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Thomas Brookes study…

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I am not a BROOKES researcher… other that identifying him on my map. So think of this as a place to discuss him… I will contribute what I can, but probably not much.

He shows up as a comment in my Post in “John Rogers notes”:

Here is where I run across him in Nansemond near the NC border at Somerton Creek… note that there are Rogers all over the place. Realize that he was there (Thomas Brookes, Sr) in 1672… so my hunch is that this property might have been “absorbed” away in sales… (but I do not know that). I will give a breakdown (including a major sale of 500 acres to Richard Barefield at some point)…

Here are my raw notes on Brookes… note the reference to “John Odom” (which is the reason I placed him where he is). Also note in the deed Richard Barefield to Abraham Hill that it is indicated that “at some point” Barefield acquired the bulk of the property of Brookes (500 acres)…

The 3 patents as is are awkward to my map and do not fit… so I will likely have to consolidate the mess

…as usual, click on the blue filename below for a better view…

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