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Anthony Lewis… a pain in my uh…genealogy…

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or… Looking for a wife for an Indian Trader…

by 1680…  Mary Skinner, widow, had married John Collins, Sr.  Mary’s first husband was John Burgess… a daughter of that marriage was Susannah. Susannah Burgess is purported to have married Robert Bracewell, Jr.  The step-daughter of Collins is aka… Susan Braswell.


Bettell, Robert:  Leg.- wife and children.  Overseers, John Collins and John Story.

D. January 12, 1679.  R. October 10, 1681.

Wit. Edmund Barker, John Story.  Page 219, Ibid, Chapman


Whitaker, John: Nuncupative, proven by Mary Collins, age 50 years, by James Briggs, age 21 years, by John Riggs,  Leg.- the child of Peter Fiveash, to whom he was Godfather, one-half of his estate; the other half to be divided between the people, who looked after him.

R. January 9, 1689.        Wills and administration Bk 1 1647-1719, Chapman


John Collins Sr is hauled into court charged with beating his wife Mary … testfying against him are his step-daughter and one Bridget Lewis:

Octob.r 1694

Upon the petn of BRIDGET LEWIS, she has order JN. COLLINS sen.r for of tobo: for the care & pains taken by the sd LEWIS in the cure of the sd COLLINS his wife with Costs   ats Ex.o

 Octob.r 1694

Order is granted SUSANNA BRASEWELL JOHN COLLINS sen.r for foure hundred pounds of tobo: for looking after the sd COLLINS his wife in  her late extemity when she was beaten by the sd COLLINS with costs  ats Ex.o


Mary Collins was born about 1639… by supposition her daughter Susan Braswell may have been born about 1659.  If Bridget Lewis was a contemporary of Susan then her birth was possibly 1660 or so.

 Another possible connection of a Lewis…  from the sister of Mary Collins…

Cripps, Joyce: Leg.- husband George Cripps the lands and tenements given me by my former husband, Francis England; to the son of Francis England’s brother, if he comes to Virginia and makes claim to the said land within seven years; my sister Skinner; Nicholas Davis the plantation on which he lives; Sarah Lupo; Mr. George Branch’s three children, Francis, John and Ann; orphan boy that liveth with me, named Anthony Lewis; Margaret wife of Peter Vasser; Susan Braswell, my sister’s daughter; my three Goddaughters, Elizabeth Hayes, Joyce Butler and Joyce Womble; my three Godsons, James Bennett, Nicholas Davis and William Phillips; my Mother Flake.  My husband Ex.

D. April 18, 1679   R. June 9, 1678.

Wit.  John Gutridge, Rebecca davis, Will Evans   Page 202   Ibid, Chapman

…from her will…

“It is my will that that Orphant boy that now liveth with me by name of ANTHONY LEWIS do live with my husband Untill he attains to the age of One and Twenty Years if my husband and he shall live So long that my husband give him two Suites of Apparell Three Barrells of COrne One heifer with Calve One Couch bed a SMall Iron POtt One PEwter dish One Tray and One Spoone if it shall Soe happen my husabnd should die beofre the boy doth attain e to the age of One and Twenty Yeares that it is my will that the aboved named things shall bee delivered to the s’d ANTHONY LEWIS.”

Anthony Lewis was under age 21 in1678… shall we guess his birth at say, 1660/65…

Before my guesswork, my hunch was Bridgett Lewis may be the mother of Anthony… now perhaps brother and sister?   But, if Bridgett Lewis was of contemporary age to the mother of Susan Braswell (Mary Collins) then she would be of the same generation as John Browne (Indian Trader).

by 1706…  John Browne and wife Bridgett

 9 Aug 1706…. John Browne and wife, Bridgett Browne, to Samuel Canidy…. 220 acres (being a patent dated 29 Apr 1692 in the lower parish on the south side of Kingsale Swamp and bounded by Jonathan Robinson and William Stott (Scott?).

Wit: Richard Exum and William Murray.

John (X) Browne

Rec: 10 Jun 1706

If I am correct with my theory that William Browne and Thomas Browne were sons of the above John Browne then…

William Browne married Martha Braswell

Willam Browne and Richard Braswell had intimate property deals…

Anthony Lewis and Wm Browne had intimate property deals…

Anthony Lewis had dealings with Daniel McDaniel (son-in-law of Thomas Browne)

Bridgett Brown, widow, may have moved near Thomas Browne…

Are these clues to a relationship or just another example of my wayward rambling rationalizations?

