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A group of Brantley researchers have recently compiled an impressive amount of records for Southampton, VA.

Several Pitmans are referenced including Sampson Pitman and others. (see the Will category for the first years and see Pg. 99 for Sampson)

See my page “The Problem Pitman” for a discussion of several “Joseph Pitmans” and see below for a reference to one who I think is the brother of Sampson… (Sampson and Joseph the sons of Thomas Pitman and Elizabeth Lancaster)

Southampton Deed Book 1, pg 220

Not to be critical to the folks who did the Index (I am grateful and impressed by their work), but they have him listed as “Joseph T. Pitman” … it seems to me that since the “his mark” signifies his illiteracy that instead of a “T” his mark is more likely his stylized version of a “J”.  My point is that anyone seriously researching any Edgecombe County, NC deeds should look for his telltale mark of “J” or the lack of any thereof.

In any event… this Joseph is clearly still in Southampton, VA in 1751.

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