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Whitmel Anderson (speculative)

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An email friend (Floyd Anderson) is brick-walled with his ggrandfather Whitmel.  He’s found the following deed which offers some clues:

Edge. Co Db 24, page 340, deed date 19 Oct 1847, recorded Nov Ct 1847,

Elizabeth Anderson to Whitmell Anderson, all of Edge. Co for $80, but

if said Elizabeth should be the longest liver, said Whitmell’s heirs is

NOT to have possession of until her death, a tract on the north side of

Falks Branch containing 35 acres beginning at a pine in the run of said

Falks Branch then nearly a north course along the line fence Wm

Griffin’s line to a pine a corner in James S. Battle’s line then nearly

east along Jas. S. Battle’s line to a corner post oak then nearly a

south course to a ash stands near the run of said branch then up the

various courses of said branch to the beginning, the conditions of

above deed of sale being that said Whitmell shall never sell the same

while I the said Elizabeth Anderson lives nor settle no person or

persons on the said land without my consent, signed Elizabeth Anderson,

wit Nathan G. Worsley (proved), Orren Dilliard (X). Abstracted 21 Oct

08, NCA film C.037.40018, CTC.

1845 – Marriage – Edgecombe – Nathan G. Worsley – to Evelina Anderson on Jan. 1. Robert Johnson, witness.

1850 – Census – Edgecombe – N. [Nathan] G. Worsley [spelled here as “Wausly”]- age 35, laborer, head of household consisting of wife Evaline age 27, a daughter G. A. [Georgeanna] age 5, a son Charles age 3, and a son Levi age 1. Also in this household was a 50 year old woman named Charlotte Anderson, probably Nathan’s mother-in-law. (family 39) All were born in NC.

1860 – Census – Edgecombe – Evelina Worsley, age 36 Nathan G. Worsley’s wife, Lucey S. Worsley, age 8 daughter, Pitt Worsley, age 10 son, Charles D. Worsley, age 12 son, Georganna Worsley, age 13 daughter

44 years earlier this general area was deeded to another Anderson and other kin (Stallings).

Edge. Co. Db 11, page 54, deed date 3 Aug 1803, recorded Nov Ct 1803,

Elizabeth Lundy, Edge. Co to Micajah Anderson, the son of Wm. Anderson 

Jr, county aforesaid for $50, a tract on the south side of Tar River

and near the head of Walnut Creek containing (seven and a quarter)

acres beginning at a small white and red oak on the path in Charles

Gray’s line then along said line a westerly course to a pine Gray’s

corner then along his other line a southerly course to a pine on the

path then along the path to the beginning, signed Elizabeth Lundy, wit

(Lunoy Stallings), Joseph Armstrong (proved). Abstracted 11-6-06, NCA

film C.037.400010, CTC.

Edge. Co. Db 11, page 174, deed date 9 Sep 1803, recorded May Ct 1804,

(Elizabeth Lunday), Edge. Co to John Dilliard, county aforesaid for

$60, a tract of land on the south side of Tar River containing 30 acres

and (three) poles beginning at a small pine standing in Charles Gray’s

line on the path that leads by Wm. Anderson’s house then along the said

path south 67 east 90 poles to a red and white oak sapling in said

Gray’s other line near Walnut Creek then along said line south 80 east

12 poles to a water oak in said creek said Gray’s corner then up the

creek along Stephen Haywood’s line 54 poles to a pine and small white

oak then south 70 east 83 poles to a red oak in George Anderson’s line

then along said line 49 poles to the beginning, signed Elizabeth Lundy,

wit Frederick Phillips, Jno. H. Phillips. Abstracted 11-29-04, NCA film

C.037.40007, CTC.

Edge. Co. Db 11, page 226, deed date 20 Sep 1803, recorded Aug Ct

1804, Elizabeth Lundy, Edge. Co to Lott Stallings, county aforesaid for

$125, a tract on the south side of Tar River and on the head of Walnut

Creek containing 74 acres, beginning at a pine and rad oak Wm Dancy’s

corner then south (80) west 56 poles to a pine in Phillips corner pine

then along the dividing line south 7 east 192 poles to a pine in John

Dilliard’s line then easterly 52 poles to a pine Dilliard’s corner near

the head of Walnutt Creek then along the dividing line between Stephen

Haywood and the line of Jno Haywood(Dec’d) south 7 west 200 poles to

the beginning, signed Elizabeth Lundy, wit Frederick Phillips, Mason

Hearn (X). Abstracted 11-8-06, NCA film C.037.400010, CTC.

I’ve pondered this and offer my “speculative” family for William Anderson Jr.(son of William Sr’s. first wife Martha):

William Anderson Jr. b.1756/7  (wife unknown)

Micajah (born 1782)




Charlotte (born 1800?)


Its a puzzle… any comments are welcome…

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  1. Floyd
    Have you seen this reference (from the Edgecombe Yahoo group)

    It would appear Josiah Anderson may be his father…

    Whittmell Anderson m. Louisa Jones
    Jan 23, 1851
    Bondsman, Josiah X Anderson
    North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
    ImageNum: 004304 County: Edgecombe Record #: 01 004

    Update… but as an emailer points out.. Josiah had no heirs

    The marriage bond for Josiah Anderson and Eliza H. Freeman was dated Dec. 3, 1829, in Edgecombe.

    From the research of David Gammon:

    “Josiah Anderson died intestate in Edgecombe in 1868. His widow refused to administer the estate, and his brother Micajah Anderson was appointed his administrator, Oct. 21, 1868. According to these papers, Josiah Anderson died without issue, leaving only his wife. Accordingly, his wife received her dower right, and the rest of the estate went to his surviving siblings, or their heirs if they were deceased. These papers indicate the siblings of Josiah Anderson were:”

    1. Micajah Anderson

    2. Charlotte Anderson

    3. Elizabeth Anderson

    Again from David Gammon research…

    +++”Charlotte Anderson is an interesting figure.

    In the 1850 Edgecombe Census, she is shown as age 50, living with N.G. Wausley

    (Worsley), age 35, Evelina Wausley (27), G.A. Wausley (5), Charles Wausley (3),

    and Levi Wausley (1).

    In the 1860 Edgecombe Census, she is shown as head of the house, still age 50,

    and in the same house are Evalina Worsley (36), Georgiana Worsley (13), Charles

    D. Worsley (12), Pitt W. Worsley (10), and Lucey S. Worsley (8).

    In the 1870 Edgecombe Census, she is shown as age 70, in the house with Evelina

    Worsley (47), Georgiana Worsley (23), Levi P. Worsley (21), Lucy S.S. Worsley

    (18), and David Dillard, age 65, a farm laborer.

    Interestingly enough, there is an Edgecombe marriage bond for Nathorn (sic) G.

    Worsley to Evelina Anderson, dated Jan. 1, 1845. Could she be a daughter of

    Charlotte? I find no marriage bond for Charlotte.

    I also find Edgecombe marriage records for:

    Levi P. Worsley, age 28, to Anna Bullock, age 20, Feb. 26, 1879.

    Lucy C.L. Worsley, age 29, to William J. Calhoun, age 42, Dec. 15, 1880.

    Georgianna E. Worsley, age 30, to Jefferson Jones, age 26, Jan. 2, 1878.”
    When did Whitmel die?



    June 29, 2011 at 8:49 pm

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