Comments are welcome… the conundrum is here…

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May 11, 2013 at 9:46 am

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  1. On page 465 of “Cavaliers and Pioneers” (vol. one: 1623-1666), Nugent records that Mathew Hogson received 361 acres for transporting eight persons on March 18, 1662, one of whom was Anthony Lewis, to Charles County (adjacent and contiguous to Isle of Wight County). Who do you suppose this Anthony Lewis was and what was his relationship to the Anthony Lewis in Joyce Cripps’ will?

    Bill Lewis


    J. William Lewis

    June 3, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    • My first thought is he would be too old for the “underage” one in IOW. It often took perhaps years for the headrights to get into the system… so the Ch Co guy arrives earlier (my guess of course).

      I suspect the father was closer… and died.

      It doesn’t bother me that he could be “apprenticed” out while the mother was still living in the same neighborhood. (if that is the case here)



      June 4, 2013 at 2:25 am

      • He obviously can’t be the minor in the household of Joyce Cripps . . . in the absence of some extraordinary circumstance, e.g., being born on the boat and losing his parents in transit. However, he could have been the minor’s father who died (of disease or wounds) while son Anthony was a youth. How then did the young Anthony get into Cripps’ household? Perhaps he knew Cripps or even worked for her.

        The name Anthony is rather rare as a Lewis name (as compared to John or William, etc.), so I found it interesting and peculiar that an Anthony would show up in the right time frame to be the minor Anthony’s father in shouting distance of the Cripps’ property. I cannot find Hogson so I don’t know where his property was but, of course, if the transported Anthony and Joyce Cripps both lived near the border of Isle of Wight and Charles, they could literally be across the street geographically or metaphorically.

        Nobody seems to have focused on the transported Anthony but I don’t think it wise to ignore him in the circumstances. It may well be that the Thomas who died in 1672 was the father of Anthony (after all, one of his sons was named Thomas), but it could just as easily be the case that the elder Anthony and Thomas were brothers and that in naming his children the elder Anthony was simply replicating familial history. Huh?

        Bill Lewis


        J. William Lewis

        June 4, 2013 at 7:15 am

  2. Good points…all… offers a reasonable explanation for a destitute widow to farm out an “orphan” to Cripps.

    The “Hogson” might show up elsewhere in Surry/IOW with another spelling of the name? I haven’t taken that route…

    thanks… I was hoping a “Lewis” researcher might show up.



    June 4, 2013 at 7:43 am

    • I am indeed a Lewis researcher, specifically a researcher of the I2 haplogroup Lewises I’ve traced from Georgia to Isle of Wight. It appears that Stephen Lewis of Emanuel County, GA, was the son of Abraham Lewis, who was the son of another Abraham Lewis who was the son of Anthony Lewis who was the son of the Anthony Lewis who ended up in Joyce Cripps’ household. My YDNA perfectly matches a descendant of Stephen Lewis of Emanuel County; thus, I am in the same family line but I have not yet made the connection. I am a retired lawyer (University of Virginia ’68) who has undertaken the task of reducing to writing the basic lines of my wife’s family and my own. Hers has turned out to be easy, probably because her forebears came from England to New York; mine has turned out to be hard, probably because the Civil War left the South in a bit of a mess socially and economically.

      The Isle of Wight connection is at least a significant ray of hope. Interestingly and ironically, I had already traced a part of my family, the Boykin ancestors, to the Isle of Wight. In some way, I am connected to the Andersons somewhere because I have a large number of Anderson relatives in FTDNA’s Family Finder, which includes family connections through maternal ancestors as well as YDNA. I had assumed that the connection was a William Lewis whose daughter married a John Anderson in Bulloch County, GA, but I have not been able, through documentation or YDNA, to demonstrate my connection to that William Lewis.

      So we beat on, boats against the current . . . if I may draw from Fitzgerald!

      Bill Lewis


      J. William Lewis

      June 4, 2013 at 8:49 am

      • Well the Braswell researchers have touched on the Cripps connection looking for their guy… or gal as the case may be. I think we’ve hit the same wall as they have. Bad spot to be in, as you say, IOW has some extant info… Nansemond is toast… Hertford Co, NC is toast. site has many “raw” unindexed files but it is tedious… they now have many higher court documents for NC and some IOW. (slim chance but who knows?)

        Good luck… let me know if you come up with an AHA!



