

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I’ve seen smoke with these guys for years now… but never been able to detect any fire. A father and sons or maybe several Sims brothers were around James Anderson of Occoneechee Neck. That era is about 1716 to 1727 or so… then around 1754 a couple of Andersons show up in Granville County and sure enough, there are also some Sims. Like flies on uh… uh… well Sims were buzzing all around I tell ya.

There seems to be a Pattern here!

But wait! as the irritating tv advertisements say… there is More!

Some Sims were skulking around the Anderson folk around Meherrin River. Elias Fort and his wife witnessed the will of Elizabeth Anderson in 1733. This was the mother of James Anderson and his brother Carolus. My theory also states that William Anderson of Edgecombe, d 1789 was mixed in this crowd, perhaps born there about 1725.

Pondering these clues a bit more… it seems Joseph Sims (I think of Nansemond- he had property there in 1694) married the sister of the Elias Fort mentioned above. And then in 1719 a William Sims show up with property within spitting distance of the Andersons and Boons in the Maherrin River area. Many folks think that William Boon married another sister of Elias Fort. So these Andersons, Boons, Forts and now Sims had something all in common. I figure the boys and girls were cozying up under the bed sheets.

I’m thinking James Anderson may have married a Sims gal. My epiphany for that little theory is that her “mark” was an “S”. You know… for Sims. Her name was Elisabeth… why an S?

Some clues to ponder…

A bit of meat to chew on… my current thought is that these Andersons and Sims may be “kinfolk” perhaps moving around in a “pack” (for lack of a better term). Dare I suggest that this William and George Anderson may be sons of James Anderson of Occoneechee Neck?

Some background… hot off the press…

another tidbit… where Robert Sims came from in IOW … 1690s

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