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Phillip Raiford… died South Carolina 1748

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I have been interested in this guy for 20 years. My main theory is that a George Anderson of Isle of Wight, VA is the progenitor of my “line”. The father of this Phillip Raiford had property in IOW near to that George Andrewson (Anderson).

This Post is about the “son” of the Wrayford on the below map.

I have it in my head… that the son of Phillip Wrayford and a son of George Anderson (James Anderson) grew up together in Isle of Wight.

To strengthen that theory… I have tracked both men to Occoneechee Swamp, NC to ca 1720.

To continue the theory… I have tracked both men to Saxe Gotha on the Congaree River in South Carolina.

I am getting more and more impressed with the simple WIKITREE web pages… my “quick” down and dirty searches lead me there.

I am driven to find copies of the “original” documents… I get perturbed by typewritten copies. With that said, and also because the name “Raisford” is bastardized in the typewritten version… it is lamentable not to be able to see the original.

And to see for myself if the witness to the will “James Henderson” might possibly be James “Anderson”. Just sayin’.


Traci the Librarian kindly forwarded a copy of Raiford’s will… (which looks like a copy of the original to me… the “tell” is in the second sentence where they add the “eight” to the date “Seven Hundred and forty Seven Eight” that is pretty sophisticated stuff). But the name seems to be Henderson and not Anderson… bummer.

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