        June 4, 2013 at 9:37 am

      • Bill, I have a Gwaltney line and I think the Boykins tie into that family back in the 1600s. Also, were you the one who published a book on the Stephen Lewis family? If so, are copies available? Is this same family connected with the Clifton family? Sincerely, Hank Burnham


        Hank Burnham

        January 13, 2015 at 5:57 pm

      • Hank: Thanks for the response. I did not write the book on Stephen Lewis and descendants. The book was written by Billy Chapman Lewis, the uncle of my distant cousin Raymond Lewis. Ray has had his DNA checked at FamilyTreeDNA and proved that he is a descendant of Abraham Lewis and, of course, we share as a common ancestor Abraham’s father Anthony Lewis, Jr. My line runs from Anthony, Jr.’s son Matthew to John Lewis to another Matthew to my g-great grandfather Jesse Lewis. One of Uncle Billy’s descendants inherited the genealogy volumes and they are available for, as I recall, $75 apiece. I’ll get the email address of the man who owns the remaining volumes. He’s a bit of a duck but a nice fellow.

        Unfortunately, Uncle Billy did not get back further than Stephen, which is really surprising because the answer was right under his nose. My distant cousin John Lewis was a friend of Billy Lewis and worked with him on the Lewises and related families. By the time Billy died, John had already unraveled much of the lineage and my research has confirmed his findings in the Abraham line.

        With regard to the Clifton family, the only connection I know of is Mary Clifton who married Jesse Lewis (b. ca. 1775) and died in Emanuel County. Jesse was the brother of my g-g-great grandfather Mathew Lewis and both were sons of John Lewis, who was the only son of Matthew Lewis (d. 1755, Onslow County, NC). Jesse and Mary Clifton Lewis had, as I recall, three daughters who remained in Emanuel County and one apparent son who appears on the 1820 and 1830 censuses but who is otherwise unaccounted for. My g-g-great grandfather Mathew died in Emanuel County about 1829 and left two young sons who went to Early County.

        Since Abraham Lewis, Jr. was the son of Abraham, Sr. who was the brother of Matthew Lewis, John Lewis and Abraham, Jr. would have been first cousins. John’s children would have been second cousins to Stephen and Abraham, Jr.’s other children.

        Bill L.


        J. William Lewis

        January 13, 2015 at 7:22 pm

      • I am also a Lewis researcher. I am related to that other Lewis family who married into the Kilbees and Marsdens of IOW and Nansemond. I became attracted to this thread by reading J William Lewis’ tome on Anthony Lewis.
        I also descend from the Bracewell/ Braswell family. I am interested in corresponding with any and all. Perhaps, I know how Mary Burgess/ Skinner/ Collins who took in Bridget Lewis and Joyce England Cripps who took in Anthony Lewis are related.
        Charles Lewis
        Davenport IA


        Charles Lewis

        October 7, 2020 at 12:54 pm

      • Charles: My email address is
        Bill L.


        J. William Lewis

        October 8, 2020 at 7:58 am

      • Charles: It would be really good if you knew which Lewis man Bridgett married. Of course, I think she was the daughter of Thomas Lewis and that she married John Browne. However, she already had children named Isaac and Jacob Lewis (and I doubt that they were born out of wedlock), which probably means that she was married to a Lewis man who died young. Do you have any idea whom she married before she married John Browne? With regard to the relationship between Mary Collins and Bridgett Lewis Browne, my research indicates that they were sisters, a conclusion previously reached by Boddie in his book on IOW.
        Bill L.

        I hope you guys share with the class… This thread could use a little insight.


        J. William Lewis

        October 8, 2020 at 9:23 am

  3. Glad to see the comments my friends…

    We are in uncharted ground I suspect… my question is still “did Bridgett Lewis marry John Browne”?

    Its a theory… I have spent a lot of time on this… and I do not have a dog in this fight.




    January 13, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    • My own humble theory is that Bridgett was the sister of Anthony Lewis (b. ca. 1665). I say this only because (1) Anthony was taken in by Joyce Cripps, sister of Mary Collins who probably took in Bridgett, and (2) Bridgett was born in the same time frame as Anthony in the same community. I think that Bridgett married a man named Lewis (either a cousin or not related) and had sons, Isaac and Jacob, before her husband died. I think Bridgett then married John Browne, the son of Thomas Browne. To complicate this convoluted story, I think the father of Anthony and Bridgett was Thomas Lewis who died in Isle of Wight County in 1672 and left a widow Mary LNU (perhaps Bennett). I think Mary then married Thomas Browne and moved to Bertie County (or predecessor county), North Carolina. The first tract of land Anthony acquired was from William Browne on a creek called Anthony’s Delight in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Both Anthony and Bridgett remained close to the Brownes, as did their children. It is also interesting that Captain Hugh Lewis was a head right of Col. Thomas Browne with respect to land on the south side of the Blackwater River. It has been speculated that Hugh Lewis was the father of Thomas Lewis who died in 1672.

      Bill L.


      J. William Lewis

      January 13, 2015 at 11:44 pm

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